My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Eighteen

*mature scene, read at your own risk ;)*

I had been in the hot tub for about 45 minutes now. The bottle of wine I had brought out with me only had a few sips left in it. God I love that stuff. I could drink it like water. The sun has started to go down and I couldn’t help but lean over the side of the hot tub and watch the sun set over the city. I could still hear cars below and smell some of the street vendors foods. But by now mostly they are all closing up for the night. One day I’ll go down the street and try all the new things I haven’t had before. I was letting my mind wander. I was trying to forget about the stresses that came with my first day of university. It was awful, I was dreading going back tomorrow. I’ll probably take my lunch outside and eat alone from now on. Or at least until I make some friends in my program.
I let my eyes close, the sounds of the night in the city calming me. I don’t know how long I laid there in the warm water. It wasn’t until I heard the sliding door open and then close did my eyes slowly open to see who it was. It was Link. In all his shirtless glory. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. He was carrying a bowl in one hand and a beer in the other. He came to the side of the hot tub where I was sitting and put down his beer in the cup holder. I watched him carefully, noting every move he made. He then handed me the bowl, it was filled with freshly cut fruits with sugar on top. My mouth started to water at the site of the juicy fruits. I started eating them right up, my drunk body loving the hydration I was giving it. I could hear Link getting into the hot tub. He say across from me. I could see over the now almost empty bowl of fruit he gave me.
“Could I have some of that or are you just going to eat it all” Link chuckled at me. I looked up to see him smiling at me. I blushed awkwardly. I extended my arm with the bowl out to him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. Through the water he grabbed my legs and pulled me so I was not straddling him. Naturally my body pulled away but he kept be close in proximity.
Once he was sure I wasn’t going to try and move again he took one of the berries out of the bowl and popped it into his mouth. Winking at me as he did so. I felt my cheeks heat up again.
“You’re so cute when you blush Hails” he whispered to me. Tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. Link moved his fingers all around my waist down to my bum where he squeezed it firmly pulling me closer to his body. I looked down at him. His eyes were trained on my chest. Butterfly’s started to flutter around in my stomach. A wave of courage swept over my mind.
“Where’s Chase?” I asked softly.
“He went out, had a date tonight” he whispered back.
A few moments passed by before I decided to do something I never thought I would. My hands went to my back where I untied my bathing suite and slipped it over my head. Links eyes were trained on my face. He didn’t dare look down at my bare chest. I could feel his hands on my waist. Slowly making their way up to my chest. I was getting impatient, I grabbed his hands and moved them to my chest placing one on each breast. The contact immediately sent child’s through my body. His hands started massaging me. My head fell back whilst soft moans escaped my body, one hand slid up to my neck where he gripped it lightly. He brought his hot mouth down onto nipple while he sucked on it, gripping my neck harder as he sucked onto it. My body was buzzing, tingles and shocks spread from head to toe. I dipped my head back down, I brought my lips to his. Sucking on his bottom lip before slipping my tongue into his mouth. It felt empowering to be in control for once. Links hands were not on my ass again, he squeezed tightly as we made out in the hot tub. I could feel his hard on beneath me as I ground my hips into him. The small amount of fabric separating us. Link parted our kiss dragging his lips down my jaw to my neck where he mopped at the warm skin sucking it between his teeth. His hands gripped my hips as I wiggled in his lap.

“Why don’t we get out of the hot tub now” I said breathlessly to him. Panting from the heat. I stood up off of him and started to climb out of the warm water. Wrapping my towel around my body remembering to grab my bikini top from the deck. Link was close behind me as I walked into the condo. I opened the sliding door as he hurried in behind me. He closed the door and grabbed my towel ripping it from my body. He pinned me up against the wall hoisting me up so I was straddling him once again. Our lips locked again as he pushed me harder against the wall. I don’t know if it was the alcohol talking or just my body responding but holy.
Link moved our conjoined bodies to the couch where he laid me down getting on top of me. He licked and sucked on my breasts more while one of his hands reached between my thighs. He looked up to my eyes, seeking the ok from me.
“Please Link” was all I could muster, it came out in a breathy moan but it got the point across. He slowly dipped his fingers into me. One at first, circling around and in and out a few times. He slipped a second finger in doing the same thing as before. He sped up the rhythm. Pumping his fingers in and out at a faster pace. The pleasure was unbearable, as he fingered me he brought his mouth back down on mine. Plunging his tongue deep inside my mouth and he finger fucked me. Our tongues danced together in harmony. I had my eyes squeezed shut. A warmth was building in my stomach. I clenched myself around his fingers are he kept pumping them in and out. He moved his lips back down to my neck and sucked on my neck. I rocked my hips against his fingers as I rode out the explosive pleasure that erupted from within my stomach. I gasped out loud, calling his name. My fingers gripped the couch cousin and he slowly moved his fingers in circles now. My brain was fuzzy, my body was exhausted. His lips came back to mind where he pecked me lightly. I opened my eyes to see him staring right into mine with a warm seductive smile. He pulled his fingers out of me before picking me up off the couch. He was carrying me bridal style. He walked us down the hallway into the bathroom where he placed me down on the sink. He turned on the shower and for it to a nice temperature. As he pulled the curtain to the side he motioned with his head for me to join him. Standing on my own now I removed my bikini bottoms that were still soaking wet. I watched as he removed his swim shorts and all of him came out. It almost looked painful. I walked up to him, placing my hands on his chest. I kissed his lips, and then his chin, continuing down his chest to his stomach. I was on my knees now. I looked up at Link, his hands were stroking himself slowly while his eyes stay closed. I stopped his hand and removed it. Replacing it with my own. I felt him relax more. I continued stroking him before placing my mouth on the tip. I removed my hand and licked up and down his shaft before bobbing my head down onto him. Taking in his girth slowly. Every time I would push in more I made sure to lick all around. I heard Link moan, he reached his hands down running his fingers through my hair. He grasped the back of my head moving himself deeper into my mouth. He picked up his pace. Using my mouth to bring him pleasure. I had to admit it was turning me on a lot. I couldn’t help but reach my own fingers to my core that was dripping wet all over again.
“Fuck Hailey. Are you touching yourself?” He asked between breaths. All I could do was nod my head frantically. He started thrusting into my mouth aggressively now. I tried to close my lips as tight as I could. My gag reflex was kicking in, I think Link noticed considering he released my head allowing me to move freely. I brought my hand back up and placed it around his shaft. Jerking him off as I have him a blowjob. I could feel his body convulse before he gasped, gripping onto the sink for support as a warm liquid dripped onto my tongue. I took him fully in my mouth a few more times before pulling him fully out. I swapped his cum as I sat back on my heels to look at him. He was half hunched over now. Breathing heavily, his member twitched ever few seconds.
I felt proud. I stood up and took his hand in mine.

Authors Note:
Hey guys! Thank you for the comments and everything else! It’s all super appreciated and gives me so much more motivation! I hope you enjoyed this chapter ;) Let me know what you think! Keep voting and commenting!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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