My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-Two

I woke up that morning feeling so refreshed, a little sore but overall in a great mood. I rolled over to face Link, he laid there still asleep. I took the moment to take in his sleeping face and really get a good look at him. His facial hair was starting to grow in sporadically across his face. He looked so peaceful. Like nothing in the world was wrong, like our entire relationship didn’t have to be a secret from the world. I reached out to touch his face, ever so lightly. I ran my finger over his jaw line and across his neck. As he started to stir I pulled my hand away just as his eyes fluttered open. Green orbs looking back at me.

“Good morning love, how was your sleep?” He asked looking over to me. He smiled and tried to fix his hair. Having no luck with that I giggled at his effort. This caused him to groan, wrapping his arms around mine. I could literally lay here all day. His tall lean body wrapped around my body was creating a warm solitude of safeness. We laid there for awhile before he finally let go and rolled out of the bed, he stood up and stretched. I took in his body. He was beautiful. The way all his muscles clenched as he stretched out his body, the veins popped in all the right places. And don’t even get me started on his ass. It was way nicer than mine, so not ok. But then again, it sure is nice to look at.
I was propped up on my elbows just watching as he walked around the room stark naked. When he turned and his eyes met fine there was a flicker of lust that came across them. Not taking his eyes off mine he walked over to the bedroom door and stuck his ear to it. After a moment he opened the door peering down the hallway towards the kitchen. He listened for a few minutes before he closed the door and locked it again. He turned to me. A look of hunger washed over his face as he hurriedly walked over to the bed. Before I had a chance to cover myself he ripped the covers off of my body, fully exposing myself to him. His eyes raked over my body. Licking his lips he leaned onto the bed and scooped me up bridal style before walking me to the bathroom, having pushed the door open he placed me down in the cool marble countertop. I shrieked out loud at the cold beneath my bare bottom. He just looked at me and smirked before turning on the shower and adjusting the heat and turning back to me.

“How do you feel? Are you soar at all?” He asked me quietly, stepping between my legs and placing his hands on my hips. His green eyes looked down at me.
“A little... but that’s to be expected right?” I asked shyly. I wasn’t good at this whole sex thing. It was all very new to me. Whereas for him it was not, he knew so much more than I probably ever would. I tried to not let these thoughts bother me. But it must have shown on my face considering Link asked me what was wrong.

“I just feel like sex with me isn’t good enough for you. You’re so experienced and know what you life and what you don’t and I don’t know much of anything. I’ve only had sex with one other person and it wasn’t much of anything. I feel like I’m letting you down” I hold back the sensation of tears threatening to fall and peer up to him.

“I don’t care about your lack of experience, it’s honestly more of a turn on for me. I can show you what I like and teach you things you didn’t know. I’ll show you how to reach the most amount of pleasure you can feel. Hailey I don’t want to be with any other girl. I want to be with you and only you. Don’t ever think you aren’t enough for me because you are, you more than enough for me” he smiled down at me, placing a quick kiss on my forehead. He took my hand in his and pulled me towards the shower. As we stepped under the warm water my body instantly felt at ease. The hot water cascading down my sore body, soothing the aches and pains from the night before. I signed inwardly closing my eyes. Letting the water relax me. I was startled a little when I felt Links arms wrap around me once more, pulling me close into his chest. I nuzzled into him and let the warm water surround us. It was in this moment that I knew I was falling hard for him. With how last night went and then the amazing sleep after, to his kind words and soft touches. I knew I was a goner.

It was now about 5pm and the girls were on their way over. I had spent the morning being extremely lazy. As the day progressed so did the pain my body felt. I wasn’t at all use to this, but it was definitely something I was willing to get use to. As I mulled around my room tidying it even though it
didn’t need to be I could help but glance at the candles that were still laid out randomly around my room. A smile tugged across my face thinking about last night. I hadn’t felt pleasure like that ever. I wanted more. Just thinking about him and our sex makes me weak in the knees and wet between the thighs. My phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts, I glanced down to see Julie’s smiling face on my screen indicating she was calling me.

“Hey!” I chirped into the phone, I could hear the background noise of them driving.
“Hey were just pulling up now! Just wanted to make sure you’re around so we don’t walk in on you and Link” Julie said giggling whilst Veronica snorted beside her. I just rolled my eyes thinking of my two best friends being idiots.
“We’re not doing anything! Chase is home anyways!” I reply, not all to happy about it.
“Even better!” Julie replied. Julie hadn’t failed to mention how she thought Chase was “super hot” which caused Veronica to add in that she thinks Chase and I look basically identical so therefore Julie thought I was hot too. She didn’t necessarily disagree but shrugged her shoulders in response.

After the girls showed up we all went to my room and lounged around for awhile talking about nothing in particular. I was trying so hard not to spill my guts about the night I had but it was too difficult for me not too.
The girls weren’t surprised. As soon as I had mentioned that I showed Link my little outfit they put two and two together and squealed out loud as the three of us laid on my bed together. I told them every little detail that happened and how amazing the night was and then how sweet Link was in the morning. I could feel how bubbly my voice was coming out and how I sounded like a girl with a school crush. The looks in their faces gave it away. They knew exactly how I felt and they knew Judy how hard I was falling for him.

“Eeeeek, Hailey! Oh my god‍! I’m hot just hearing that!” Julie bounced up and down as she gushed about how jealous she was and how the last guy she slept with couldn’t even finish because he was so sloppy drunk. Veronica just smirked at me shaking her head.
A knock at my room brought me out of my thoughts, the three of us turned to look at my door.
“It’s open!” I called out, as the door opened I noticed that it was both Chase and Link who came in, a blush crept over my face as I looked at Link, he was wearing grey sweatpants and a black v-neck shirt but holy, did he ever look gorgeous!
“Hey what’s up?” I asked looking over at both of them. I notice Chases eyes flicker over to Julie, it almost looked like an emotion but it was took quick to tell.
“Would you guys mind helping us setup everything and move shit around. Mom will kill us if anything expensive gets broken and I don’t want to deal with her right now” Chase said shrugging his shoulders.
“Sure! We’d love to help! God knows we’re not talking about anything important” Julie says as she hops off the bed and saunters over towards Chase and Link, I couldn’t help but notice her flick her hair over her shoulder as she walked past Chase. Nor did I miss him look over his shoulder as she past him. Something I will definitely have to keep my eye on.
“I guess we’re helping then!” Veronica says also getting up off the bed and following Julie out the door. Chase turned around and walked out of the room. I guess that’s my que too. Hopping off my bed I walked towards my door and was about to walk out before I was pulled into a muscled chest. Links hands ran down my stomach, and down my thighs before coming back up again and stayed out on my hips. I took this time to roll my hips against him. My bum pushing against him causing him to groan and squeeze my hips harder. Just the simple touch turned me on. I turned around and instantly my arms wrapped themselves behind his neck and I pulled myself up to kiss him. As our lips touched, I felt the familiar warmth spread around my body. Links hands were firmly planted on my hips, a second passed and I feared he wasn’t going to kiss me back. As I went to pull away from him his arms wrapped around me and he pulled me back in. My body was responding to him, I felt him nibble on my bottom lip with his teeth seeking entrance into my mouth. I gladly obliged letting him slide his tongue against mine.


Chases voice was heard coming down the hallway towards us. Link and I pulled away so fast is was almost painful and look at one another. Panic written across both of our faces.
“Bathroom! Go to the bathroom!” I quickly hissed at him pushing him lightly towards the bathroom door. He quickly went in and shut the door as I looked around my room for something to distract myself with and look busy. My eyes settled on my hairbrush and I ran and grabbed It and started brushing as if I was putting my hair in a pony tail.

“Hey where did Link go?” Chase said from my door way just as I wrapped the hair elastic around for the last time. I turned to look at him trying to hide the blush on my face.
“Uhh, bathroom! He said he’d be right out!” I said smiling at him walking past him into the hallway. Chase didn’t say anything and I could hear his footsteps behind me so I hoped he believed what I had said. I entered the living room to see Julie and Veronica moving the furniture around so it was around the outsides of the room facing in. I noticed that almost all of the breakables has been moved out of the way as well.
I walked over to the kitchen counter and started moving the breakables off and into cupboards that were going to be locked up for the night. I heard Link walk into the room shortly after, I listened to him and Chase talk about nonsense while they moved things around and locked up others. Every now and then I could catch Link looking at me for a brief second. Just long enough to wink at me before he went back to doing whatever he was at the time.

About two hours later we had everything set up and all the things that needed to be put away, away. We all sat around the kitchen conversing about rules and what to expect. Soon after we went our separate ways, Chase and Link left to go pick up alcohol for the evening while the girls and I went to get ready for the evening.

Authors Note:
Ok first! I just want to say how sorry I am! I have been going through a bunch of shit in my life. I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years last week so I’ve been kinda down and sad about that. And then my schools strike finished and I had to spontaneously move back to school and I hate it here so much. Then I find out I have 20 days to catch up on 8 weeks of class work and my teachers aren’t being accommodating about it at all! So now I’m dropping out of college and I’m super depressed about everything right now. I’ve been trying to write but I just couldn’t focus on it. Also. My phone keeps spell checking the word ‘it’ to I.T. I don’t know why it’s dumb though. Anyways! Filler chapter. Please don’t hate me! I’ll update soon I promise!
20 Votes! Love you all!

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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