My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-One

Hailey’s POV

It’s Friday night, the night before the party and I’m currently at the mall with Veronica and Julie trying to pick out something to wear tomorrow. They had both decided that I needed something ‘sexy’ if I’m to impress Link enough for him to sleep with me. I had told them all about the other day in the storage room in the school and then what happened back at the condo and they both shared a ‘awh’ while I just rolled my eyes at them. They said it was cute of Link to want to make things between us special. But I’m a woman and I have needs too. In all honesty it was starting to get on my nerves. Yes, he was doing other things to make up for it, but I just wanted the real thing already. I didn’t want to have to wait any longer. We had agreed to become a thing at the beginning of the school year which was over a month ago, but we had been seeing each other sort of before that during the summer. We’ve had plenty of time to make something special of it considering Chase is out most nights with Taylor, a lot of the time he even stayed at her apartment. And yet, Link and I have only slept in the same bed over night once, and now he said it’s too soon and wants everything to come on its own time.

“Hey Hailey, I bet if you wore this under your outfit tomorrow and just so happen to corner Link and tease him with it a little he won’t be able to say no to you.” Julie says while holding up the most beautiful matching bra and panty set. My eyes scan over the two-piece set. I smile up at her and go look for my size with her help.

“Oh! And put this with it too!” I turn to look at Veronica who is not holding up a garter belt with stockings in the matching colour. A devilish grin makes its way onto my face as I nod my head vigorously taking the things from her and going into the change room to try everything on. While I’m in the change room with the girls helping me tighten all the straps and making everything fit the way its suppose to. I get a brilliant idea.

“Help me take a nice picture for Link and I’ll send it to him later while we’re at the party and surprise him” I giggle with the girls as Julie takes my phone to take pictures of me in the getup posing me in different positions to make all my cuvees show in the right places. Once we were happy with the pictures we had taken, I remove the set and change back into my regular clothes and pay. The lady behind the counter gives me a knowing glance before speaking up.

“I bought this exact set when we first got it in stock, my boyfriend loves it, I’m sure yours will too” she winked at me and I smiled happily back at her.

We then exit the store and continue making our way through the mall stopping at a few other stores along the way. As for my outfit for the night Julie and Veronica also helped me pick that out too. They picked a nice washed out grey bodysuit that plunged down in the front showing off a good amount of the girls, paired with light washed ripped jeans that apparently made my butt look good according to Veronica.

After we were all done our shopping the girls dropped me back off at home for the night, I said my goodbyes knowing that I would be seeing them in the afternoon tomorrow anyways. I waved as the car drove away and walked up to the condo. Smiling at myself, excited about the new things that I had gotten. On my way up, the stairs I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket, I took it out looking at the caller ID noticing it was my mom calling, I hadn’t talked to her much lately, she was still staying at her sister’s house, so she hadn’t been around much to come and visit. She still called when she could though to check in like any mother had, as for dad. He tried to call us, I had talked to him a few times, but Chase refused to speak to him at all. Dad tried to apologise and reason with me, even bribed me with fancy things to forgive him. I was happy that he was happy, but I was not at all ok with how he achieved that happiness. He kept asking me to come and meet his new fiancé and have lunch with them, considering she was going to be my step mother and she was pregnant with my baby brother or sister. He had said they wanted to let the gender be a surprise, when I mentioned this to Chase, he just made a snarky remark about dad being a father figure to his third child, saying how “Third time’s the charm” he mocked and then stormed off. He was not in any way over what dad had done to mom, I wasn’t either, but I was trying to be civil with him.

Mom and my conversation was short, only lasting the duration of the elevator ride and the quick walk down the hallway to the door. She was going to a rock concert that night with some childhood friends and she was super excited about it. I let her go because the limo was coming to pick them up soon and she wasn’t done her makeup yet apparently. I could hear a group of girls laughing in the background singing loudly to music I didn’t know, she sounded like she was having fun and that’s what matters to me. Smiling as I hung up the phone I opened the front door of the condo and to my surprise I see Amanda sitting at the island in my normal seat, with Taylor sitting beside her and the two guys standing on the other side of the island leaning against the counter top. I could hear Amanda’s extremely forced laugh as she snorted. Does she think that cute? Because it’s seriously not. I walked into the kitchen and Taylor looked over at me and smiled, I hadn’t seen in her awhile, and I liked her, so I was happy to see her again.

“Hey! How have you been?” she stands up walking over to me to give me a hug. She pulled my head closer to her whispering in my ear.
“Get me away from this chick, she’s so fucking dumb” she said before pulling away smiling knowingly.
“I’ve been good! I actually have something I’ve been meaning to shy you, come with me for a second?” I smiled back at her as she nodded her head quickly.
“we’ll be back in a second ok babe?” she used the pet name towards Chase and he just nodded his head in approval before we walked off down the hallway to my room.

Once entering my room Taylor flopped onto my bed letting out a long-exaggerated breath. I sat at my desk looking over at her. She had her hands over her face and she rubbed her temples.

“Is she really that bad?” I asked, a hint of a giggle at the end. Taylor looked over and me and gave me the, you have no idea look. Shaking her head and groaning. I laughed at her. Taylor was so nice to me, it was weird because all the other girls that Chase had brought home were always super bitchy to me, so it was nice to be able to talk to her. She also knew about me and Link and thought it was super funny that Chase didn’t know, she was kind of our spy on the inside, she would tell us if he said anything about Link and I. which thankfully he hadn’t yet apparently.

“Ouuu, what did you get?!” Taylor asked squealing while pointing to the bag that held the lingerie that I had bought at the mall earlier, she was now sitting up right in the bed with her legs crossed looking at me intently. I looked over to her and smirked.

“It’s a surprise for Link... he won’t, you know... sleep with me. So Julie and Veronica convinced me to get all this stuff.” I say as I pulled everything out of the bag and held it up for her to see. I watched as her eyes grew wide and her smile went ear to ear.

“oh, my, god. It’s gorgeous! He’s not going to be able to resist you in that Hailey.” She said clapping her hands together smiling like a child on their birthday. I blushed a little, feeling self conscious. I remembered the picture on my phone and showed her some of the pictures and she gasped while looking through them.

“Damn Hailey! Your body is amazing, holy! I’m so jealous!” she said while examining the photos. My blush crept up to my ears, it was a huge compliment hearing that from someone as perfect as she was.

“really? You think so? I don’t really like my body” I gushed to her, spilling the truth about my body issues. She just looked at me with a blank expression on her face. I thanked her again before we left to go back to the kitchen, Taylor forced me to come out with her because she didn’t want to have to be the only other girl out there especially with Amanda still there. I didn’t really want to sit out there and listen to her flirt with Link and him potentially flirting back. I don’t know how much of that my heart could handle. But she assured me that Link didn’t want anything to do with her and that she was trying way to hard and even Chase said she was being super annoying. In turn, I agreed to go out with her to the kitchen.

I walked behind Taylor down the hallway and into the kitchen where I could already hear Amanda’s annoying laugh, she was still sitting at my spot at the island. I rolled my eyes before moving over to the fridge, I was going to need a drink if I was going to tolerate sitting here with her. I pulled out the bottle of wine and poured myself a glass taking a small sip from it before putting the lid back on and placed it back into the fridge. I went and stood as close to Link as I could without making it noticeable. He watched me as I came and stood to the side of him. He looked down at me and smiled warmly at me before turning back to the conversation that was going on between the group of people.

“So, I’ve told all our close friends to show up around 8 tomorrow and we’ll pre-drink before the actual party begins. But I’ll need your guys help beforehand setting up everything and putting any breakables away in the storage closet down my hall and then I’ll lock it once everything is inside. I’m also putting zip ties on the cupboards and fridge, I don’t want any of our shit being taken. I’ve told people to bring coolers if they want their alcohol cold and Link and I both have mini fridges in our room if you guys want to put your drinks in there.” Link said to the group before leaning forward to look at me getting my attention.

“Hailey, I am not your babysitter tomorrow. You are an adult, so you and your friends better behave like it and don’t embarrass us. Understand?” he said sternly to me. I just nodded my head in response. Like I was the one that needed to be babysat when they drink, I’ve seen him when he’s drunk. He makes a mess every step he takes, but I guess that was for Taylor to deal with now. The four of the continued the conversation, every now and then I would pipe up and say something but every time I did Amanda would roll her eyes and scoff at me. Then try and say something provocative to Link and I could feel the awkward tension in the room and physically see him stiffen up whenever she tried to speak to him.

After about an hour more of conversation and four more glasses of wine it was safe to say I was drunk and wanted to go to bed. I turned around and placed my wine glass in the sink and washed it out quickly before saying I was going to bed. Taylor stood up and walked over to me giving me a hug and a look. What the heck was that look for I wondered. I looked back at her confused before she mouthed the words ‘you’re welcome’ and turned around to Chase.

“Baby do you want to sleep at mine tonight? Sienna’s working the graveyard shift at the bar tonight and won’t be home until really, really late” she said with a smirk on her face and winked at him. Her looked over at her and then to Link before shrugging at him, a wide toothy grin plastered on his face.

“Sure babe, just let me grab some things and we can go” he said happily and basically run off down to his room.

“Amanda, we can drive you home if you like?” Taylor directed her question over to Amanda who was currently hanging off Link’s arm, she had been doing this for quite some time now which was the reason I finished the third and fourth glass of wine so quickly.

She just popped her bubble gum loudly and looked up at Link winking.

“I think I’ll stay here with Link tonight” she purred then giggled and tugged onto his arm more. A look of pure disgust crossed his face. He looked over to me and I just quirked an eyebrow waiting to see how he was going to get out of this one. He gulped, and his face started to pale as he thought of an excuse. She started tugging on his shirt as she walked towards his bedroom, my heart began to sink. Was he seriously going to let her stay? I trust that he wouldn’t do anything but still, what the hell? I looked over to Taylor who was looking at me with a confused look on her face. Just when I thought all hope was lost Link took Amanda’s hand and looked down at her.

“Not tonight Amanda, I’m not feeling the greatest and I want to get a good sleep, prepare my body for all the alcohol I’ll be drinking tomorrow. Have Taylor drive you home, but I’ll see you tomorrow ok? Come over for the pre-drinks and bring some of your friends too ok?” he said sincerely to her, she pouted a bit looking up at him.

“I’ll make sure you’re nice and relaxed by the time you go to sleep, I’m really good at that” she said licking her lips up at her. I nearly gagged at what she had said, how did guys find her attractive.

“Not tonight, maybe tomorrow ok?” Link said smiling down at her. He had only said that last big to please her, I hoped.

Eventually she gave in and left with Taylor and Chase, but not before I received a text from Taylor telling me to go change into that outfit and show it to Link. She said that she even wanted to sleep with me when she saw just the picture and that she knew Link would definitely sleep with her. If not, she was assuming he was gay and that was final. I chuckled at her text and took the time to go and get changed.

After putting the entire outfit together, I went into the bathroom to freshen up a little. Washing my face quickly, I turned on the curling iron that was on the sink and applied some red lipstick and a bit of mascara on while it heated up. Once it was hot enough I loosely curled the ends of my hair spraying them a bit with hairspray to keep them in place. I ran my fingers through the lengths of my hair to give it a messier look and then sprayed some of my vanilla perfume. Best thing about it was that it tasted like vanilla too. It was a little thing I had picked up from the lingerie store today when I had picked out the outfit I was currently wearing. I walked back into my room and opened my bedroom door slightly to listen and too my luck. Everyone at left, I could hear the tv on and Link playing video games. I shut the door quietly and walked back over to my full-length mirror. My outfit was missing something, I looked at myself up and down and had to admit. I looked hot as fuck, i’d fuck me. It wasn’t until I got down to my feet did I realize what was missing. Heels. I smiled at myself, I had the perfect pair of heels to go with this outfit. Retrieving them from my closet I slipped the block stilettos on, they had a sequin red bow on the back that matched the black sequins of the shoes. Looking at myself again in the mirror I nodded my head in approval. There, the outfit was complete.

I paced around my room trying to build up the confidence I needed. About ten minutes had passed, I looked over at the clock. It was 11:30pm, I needed to do this, and I needed to do it now. After giving myself one more pep talk I walked out of my room and tried to quietly walk down the hardwood hall way. The Living room was quiet now, my mind starting racing. What if he had already gone to bed and I had missed my chance? No, it’s only 11:30, he wouldn’t be in bed yet. But then again, he did say he wanted to get a good sleep tonight. But hadn’t he only said that to make Amanda go home? My mind was having a back and forth battle with itself as I slowly crept down the hallway towards the living room. As I neared I heard movement, ok good he’s still out here. I peeked around the corner to see him over by the tv putting the Xbox things away. I walked out more making sure to let my heels click against the hardwood floor as I stood in the middle of the room now. He still hadn’t turned around or even noticed I was in the room. How do I stand? What is a sexy stance? Shit I can barely stand in these heels. Why did I wear these things? Sure, they make my legs look amazing and pull my outfit together perfectly but who was I kidding I can’t walk in four-inch heels. Hell, I can’t even walk in two-inch heels. I decided id walk back to stand against the wall. I rested my arm above my head and leaned out from the wall making sure to pop out my hips, the light was on behind me in the hallway and I could see my reflection in the mirror in the living room. I had been mentally telling myself that tonight was the night and if I had to take control then I did what I had to do. I was lost in my thoughts until Link’s voice pulled me back to reality.

“Holy fuck” he said drinking in all my features. I smirked at him and leaned off the wall. Using everything in me to walk in a straight line over to him without falling on my face. So far so good.

“Holy fuck” he said again. He hadn’t moved from his position. I walked right up to him and stood a few inches in front of him. I felt his breath hitch and his body tense up. I placed my hand carefully on his chest and leaned in further to look up at him.

“is this special enough for you?” I whispered up to him, never breaking eye contact. He looked down at me and I watched as his eyes glazed over with a look of pure lust taking its place. Before I knew it, he had connected our lips and had his hands firmly grasping my rear end. The kiss was rough and had a sense of hunger behind it, he lifted me up by my thighs and pushed us up against the wall tugging at my bottom lip for entrance, I let him in and out tongues started fighting for dominance but as perusal her won. He pushed me into the wall further if that was even possible and ripped his mouth away from mine and started sucking on my neck. One of the loudest moans ever escaped my mouth, I heard a low groan come out of his throat as he continued to suck my neck, not grinding his pelvis into mine. Well these undies are ruined, I thought as I could feel the dampness between my thighs, a bit of it began to run down my inner leg.

“Link, bedroom. Please” I begged him, tugging at the back of his head interlocking my fingers into his hair. He pulled away and looked up at me. His once light green eyes were dark with lust now. It was like an entirely new person had taken over him.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this Hailey?” he asked me, his voice all husky and breathy. I whimpered me nodded my head frantically. I could wait any longer. I could feel his boner through his jeans as it rubbed against my leg.

“Good. Because I’m going to fuck you so hard, all night long.”

Authors Note:

Hey guys! This chapter is probably the longest chapter that I’ve written! Sorry for cutting it short right when the good stuff was about to happen (wink) I know you all are going to hate me for it, but I can’t have that so I’m going to keep the chapter going, just for you lovely readers. It will be posted as a Chapter Twenty One Pt. 2. Gets real steamy here, so read at your own risk!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

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