My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Sixteen

Once my morning classes had come to an end I had a bit of a break so I could have something to eat. The condo was a little far away for me to walk to so I decided to grab something quick from the cafeteria on campus.
Looking around at the little food places you can choose from to eat, I decided to be healthy, opting for a nice Greek salad with a smoothie. After paying for my food I felt someone come up behind me. I hadn’t seen Link or Chase since they dropped me off this morning, would be nice to see a friendly face after a stressful morning, even if it was Chase. I turned around to be greeting by neither my brother or Link but to see Trey standing there smiling at me. I had been dodging his calls and texts, Link had told me what he said to him and part of me was glad he mentioned something because I really didn’t want to lead Trey on.
“Long time no see eh Hailey?” he said. He didn’t seem to be upset or mad at me so that was a good start.
“Hey how’s it going? Sorry I haven’t answered your calls or texts. I’ve been going through some stuff.” I say looking down at the ground.
“no , its fine Hailey, I completely understand. I just thought maybe you’d like someone to eat lunch with on your first day of school. If you don’t want to eat with me I understand” Trey was blushing now. He was kind of cute when he blushed, guess I caught him off guard this time.
“Don’t be silly Trey, id love to eat my lunch with you, just let me pay and ill come meet you at a table!” I smiled at him as he walked away, I walked the other way to the cashier to pay for my meal. Just as I was paying and about to go grab a fork to eat with I saw Link and Chase coming down the stairs to the cafeteria. They both had girls walking right up beside them along with a few other guys trailing behind. They were all laughing about something funny I guess. Link was smiling, his dark hair was all tussled around his face. His eyes were scanning the room as if he was looking for someone. But once they landed on me, his green eyes locked with mine and he smiled. A full blown, you’ve just seem your puppy after a week of vacation smile. I smiled back at him, I could see some of the girls who he was standing with trying to get his attention. He wouldn’t give them the attention they wanted. Not until Chase called his name, which is when I lost his attention. Guess I should get use to that. When Chase is around, Link can’t give me attention, he must pretend like I’m still just Chases little sister.

As I continued to walk towards the condiments table to get a fork and some napkins, someone grabbed my elbow ever so lightly. This time when I turned around it was Link standing there, his kind eyes looking down at me.
“Hey, you should come and eat with us? Maybe get to know some people at the school. I’m sure you’ll be meeting some of the guys when they come by the condo to hangout with us, but it might be nice if you met them before that time came?” he said looking down at me, he smiled softly as his eyes grazed over my face.
“Uh, I’m ok actually... I don’t think that Chase would be okay with that... plus your table looks pretty full anyways with all those other people.” I said looking over to the group of people now walking in our direction. I could see Chase looking at me, I gave him a small awkward smile him and I hadn’t really talked since everything with my mom happened.

“Hey, Link. what’s going on? Were going to go get a table, you still coming?” one of the other
guys from the group asked.
“Yahya one second. I’m just talking to Hailey” he replied turning around to face the rest of the group. I could see over Links shoulder, some of the guys were checking me out. Some of the girls were just giving me dirty looks Chase just had a blank expression on his face as he normally did when he was around me. I decided to come out of my shell, this was university after all. I needed to make friends.
Mustering up all the courage that I could I stepped forward to stand beside Link and introduce myself.
“Hi, I’m Hailey. This is my first year here, nice to meet you guys” I said putting on the nicest fake smile that I could. Most of the guys continued to check me out as the girls either didn’t pay attention or smiled at me sweetly. The same guy who spoke before to Link piped up again, he had his arm resting on Chases shoulder.
“Well I can give you a special tour of the school if you’d like, show you all the good places for hooking up are” he said licking his lips while looking at me. Chase scoffed and shoved him off his shoulder causing the douche bag to trip a bit.
“Dude what? Didn’t hear you call dibs on the chick or anything? As far as I’m concerned she’s fair game” he said taking a step in my direction.
“Hi, I’m Derek. Its nice to meet you Hailey” he said pulling my hand in his causing me to take a few steps forward as he placed a kiss on the top of my hand. His unshaved face pricking the soft skin of my hand.
“Hey dude. Off limits.” Chase said sternly, pulling on Derek’s shirt making him let go of my hand.
“Oh yeah? And whys that Chase? I think you have enough girls to go around. Why not let me have this one? Not really your type either” Derek said looking over to him.
“Common man, have some respect. That’s his sister. Hailey. Can’t you see that they basically look identical?” it was Link who spoke up this time. I almost forgot that he was even here. I looked over at him standing beside me. He really was a lot taller than me.
I was brought out of my thoughts by my phone going off, I pulled it out of my pocket to see that it was Trey calling me. He was probably wondering where I was. I took a step outside of the group of people to answer the call.
“Hey sorry, I was just talking to my brother ill be right there!” I said quickly into the phone.
“Wait, Hailey. I had to leave my mom called and needed me to come home right away. We’ll have to have lunch another day ok? I’m so sorry, ill text you later though ok?” Trey said into the phone, his voice sounded pained and stressed. Ill must ask him later if has ok.
“Ok Trey, I’ll call you later tonight, bye” I said before hanging up the phone and taking the few steps back into the group.

“Hailey, come sit with us today. I know you don’t have any friends so I’ll let it happen just for today.” Chase said, signally for the rest of us to follow him. Guess has the leader of the group, the rest of them seemed to follow like sheep in a herd. I went to follow the rest of them but was pulled aside by Link.
“Hailey, please stay away from Derek, has really bad news ok? I don’t want him hurting you...” Link said sincerely. It was kind of funny, he had some jealousy in his tone.
“You sure its not because you want me all to yourself?” I said winking at him before continuing to walk to where the group was now pulling out their chairs to sit down. Once we arrived at the table there was only one chair left. I could see Derek pat his leg looking over at me, his beady eyes raking up and down my body. I thought that when a guy checked you out it was supposed to make you feel good about yourself but when he did it made me feel dirty, like I needed to have ten showers. I noticed Chase elbow him in the gut. I walked to the empty chair as Link dragged up another one and placed it between Derek and myself, I saw out of the corner of my eye Chase give Link and approving nod before he started eating his s lunch. The rest of the of the group just started having small talk while I just sat quietly eating my salad. Every now and then someone would ask me a question. Link tried including me in on the conversations but I just wasn’t really into what they were talking about. They mostly talked about parties they were going to go to or host themselves, they talked about how so and so got more attractive over the summer and how they wanted to fuck this person or that person. I myself wasn’t really looking to sleep with anyone now. Other than Link, but has a different story.
They all chatted for about an hour before we needed to head back to classes for the rest of the afternoon. As I stood up and walked over to the garbage can to throw away my lunch I felt someone grab my ass firmly squeezing it with their hand. I turned to shove the person knowing exactly who it was but before I had the chance to he was being thrown to the ground by Link. Derek stood up and shoved Link back.
“What the hell man? What the fuck was that for?” Derek snarled at Link, the rest of the group had come over to see what all the commotion was.
“Don’t fucking touch her!” Link snapped back at him. The two guys at a stand still with me behind Link, terrified. I had no idea what to do.
“Whatever man, she’s not that great anyways. You can have her” Derek said as he stormed past Link and I, smashing shoulders with Link as he past by also giving me a sideways glance and a smirk. Before exiting the caff.

Authors Note:
Hey guys! So if you read the authors Note at the end of my last chapter you’d know that I recently moved into college. I have every Thursday off so I’m gonna try and write as many chapters as I can on those days! Please be patient with me! I actually had no motivation to write, but I decided to check my notifications and I saw that so many of you had commented and put my book in your library! All the that stuff helps me out so much!! Hope to hear from you guys more!

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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