My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Nineteen

The next month had gone by so fast, I was finally getting the hang of going to all my classes and finding my way around the school. I had made some friends who were also in my program. It felt nice to finally have friends. Chase and Link invited me to sit with them at lunch some days but I wasn’t comfortable with the people they hung out with. On the days that I would sit with them I didn’t talk much. I would eat my food silently until it was time to go to class again. Eventually I found a little court yard to eat in. It was in the middle of the school, a nice garden surrounding the walls of the school. There was a blossom tree in the one corner so the courtyard always smelled like beautiful blossoms. On the odd occasion Link would wander into the courtyard and we would have a quick makeout sesh. But other than that we hadn’t really seen much of each other since the other night.

I was walking into my first class period of the day one of my new friends Veronica, waved me over to where they were all sitting. It was nice to have someone to sit with. I made my way over to the other girls and joined them.

“Hey Hailey, so anything spicy happen with you and Link last night?” Veronica teased. I had confided in the girls and told them what was going on with Link and I. Starting from the very beginning. And let’s just say they were all nuts about our secret love affair.
“Oh my god. Veronica! You can’t just ask her that!” Julie laughed. Veronica was very to the point. She never sugar coated anything. She had dark long hair and was actually kind of scary when you first looked at her. But once you got past her exterior she was just a teddy bear. Whereas Julie was the exact opposite. She had long blonde hair like myself with big doe brown eyes. She was very quiet and liked to keep to herself. The three of us were paired together for a group assignment that was due half way through our first semester. Since that day we kind of bonded. None of us knowing anything we were just kind of thrown together.

“Nothing happened last night no! Nothing’s happened for awhile actually. Chase has been at the condo all the time now. And him and Chase brought the Xbox into the living room. They take all of their meals in there now” I laughed as I remember hearing the guys screaming at their game fighting over stupid shit and bickering like elderly people. Veronica made a pouty face at me mocking me before rolling her eyes. Julie and I exchanged looks before giggling with one another.

Once our morning classes were done we made our way to the cafe. We were going to talk about the weekend. Chase and Link we’re having a party and I had asked the girls to come over. We were going to drink in my room and just have a girls night.
I went to my favourite salad bar. They always had the freshest fruits and vegetables. Julie always went to the grill place. She got some form of chicken every time. Mostly chicken fingers, or a chicken burger. That girl could eat chicken for every meal of the day. She loved it. And then there was Veronica. Every day she went to the same Chinese food place because there was a guy who worked there that she had a huge crush on. Not that she would actually admit that she had a crush on him but it was so obvious to us. We watched her every day try and flirt with him. It was clear he had a thing for him too. The two of them were a lot alike in appearance. The both wore dark clothes and had black hair. But on the odd time you see either of them smile too see the true beauty behind both of them. Julie and I enjoyed watching the two of them talk. They were both so awkward but cute at the same time. Once Veronica bought her food and turned to come and find Julie and I. We started making kissy faces at her and she flipped us off rolling her eyes at us. The three of us walked into the cafeteria to find a table to sit at and enjoy our lunches. We sat at our regular table which was beside a large window that overlooked the busy campus. I liked this table because if I looked over Veronica’s shoulder I could see Link and Chases table. Sometimes I’d catch Links eye and we would exchange smiles.
Sitting down at the table the girls and I started chatting about this weekend.

“So I was thinking. Since the party is Saturday night you guys can come over saturday afternoon and we can start drinking or doing whatever. We can go in the hot tub for awhile before people start showing up.Chase and Link will be getting ready and setting everything up for it and doing whatever guys do before a party” I explained to the girls.
“Sounds good to me! Veronica I can pick you up on my way to Haileys on Saturday if you’d like?” Julie said.
“Sounds good to me! I’ll bring the vodka” Veronica smirked at us. She looked over my head to something behind me, she nudged Julie’s hand and motioned above my head too. The two of them both just looked past me at something. Curiosity took the best of me and I turned around to see Trey standing behind me. I smiled at him. I hadn’t seen him in some time now. Or talked to him for that matter.
“Hey Trey! How’s it going?” I asked him sweetly. Truth was. He was a great guy and I missed talking to him. He smiled at me asking if he could sit beside me. I nodded happily and watched him take his seat beside me at the table.
“This is Veronica and Julie! They’re in my program!” I said introducing the girls to him.
“Hey, uh sorry to interrupt your lunch! I’m Trey” he held out his hand to both of them. They smiled and shook his hand

“It’s nice to meet you too Trey! We were just asking about the party this Saturday that Haileys brother is having! You should come!” Julie gushed. My eyes widened. I don’t think this would be a good idea but it’s been said now. I just watched the scene go down in front of me trying to find some way out of it but nothing was coming to mind.

“Hey that sounds like fun! I’ve been meaning to actually hang out with Hailey somewhere that isn’t school!” Trey joked looking over at me winking.
“Yeah, uh. That sounds good. I guess” I said awkwardly. Trying not to make eye contact with him.

Just then I felt someone kick me under the table. I looked up to see Veronica glaring at me. She motioned her head over at Trey. I looked over at him and smiled.
“Sorry. I just wasn’t really gonna leave my room during the party. I don’t really like parties” I said shyly.
“Oh come on Hailey, it’ll be fun! And if not then we can just go back to your room!” Julie whined.
“We’ll just get you drunk before the party starts then you’ll have a great time!” Veronica added in.

“You can even be my beer pong partner. And I’m being nice cause I love beer pong” Trey laughed. I smiled at them and pondered. What the hell. A night of fun is something I need. I needed some time to just relax with my friends and not be worrying about Chase walking in on me and Link.

“Fine! But you guys better make sure I have a good time!” I pointed at each of them. The three of them laughed at me and continued talking about the party. I sat back and listened to them talk. Enjoying my salad. I heard loud laughing from over the cafe, I looked over to see that it was Chase and Links table. The entire table was laughing at something someone said. My eyes landed on Link. He was sitting beside a girl I didn’t recognize, she had shoulder length ombré hair. He had his arm around her shoulders and had her pulled against him. Her head fell back ask she laughed, she leaned against his shoulder placing her hand on his chest. He glanced over at her and smiled. A pang in my chest rose up. My body heating up. It took all my strength to look away. But I did. I brought my gaze down to the gorgeous salad I had made, that I now was about to throw out because I had lost my appetite.

Shortly after the bell sounded indicating lunch was over. I silently packed up the rest of my things and walked over to the garbage can. Trey walked beside me silently. I could feel him watching me. Looking down at me as we walked.
“Hailey are you ok? You were really quiet there” he asked softly.
“Yeah just have some stuff on my mind is all” I replied. I continued to throw out my garbage and walk back to Julie and V. Trey grabbed my arm pulling me back to him. I stumbled a bit falling back into him. I turned around and looked up at him.

“You know you can talk to me right? I know things with your parents probably aren’t the greatest still but if you need to talk I’m here” he whispered, rubbing my arm soothingly. I smiled at him nodding.
“I’m ok really. Just a little stressed out is all. I’ll be ok, I’ll text you about this weekend ok?” I said in the most normal voice I could. Because inside I was stressed out. He nodded and I said goodbye to him and walked back over the girls. They were staring at me with curious looks written on their faces.
“Spill! What just happened!” Julie squealed grabbing my hands and shaking them.
I looked at them and the leg must have caught my confusion.
“You talking to Trey over there. It looked pretty serious. Serious enough for some tall brunette brother best friend to notice” Veronica said jabbing her thumb over in the direction of Links table. I followed where she was pointing to see Link looking over at me. The same short girl who was all over him at the table. She was holding onto him. I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with the situation. He looked over in my direction as I crossed my arms and quirked an eyebrow up. He gulped and shook his head slightly widening his eyes. He quickly fumbled for his phone seeming to pretend he was getting a phone call and started to walk away from the group. The girl looked at him as if she was going to follow him and he shook up one finger signaling her to stay and he’ll be right back. She stopped in her tracks and nodded before heading back to the group. Man this girls really getting on my nerves.
I felt my phone going off in my pocket and I already knew it as Link calling me. He has set a personal ringtone for when he called me one night. Probably the most annoying ringtone he could have picked.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket answering the call.


“Hailey! Please listen! It’s not what it looks like ok! Just let me explain please baby” he rushed out. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. He was cute when he was worried.
“Who is she Link?” I played off that I was upset with him. Just to see what he’d say. I’d taken a step back from the group now so Trey didn’t hear me.
“Baby please listen ok? Your brother, she’s in his class. Her names Amanda. He’s trying to set her and I up because he says I’ve been acting weird with girls lately, not hooking up with anyone or even talking about girls. Obviously I can’t talk about you. So I’m just going along with it. But seriously Hailey, I feel nothing for her. She’s literally an idiot. I haven’t met a girl so ditsy before. Like fuck. The girls good looking but that’s all she’s got going for her-” I cut him off.

“Link. Link! Stop taking! It’s ok! I believe you! I just miss you... I feel like we haven’t talked or seen each other in so long” i replied through the phone. I could hear him sigh in relief.
“Fuck, I miss you too... I think your brother has a date tonight if you wanna watch a movie. Or something” he said seductively into the phone.

I had started walking to my next class now. I gave the girls a knowing glance and walked the long way to class.
“Oh really? Well I’m sure that we can arrange something. I’ll leave my door unlocked for you. And I’ll make sure to sleep naked tonight” I giggled into the phone. Before hanging up the phone and putting it back into my pocket. Laughing to myself I shook my head at the thought of Link being all hot and bothered.
I looked up to see where I was to find my class and I realized I had no idea where I was. Shit. There was no one down here to ask for help either. Fuck. Now I have to turn around and walk all the way back. How far had I wandered off? Jeez this school was massive. As I turned around to start walking back to the cafeteria I bumped into something. More like someone. Before I could look up to see who it was I was being pushed against the wall.
“What the hell -” I was cut off with a hand over my mouth. I took this time to look up.
In all of his glory. He smiled down at me removing his hand from my mouth.

“You think you can just say something like that to me and then hang up?” He pushed himself against me harder.
“Link someone might see us!” I said frantically to him. He laughed and looked down at me smiling. God his smile was so hot. I could feel myself getting wet beneath my dress.
He brought his hand up my thigh over my stomach and gripped my right breast before moving up to my neck gripping it slightly whilst nipping at my bottom lip. I gasped slightly. Links never been like this before. It was hot. My body was responding to him.
“No one comes down here baby, they don’t use many of the classrooms anymore. But here comes with me” he took my hand and pulled me down the hallway a little and turned a corner before stopping at a door. He jiggled the handle a little before it finally opened. He pulled me inside and shut the door locking it behind us. I took in the room. It looked like an old prop room. There was racks of costumes and props for I’m guessing events the school put on or the drama club. He tugged on my hand aggressively pulling me towards one of the corners of the room. Where there boxes of table cloths and towels. He knocked over the box spilling the out before he knelt down and started spreading out like a bed. Before he turned back to me pulling me into his hard chest. Connecting our lips he lowered us down onto the makeshift bed. He reached his hand under my dress and tugged my panties aside but didn’t move forward. I whimpered at him looking up at him.
“What? You want something from me?” He teased me. Tickling the inside of my thighs with his fingers.
I didn’t want to have to beg. I didn’t want to give into him. I grabbed his face between my hands connecting our lips together, massaging his tongue with mine sucking and biting on his lips. I felt him groan into my mouth his still his hand didn’t move. I tried to grind my hips into his but he pushed my hips down preventing me from doing so.
“Oh no sweetheart. That’s not aloud” he pulled away and slowly started to move his hand away from my center.
“Please!” I said softly. He stopped and looked at me. He smirked seductively.
“What was that? I didn’t hear you? Speak up love” he replied. I groaned and rolled my eyes.
“Please Link, touch me please” I said to him louder this time. Staring right into his eyes. He brought his lips back down to mind hungrily mashing our lips together. He brought his hand back up and plunged his index finger into my heart. I moaned out into his mouth as he fingered me intensely.
“Fuck, Link. Holy fuck” I gasped out as he slid another finger inside me. His mouth moved down to my neck where he sucked and bit where my neck met my shoulder. I could feel him getting hand against my hip. I could feel myself getting close. My breath was erratic, the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.
“I want to have sex Link” I blurted out. My eyes flashed open as soon as I said it. I heard him grunt and moan the work fuck against my neck. Did I mean what I said? Was I ready for it? Or was my body just responding to this hot storage room hookup?
“Hailey. Please don’t say that” he said in between kissing my neck. I did want this. I wanted this so badly. Even if we were in some gross storage room with no lights on.
“Link please, fuck please Link I want you to fuck please right now!” I reached down to his pants and tried undoing the button on his pants. Trying to take them off. I could feel the strain being put on his pants. I couldn’t resist reaching further to stroke him through his pants. As I did that his fingers plunged further into me sparking pleasure to shock through my body.
“Hailey no. Not here baby please” I replied to me. Reaching down for my hand be pulled it away from his erection. He also pulled his fingers out of me.
“Wait what, Link please, please!” I begged. But he kept pulling away and off my body. He gazed down at me knowingly.
“You know Hailey, I didn’t eat much for lunch. I’m still pretty hungry ... so if you wouldn’t mind. Spreading your legs for me baby” he said before spreading my legs and dipping his head between my legs. I gasped when I felt his tongue dip into me. I laid back down on the blankets and enjoyed the pleasure he was bringing me. God he was good at this. He swirled his tongue around my clit flicking it with his tongue. I felt him slip a finger inside me. I squeezed my eyes shut. My entire body was buzzing with euphoria.
“Hailey you taste so good fuck. I could fuck too with my tongue all day but I don’t think my cock could handle it. I’m ready to go baby. Cum for me Hailey baby I wanna taste you on my tongue. Let go baby. Cum for me” he moaned into me as he ate me out.
His words sent me over the edge. My stomach exploded and i yelled his name as quietly as I could as I came all over his tongue. He continued to lap at my juices slowing his tongue down before sitting up. He whipped his mouth off and popped a piece of gum into his mouth and laid down beside me wrapping me up in his arms. My body was numb from all the pleasure it just endured. I could feel Links hard on against my body.
“Link let me help you out there, please” i cooed at him. He looked down at me and just shook his head. He kissed my forehead and leaned us down on the blanket.
“Just lay with me for awhile ok? I’ve missed you so much Hailey. I just want to hold you for awhile. Before we have to go back to reality”

I did as he asked and laid with him. I’m not sure for how long but we must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew my phone was going off waking me up.

Authors Note:
Hey guys! So sorry for the long wait! I have been working on this chapter for awhile now! I know the beginning is slow but I’m just trying to develop some character backgrounds! I’m going to start a new thing where I will update when the chapter gets enough votes! I’ll start off low and say 10! 10 votes on this chapter and I’ll update! So make sure to vote!!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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