My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-One Pt.2

Links words alone made me want to cum in my panties. The way he said that to me in the low primitive tone sent my hormones into overdrive. I connected our lips again, impatient and hungry for more as he carried us down the hall way and kicked open my door with his foot. Thankfully I had left my lamp on beside my bed, so he could see where he was going. He put me down on the bed and got on top of me continuing to kiss me and feel up every inch of my body. Not that I could really feel it since my body was in total euphoria and was tingling from head to toe. I reached to the hem of his shirt and tried to take it off it, but it was hard while making out, so he did it for me. He sat up and looked down at me, taking in all my outfit.

“Fuck. Hailey. You look so fucking hot right now. I’ve lost all myself control. Please forgive me” he said as his eyes raked over every part of my body. He licked his lips as he wiped up some of my juices that were running down my thigh and then licked it off his finger tip. Never breaking eye contact with me.

“I’ll be right back ok... don’t you go anywhere” he said as he slowly got off the bed and retreated to the door closing it behind him. I sat there, extremely hot, and even more so bothered. It was only a few seconds before he came back in with a grocery bag in his hand. I looked at him quite confused as he sat on the bed once more and peered into the bag like a little child. He looked so excited as he reached in. The first thing he removed was a lighter and 5 candles. Seriously he had bought candles, he’s so adorable. He went around my room and placed the candles accordingly before lighting them. The next thing he pulled out was a small bottle which I’m assuming was lube, but with how wet I am right now there is no way we will be needing that. Lastly, he pulled out a packet of condoms, with a big XL printed on the package. I gulped remembering how big he is in size and how I haven’t had sex in a very long time. Maybe we will need the lube, good thinking Link.

He looked over at me sheepishly, a small grin on his face.

“I wanted to make it special and I know you love candles, if I had of known you were going to spring that damned outfit on me tonight I would have gotten you flowers too” he winked at me. I crawled over to him and took the remaining things from his hands and placed them on the night stand before straddling him. I had, enough of this waiting. I connected our lips and pushed him down onto the bed, his hands roamed around my bod but mostly stuck to gripping my ass tightly and slapping it a few times, I gasped out loud every time he smacked me. The pain felt good and awakened a different side of me that I had never felt before. Pain and pleasure being felt at the same time. Link somehow managed to flip us over as he sat at the edge of the bed now, I watched as he stripped out of his clothing completely. I just stared at him, god he was perfect. His body was, just wow. I watched as his hands moved down to his cock where he took it in his right hand and stroked it ever so slowly as he looked at me.

“Fuck Hailey. Look what you do to me baby” he said as he continued to stroke himself, faster now than before. I watched as a bead of precum seeped out of the tip and I did what I told myself I was going to do and took control. He watched on curiously as I kneeled in front of him and took his hand off himself slowly. He watched my every move, waiting to see what I was going to do next. I don’t think he was expecting me to lick his precum off the tip of his cock and then start licking up and down the shaft. He groaned in content, he started to run his fingers through my hair. The gesture felt nice and relaxed me more as I continued to take him deeper into my mouth. I had never felt him this big before, the other times I had gone down on him there was no way that he was this big.

A minute or so had past before he pulled away and helped me up. I looked up at him with a worried look on my face.

“Hailey, I was going to cum, so I needed you to stop. We have a long night ahead of us and I don’t want it to be ending short because you’re so good at giving head” he confessed to me making me blush. He closed the space between us and cupped my face with his hand bringing our lips together once more. This kiss was more passionate, he slowly laid me down on the bed and helped me slide my ruined panties onto the floor before moving his hands up my sides and to my back where he unclasped my bra. Then down to my feet where he took the heels off, he kissed all the way up my calves slowly as if he were trying to torture me. His other hand massaged the calf he wasn’t kissing until he switched. Making sure to give each leg the same amount of attention. He reached over with his free hand and turned off the lamp, the only light we had now was the candles flickering around the room. It wasn’t a lot of light, but it was enough for us to see one another.

“Get comfy babe” he told me as he reached for a condom. This was it, it was finally happening. I lay back on the bed and re adjusted the pillows behind me and looked over at him. I watched in awe as he put on the condom, surprised that it fit him. He caught me staring and smirked at me. He stood tall and proud crossing his arms across his chest. In all his naked glory he looked at me and licked his lips. Looking like someone who hadn’t eaten in days and was just given a five-course meal for free.

He hopped onto the bed and positioned himself in front of me. He reached between my thighs and slipped a finger into me.

“Mmm, you’re so wet for me baby. So ready for me to fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you Hailey?” he spoke to me as he kept sliding his one finger in and out of me. He was speaking to me like I was a dog, but I didn’t even care. It was turning me on something awful.

“Please Link, enough teasing already” I whined and tried to bring him down onto me, but he was too strong. He reached over to grab the lube, taking it in his hands me opened it and squeezed some of it out onto his fingertips before he rubbed them against my clit. Mixing my own lubrication with the store bought one, he swirled his fingers around, playing with my clit. Every now and then he would add more lube and slide his fingers inside me. Never once did he look anywhere but in my eyes. Finally, after what felt like he used the entire bottle he closed it back up and placed it on the night stand.

“You ready Hailey?” his voice sounded sincere and shy. I nodded my head.

He leaned in and placed the tip at my entrance, he lowered himself more so that he was basically laying on me. He kissed me tenderly as he slowly started to push himself inside. There was a slight pain, but I tried to just focus on the pleasure and his tongue slowly moving in and out of my mouth. He kept pushing in a bit then slowly out again, trying to fit his entire self into me seemed to be difficult. I could feel his body tense up every time he pushed in. I knew this much be torture for him, so I fought through the pain of him stretching me. I tried to push my hips against his to help him in more. He moaned out when I did so. Note to self, he likes that. I met him with slow thrusts until he was all the way inside me. He leaned back and looked at our conjoined bodies.

“Fuck Hailey” his voice sounded strangled. I looked between us to see him fully inside me now and watched as he slowly started to pull out. Soft whimpers escaped my throat from the uncomfortable feeling of it all. Link whispers soft coos at me, saying to let him know if it was too much. He pulled almost all the way out leaving only the tip inside. He did this a few more times, each time getting faster and harder until he was going at a steady pace. The pain was almost gone now. Only there every now and then, but it was bearable. Just looking at the sheer pleasure all of this was bringing him was making it all painless.

“God dammit you’re so fucking fight Hailey Jesus” he bit his lip as he started thrusting harder into me. He came back down and connected our lips bringing his one hand up and resting it around my neck where he applied the lightest pressure. It felt good, his gripping my neck as he fucked me made me even hornier than I have ever been. I moaned into his ear, letting soft mews out. He gripped my neck tighter as he whispered naughty things into my ears. He was thrusting rapidly now. A clapping sound erupted from the skin on skin contact. A familiar warmth began to build in my stomach, Link had been leaving love bites all down each side of my neck and on my breasts that I was going to have a hard time covering tomorrow but I didn’t even care at this point. He broke away pulling out of me slowly.

“Get on your hands and knees, I want to see your ass while I fuck your pussy from behind” was all he said, I did as I was told. He pushed his hand down between my should blades makes my face fall into the pillow. My ass on full view for him to see. My nerves we are bothering me now, I felt extremely exposed now. I felt Link’s hands run over my bum in circular motions, I heard the familiar sound of the lube bottle being squeezed and then felt the cool liquid drip onto my opening before he spread it all around using the tip of his cock and hen entered me fast and hard before continuing to fuck me. He held onto my hips like his life depended on it and used them to pull me back onto him as he thrust deep inside me. He let out moans and curse words as his pace sped up his grip on my hips tightening. I was gasping at this point. Biting down onto the blanket as continuous moans were released, even if I tried to hold them in it was no use. My body was not under my control it was doing as it pleased. I felt my stomach clench as my orgasm came on, it hit me hard. Harder than it ever had in my past having sex, more intense than any of the orgasms I had given myself and the best one that Link had given me so far. I screamed out his name as he continued to fuck me, he took my hair in his hand and yanked my head up and pulled my hair as he continued thrusting. He sped up even more with one hand gripping my hip deathly tight while the other pulled on my hair. He let out a low ‘oh my god’ as he came. His reaction to coming made a second mini orgasm hit me out of know where, I cried out as it came on, it wasn’t nearly as intense as the first one, but man did it ever feel good still. Links thrusts had almost completely stopped now. He slowly let go of my hair and leaned onto my back, I half supported him. His breathing was rigid, and heavy. After a minute or so he leaned back up and pulled out slowly. I rolled over onto my back. The sudden stiffness of my body being apparent, I groaned as I laid back down on my bed.

“Are you okay?” he asked me, he looked concerned. I nodded my head and smiled warmly at him. He smiled back and threw the condom in the grocery bag he had brought in earlier then bawled it up and threw it away into the garbage bin. I watched as he walked into the bathroom and opened of the cupboard where we kept the clean towels and clothes. We wet a cloth and brought it back to me.

“Open up darling, let me clean you up” he said sweetly sitting at the end of the bed, I slowly opened my legs and he wiped down my legs with the warm cloth and gently wiped away all the lube, cum and everything else. I was tender, soar and to my disbelief. Bleeding, Link looked up at me. His face dropped, I had never seen him look so upset before.

“Hailey, I’m so sorry Hailey. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have been so rough with you, I thought I had put enough lube on. It’ll never happen again ok I’m sorry please don’t hate me.” He rambled on, I gingerly sat up and placed my hand on his cheek.

“I’m fine Link, honestly. That was amazing! Thank you, for everything.” I say before placing a small kiss on his cheek. He smiles over at me and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Lay down and get comfy ok? I’m going to lock up and get some water. Could I uh- sleep I here tonight with you... I want to make sure you don’t bleed to death or something” he said awkwardly causing me to giggle at him. He was so adorable sometimes.

“Of course, you can, can you get me some water too please?” I smiled warmly at him, he nodded his head and walked out the door. A few minutes past before he came back into the room as I was just finishing up in the bathroom, I watched as he waited for me to get back into bed then turned the lamp back on and handing me the glass of water. He walked around the room blowing out the candles before getting into bed next to me. I handed him the glass of water and he drank a substantial amount of it before handing it back to me. I placed the cup back on the nightstand and turned the light off. Whispering goodnight to Link as he wrapped his arms around me while I snuggled into him more.

Authors Note:

EEEKkk so! It finally happened! I hope everyone enjoyed this extremely steamy chapter and didn’t read it anywhere too public ;) Next chapter is the party, I wonder what is going to happen when Link and Hailey are both drunk and in the same room as Chase?? 15 to find out! so vote, vote, vote!!!

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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