My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Two

“Hailey! Dinner” I heard my mom call from downstairs, putting the book I was currently reading down I grabbed my phone and headed down. Rounding the corner I could see that Link and Chase were already pigging out on the spaghetti that mom had made. Dad was eating his dinner in his office as per usual. I take my seat across from Link, he glances up momentarily making eye contact with me before winking at me and getting back to eating his dinner. Rolling my eyes I make a plate up for myself and wait for my mom to sit down beside me before I start eating.
“Excited for summer break boys?” My mom says as she sprinkles cheese over top of her spaghetti. Chase and Link just nod their heads, mouths too full of food to get out a sentence.
“How about you Hailey?” she looks over at me expectantly. Link even looks up me to hear my answer too.

“Ya I guess so. I don’t really have many plans. Megan is at her dad’s for the summer so I’ll mostly just hang out here probably” I say shrugging my shoulders.
“Aw your girlfriends gone for the whole summer? Guess you’ll have to use your fingers” Chase said. Link choked on his food and my mother took a relaxing breath.
“Screw you Chase, just because Megan wants nothing to do with you doesn’t mean she bats for the other team. And just so you know, I’m seeing someone anyways. So it won’t be my fingers I’ll be using” I said smugly smirking at him and excusing myself from the table. Chase just rolled his eyes at me whereas my mother and Link just sat there awkwardly.

“So! Hailey, are you looking forward to moving in with the boys and starting your new life at Stanford? I think you are going to love it there! It’s going to be such an amazing opportunity for you!” My mother Carla gushed. I had just recently graduated high school, top of my class might I add. And I’m the fall I was to move into my brother and Saxton’s apartment and attend Stanford university with them. Was I looking forward to going to school there? Hell yes. Was I looking forward to living with them? Hell. No.

“Ya Hails there will be lots of girls for you to experiment with their. And if you decide you don’t want them you can always send them our way. Link and I don’t mind sloppy seconds. Am I right Link!” My brother and Link high fived but part of me thought that Link didn’t really seem interested in that.
“Speaking of the apartment. I haven’t even been there yet. I don’t even know what it looks like. Not that I’ll be spending much time their. I’ll probably make the library at the school my home for the years to come.” I spoke out before taking a delicious mouthful of spaghetti.
“The apartment is really nice Hailey, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. You’re brother obviously got the master bedroom with an en suit at one end of the apartment and our bedrooms are at the other end sharing the second bathroom. There’s a living room in the middle with a open concept kitchen jointing it, there is an island in the kitchen where we mostly eat but we do have a small dining room that could fit probably 5 people. I think you’ll like it. Your mom decorated it and made it very homey” It wa Link who spoke up this time, I looked up at him. He was smiling at me across the table. We both just stared at one another. Neither of us saying anything.
“How about we go to the city tomorrow then? You boys can grab anything you left at the apartment and do some summer shopping. It’s only a 30 minute drive” my mom spoke now. This brought me out of my stare with Linkton.
“Ugh sure! That would be great! I need some new bathing suits for the summer. Mine don’t fit anymore..” I said shyly.

“Gained too much weight over the past few months sis?” My brother laughed bumping shoulders with Link in the process.
“No actually I lost weight and grew in other parts”
Both Link and my brothers mouths froze in the O position while I just stayed quiet. This conversation just got awkward.
“Carla would you like me to help you with the dishes? I think Chase is going out tonight” Link broke the silence. My mother just nodded her head and stood up to clear the plates.

Chase just walked up stairs to his room and I brought all the dishes into the kitchen where Link was washing them.

Author’s Note:
Hi guys! Sorry these first few chapters are just going to be fillers! To anyone who reads this! Thank you! It means so much! Vote and comment!!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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