My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty

Links POV

After I helped Hailey get back to her classes for the rest of the day I returned to mine and had the biggest smile on my face. God did I mIss her. Over the past month I hadn’t really been able to see her a lot because Chase had been hanging around a lot more at the condo. And him and I had been staying up late playing video games. And with his trying to set me up with Amanda I had my mind preoccupied. And then there is this party this weekend coming up. I was kind of nervous with having a party and having Hailey around too. I was worried that after I start drinking I might end up doing something that I regret, or have Chase some how find out about us.

The rest of the day went by like a blur. I just wanted to go home and see Hailey. Turns out Chase has a date with Taylor. They had actually been pretty seclusive lately which wasn’t appreciated by the rest of the group. The girls were use to fooling around with him whenever they could and the guys were use to him always hanging around us. I didn’t mind at all. I liked Taylor. Sienna and I still talked about but she was really busy with work and school so I didn’t really see her much. I invited her to the party this weekend which turns out she was already planning on coming considering Taylor was coming to see Chase. Either way I was looking forward to her coming over. I missed her, she always gave me really good advice about Hailey. Whenever I had a problem I’d call or text her and she would get back to me when she could.

Later that day at the condo

“Man what the hells been up with you lately?” Chase asked from beside me in the couch. We were currently playing COD. I knew exactly what he was asking, I just didn’t want to answer his questions.
“What you mean?” I answered.
“You know what I mean. Amanda’s all over you but you don’t want nothing to do with her? She’s hot man common. If I wasn’t with Taylor....” he chuckled.
“Common man. She’s a slut. Only thing she has going for her is an ass and it’s not even that great” I scoffed. I did not want to be having this conversation.
“Not even that great. Yeah okay man” he mocked.
“I dunno man. I’m just bored with hookups. I want something more you know? Like you and Taylor. Isn’t that nicer than booking up with a different girl every weekend?” The game has ended and I leaned back against the couch and looked over at him. He sighed and rubbed his face in defeat and slouched back against the plush couch.

“I’m falling hard man. Never felt this way about a chick before. She’s different. She makes me work for it. Most girls have just thrown themselves at my feet but not her. I’m the one kneeling at her toes shining her shoes in hope for something” he looked down at his hands and smiled. He was falling for her. Maybe if I told him how I felt about Hailey he’d understand. I stayed silent and just looked at him.

“Hey have you talked to my sister recently?” He spoke up breaking my thoughts. Why was he asking me this?
“Uh kinda. She got lost trying to find her class today. Went down the old drama wing so I walked her back. We didn’t talk about much though. She said some of her friends are coming to the party this weekend but that was it” I replied to his face to see how he’d react about me walking her to class. He seemed to be ok with it.
“Oh well I think she’s seeing some guy at school. The one who was sitting with her at lunch. I see them talking at school quite often and she’s been smiling and be secretive lately so I think somethings up. If you notice anything just keep an eye on her ok? I may act like I don’t like her but she is my baby sister.” He confessed. The part about her hanging out with Trey bothered me a lot. I didn’t like that guy. He wanted Hailey and I was not about to let that happen.
“Yeah man no worries. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her either” what I said has so much more meaning behind it than Chase could know.

“Oh and if you see Derek anywhere near her this weekend. Tell me because I’ll literally fucking kill him. He won’t shut up about her. He’s doing it just to get to me I know he is and its working. Link, Derek goes anywhere near her” his face was full of seriousness. I nodded my head at him.

“Alright enough of this let’s play some more ok? What time are you going to pick up Taylor?” I asked him. Picking up the game controller starting up the next game. He looked at his phone, checking the time I presumed. I noticed his background was a picture of him and Taylor with the dog filter from Snapchat on their faces. They were nothing smiling at the camera. God I wish I could have that with Hailey.

About thirty minutes has passed and we were still playing this game. It was addictive as fuck. I barely heard the front door of the condo open when Hailey walked in. She was carrying groceries, I watched from the corner of my eye as she kicked off her converse and walked over to the kitchen. Setting the bags down on the counter. She set her purse down on the island and started to unpack the groceries.
“Link! Man! Fuck. We died common man! Pull yourself together” I felt Chase smack my arm before putting the controller down and standing up. I stood up beside him and walked into the kitchen to help unpack the groceries.
“You could have called and one of us would have come and picked you up you know” Chase said walking into the kitchen and over to the fridge where he took out the Brita filter and filled up a glass before drinking it all down. I was putting some fresh fruits into the bowl we kept on the island.
“It’s fine. It’s just down the road. I didn’t have too many things to get anyways” she replied. I watched as she nudged him out of the way of the fridge and put away the things that needed to go in the fridge.
“Hailey. You literally have 10 bags. We could have helped you” Chase said back to her messing up her hair with his hand. She shoved his hand off and muttered something under her breath. I loved when she got all bothered she was so cute. Her and Chase looked a lot a like. The two of them both bleach blonde hair with blue eyes. If you didn’t know you might even think they were twins. Chase was a good looking guy no doubt and Hailey was unbelievably beautiful. The two of them for good genes.
“Shit. I have to get ready for my date. Taylor’s gonna kill me if I’m late again!” Chase said placing hi empty glass in the sink and racing off down the hallway to his bedroom where he smaller the door shut in a hurry. I laughed at him and leaned against the counter shaking me head.

“What’s so funny?” Hailey asked. She was sitting at the island. Biting into a delicious red apple. I just stared at her and took in her beauty. She rarely ever wore any make up. Not that I minded. I don’t mind when girls wear makeup, just as I don’t mind if they don’t. It’s their faces not mine. On the few times that I had seen her wearing makeup I felt like it just enhances her beauty as they say.

“Link!” She laughed as she threw a balled up napkin at me. Hitting me in the chest. I pretended to be taken back by what she had done. Placing my hand on my chest where the ball had hit me. Gasping in fake pain. Clutching my shirt. I winked at her causing her to giggle and look away.
“What is so funny!” She tried to stay sternly. I just raised an eyebrow at her. Smiling at her failed attempt to be strict with me. She huffed and crossed her arms pouting at me. Giving me the big old puppy dog eyes.

“Your brothers whipped to shit. It’s funny to see him like this” I replied, picking up the napkin ball and tossing it back at her. I watched the ball hit her chest and roll down her cleavage. Man that dress was my new favourite thing she owned. It fit her so nicely shaping her gorgeous body perfectly. Showing just enough to make any guy or even girl for that matter look. She looked over at me and smiled sweetly.
“I think it’s good for him. To have someone to control him a little. And I like Taylor, she’s a nice girl” she said before taking a bite of her apple and chewing it as quietly as she could. I walked over to the island and stood on the other side across from her. I reached across and took the apple from her hand. She looked at me confused, her eyes watching to see what my next move would be. I took a big bite from the apple and winked at her and walked away from her.

“Hey! Give that back!” She cried and got up to follow me.
“What’s the magic word?” I teased her and ran to one side of the couch while she stood at the other end.
“Link. Please give me back my apple” she whined. I only laughed at her and ran towards the balcony. Of course she followed me. I ran over towards the hot tub and crouched down behind it hoping she would notice and follow. She did.

“Link Common just give me the apple back! I bought lots” she whisper whined this time. I grabbed her hand and pulled her down to me.
“Yes I know. But I want this apple. It’s special” I said to her, taking another bite from it.
“Oh yeah and why is that?” She say beside me now. Resting her back against the side of the hot tub and looking up at me.
“Because you want it” I said nonchalantly. She huffed in protest and crossed her arms. I took this time to kiss her. I took her face in my arms and slowly connected our lips. It wasn’t like earlier today, not like our rough kiss. This was sweet and sensual. Our tongues slowly moved together, dancing with one another. Without breaking the kiss she got up and straddled my lap with her knees on either side of my body. Deepening our kiss. My hands raked down her body and I gripped her hips before taking a firm hold on her backside. Her ass didn’t fit in my hands. It was much too big for that. For a small girl man she had a big butt, it was firm from her working out all the time. We continued our kiss for a few moments before she broke away.
“Can we have sex tonight Link... Chase won’t be here and I’m ready. I want you so badly Link please...” she pleaded, her eyes were full of lust and desire. I sighed. She was ready but I wasn’t. I wanted to make things perfect. Make a day of out it even. Plan everything. I explained this too her but I don’t think she understood considering she just looked upset and stood up and walked away. I walked after her into the condo.

“Hailey wait!” I called after her as she walked down the hallway towards her room. Just then Chase walked down the hallway into the living room where I was standing.
“What’s up with her?” He asked as he fixed his hair in the reflection of the glass. What do I tell him? I can’t tell him what actually happened. Think Link think!
“Oh I Uh, told her that Derek was coming this weekend and she said she didn’t want him here but I Uh said that he was still one of our friends and was coming, but that he’d leave her alone and to tell one of us if he was bothering her. She wasn’t happy about it” I blurted out so fast I don’t even know how I came up with it. Chase looked at me for a second. Like really looked at me, my palms grew sweaty and my heart rate picked up.
“Makes sense why she’d be mad but fuck she has to chill sometimes! Anyways man. I’m leaving now to go pick up Taylor. Keep an eye on Hailey please. Don’t wait up” he said to me as he was walking out the condo door.

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