My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Fourteen

Two weeks have passed since we came to stay with mom after my dad decided to up and leave with no notice what so ever and none of us have heard from him. I know Chase has called him multiple times and left some pretty harsh messages. Mom has been trying to tell us she is ok but the three of us refused to leave her. It wasn’t until her mother, my grandmother called her and basically forced her to book a flight out to Jersey where my grandparents lived. She had heard from someone who heard from someone else and what not. My grandmother was a social butterfly and knew everything and always had some gossip to tell us.

Today was the day we were packing up things for mom to take with her. She was staying with my grandma for awhile so she can relax and figure out some things. Whereas Chase, Link and I are starting school in a week and a half. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. Because Chase and Link were going into their second year they weren’t nervous at all. They were just excited for the parties they would be attending.
Mom had assured me that I would do fine, and that if I needed help with anything that I could call her. And if that doesn’t work then she told the boys they were to help me with whatever I needed. To that Chase just rolled his eyes and scoffed taking the bag I was currently holding in my hand and putting it into the car. Link just nodded slightly at me. Him and I hadn’t had the chance to talk yet. I was too focused on making sure mom was ok.


Once we dropped mom off at the airport to catch her flight we all said our goodbyes as many tears were shed from mom and I. Neither of the boys cried but they did hang onto mom for awhile longer than they normally would have. As we waved our goodbyes we got back into the car and started on our way back to the city. We were only a 20 minute drive from the condo from the airport but we decided to stop to get some groceries as we had not been home in some time and things were likely to have gone bad. Chase came back a few times to pick up things we needed but other than that the condo had been empty for almost a month now.

Bringing up the bags and bags of food was difficult considering the elevator was broken and the workers were gone for the night. We lugged the groceries and had to go back down to get our bags. Once we were all back in the condo we started unloading the food. None of us really speaking too much. We were all exhausted.

“I’m going to head to bed now, see you in the morning guys” Chase said as he put away the last of the food.
“Alright man see you later” Link said to Chase as he walked down the hall towards his room.

“Well I guess I’m gonna head to bed now too, night Link” I said getting up from the seat at the island I was currently sitting on. I looked over to him, his kind eyes looked at me. Searching my face for something. He looked like he wanted to say something but he couldn’t think of what he needed to say. I could feel my eyes closing more by the second. I started to walk down the hall to my room, just as I was about to open my door I was pinned up against the wall by Link, his hands on either side of my head. His breathing was erratic and hard. He looked down at my face. The light from the kitchen was illuminating his face.

“Link I’m tir-”
He connected our lips. His hands moved to either sides of my face. His cheeks caressed my cheeks as our mouthed mashed together in perfect synchronization. I couldn’t help but moan out his name as his tongue dipped into my mouth massaging my tongue with his. He ground into me, his obvious hard on pushing into my pelvis. Gasping he pulled away and looked at me.

“I’m sorry Hailey.. I just.. it’s been so long.. I needed to feel your lips against mine” he breathed out in huffs. His eyes boring into mine.
I couldn’t help but think he was using me. Toying with my heart as I was still in a fragile state. I pushed away from him and went into my room. Of course he followed me calling my name ever so slightly. I ignored him as I went into the bathroom shutting and locking the door behind me.
“Hailey, why are you mad at me? Please talk to me.. what did I do?” He whispered from the other side of the door. His slow knocking irritating me. I continued to ignore him and started to get ready for bed. As he continued knocking I was starting to get extremely agitated now. Turning on the shower and stepping in not even waiting for the water to heat up. The water drowning out his words and that stupid knocking sound.

Links POV

I sat outside of Haileys bathroom for what seemed like forever. She was in the shower now and there was no way that she could hear me over the sound of the water. I waited awhile longer but it was clear she didn’t want me to be here when she got out. I walked over to her dresser to find a piece of paper to write her a little note. I noticed she had an incoming call on her phone from someone who’s name I didn’t recognize it. Before I even knew what I was doing I answered the phone.

“Who’s this?” I asked confused
“Uh Trey? Who’s this? Where’s Hailey?” The voice on the other end who’s name I guess is Trey replied.
“This is Link, a uhm, friend of Haileys.. she’s in the shower right now. What do you want”
“I was just calling to see how she was is all. Hadn’t heard from her in awhile. Why do you have her phone when she’s in the shower?” He started to get snippy with me which I didn’t like at all.
“Look buddy, I don’t know who you think you are but I don’t want you calling Hailey anymore. She’s going through stuff right now and she doesn’t need some fuck boy like you screwing with her head too!” I replied before hanging up on him putting Haileys phone down on the table where it was. I grabbed a pen and the pad of paper before writing down on it.

Hailey, I don’t know what I have done to upset you but please know I am sorry for everything..
~ L

I left her room after turning on her lamp beside her bed and turning off the big light closing her door behind me.

Authors Note:

Hey guys, just trying to type up some quick filler chapters while I have time! Please don’t loose faith in me! I will continue this book. Some added help from you guys would really be appreciated though! So vote and comment on each chapter leaving your thoughts! I love hearing from you guys!

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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