My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-Three

After a few hours of us trying to get ready. Which basically consisted of us singing throwback music and giggling like crazy at one another. Eventually, after much more time than was needed the girls and I all did a once over before all agreeing we looked great. The girls dressed me, I didn’t like the outfit at first, but they convinced me into It. A white top tied into a knot at the front with a high waisted black jean skirt. Veronica was wearing a red thin strapped crop top with high waisted black jeans, while Julie was wearing a black t-shirt tied into a knot at the center with a ripped blue jean skirt with a black belt. The three of us decided to make a statement by wearing our matching black pumps. After posing for what seemed like 100 pictures, we finally had one we all agreed upon. With that, we were ready to take on the party.

The guys had been playing music for almost an hour now, and there was some people over already from the voices being heard in the kitchen and living room. Grabbing our solo cups, we did one last look over of ourselves and left the bedroom to join the rest of the people in the living room. I had to admit I was a little nervous to walk into a room full of people that I probably didn’t know and that were probably all guys. But following behind my two best friends I knew that tonight was going to be fun, and that with all the shit going on all the time I needed to just relax and unwind.
As we walked down the hallway the music began to get louder and so did the smell of alcohol, I could hear chanting and loud voices coming from the dining room. Julie reached behind her and took my hand in hers, she looked over her shoulder and gave me a small reassuring smile before squeezing my hand. I nodded back to her giving her a small smile.

Entering the dining room there was a small group of guys standing around the kitchen table playing beer pong, Chase and Link were on one side while Derek and some guy who I hadn’t met before were on the other. I get my stomach churn at the site of Derek. The boys had warned me that he would be here, but they said they had both talked to him and told him to not be a prick to me or come onto me or they’d kick his ass. After which they both made me promise to tell them if he did anything to me or Julie and Veronica. It made me happy knowing I had both looking over the girls and I. Made for our night to be a little less stressful.

I guess Julie and V knew some of the guys who were here because they walked right up to them and hugged them and began chatting with them. Whereas I walked into the kitchen to refill up my cup. I was going to need something a little stronger if I was going to be able to mingle around with everyone who was currently here let alone the rest of the people suppose to be showing up. As I’m mixing up a drink for myself I hear someone clear their throat behind me, I awkwardly turn around to see Link leaning against the fridge. I smiled at him shyly. The look he was giving me was making my tummy feel all sorts of funky.

“Wow. You should dress like this more often... maybe not when there is a room full of horny douche bag guys who are all going to want to fuck you by the end of the night” Link said, his eyes roaming over my entire body before stopping at my eyes. I could see the smirk playing at his lips. Why did he always have to look so perfect? The girls and I spent hours to make ourselves look good tonight, while Links hair was still wet from his shower. His ripped black jeans that he always wore were paid with a cream coloured sweater with a white jacket over top. He made it all look so effortless. I didn’t answer his statement, I just took a small sip from my drink. Cringing at the taste. Yup it was strong. Nothing like my sweet wine that I normally drink. Link and I still hadn’t broken eye contact with one another yet. I couldn’t take the awkwardness that was coming off the situation, so I turned around back to the bottles of alcohol on the counter behind me. I started fiddling with them moving them around making it look like I was doing something important that needed to be done right at that very second. I could hear Link chuckle behind me.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous you know that right?” his voice was low and primitive.
Soon his hands were on my exposed skin of my waist, my breath hitched in my throat as I stiffened where I was standing.

“I just wanted to tell you that last night was so amazing Hailey. I have been waiting for that for so long you have no fucking idea. The amount of nights I laid awake thinking about that or dreaming about it. But fuck. Nothing will ever compare to the real thing. I want you again so badly baby” he whispered into my left ear before planting a kiss to my neck and coming to stand beside me. He took the bottle of tequila and looked at me. A playful look on his face. I knew exactly what he was thinking but before I could protest voices joined us in the kitchen.

“Yes! Link! Shots! Woooo!” I heard Julie’s voice come into the kitchen. I turned around to see Julie, Veronica, Chase and a few other guys including Derek come into the kitchen. Link turned around with the tequila bottle in his hand. A grin on his smile as he looked over the group of people. He placed the 26 of tequila on the counter and walked over to the fridge and grabbed the plastic bowl of limes, taking a knife and a shot glass from the counter he put everything down together and pushed it all towards Julie and Veronica.

“Ok, you first Julie” he winked at her, taking a step back and grabbing the salt from a top of the stove and sliding it across the island to her. She hesitantly caught the salt shaker and looked up at everyone expectantly.

“You have to do it now Julie, common. We’ll all do one. But ladies first” it was Case who spoke up this time, his voice breaking the silence that had filled the kitchen. I watched Julie’s face flush, I could tell she didn’t want to do it, but she had to, and I wasn’t going to be the one to tell her she didn’t. If we were all doing them that is. Julie’s eyes flashed to mine and I smiled at her nodding my head telling her to go ahead. She smiled devilishly and turned to Veronica.

“Well fine. If were doing shots then, they’re going to be body shots” she looked over her shoulder before winking at the rest of the group then turning back to V and licking the exposed skin just above her collarbone. Veronica had titled her head back and was looking at me with a smirk. I took this as my chance to come out of my shell a little, stepping forward I took the bottle of tequila and opened it up and poured some of the disgusting liquid into the little red plastic shot glasses. I poured one for everyone in the room. And passed them around to all the guys. I went to stand next to veronica with the salt and sprinkled some of it onto the spot where Julie had licked her. I then looked to Julie giving her the ok that she was good to go. She grabbed a slice of lime that Chase had cut up and stuck it between Veronicas teeth and began. She licked the salt up off veronicas neck, doing it very slowly as all the guys watched. I noticed some of their mouths fall open. After licking all the salt, she downed the shot like a pro not even wincing a bit at the vile taste of the tequila, then lastly, she took the lime right from Veronica’s lips, lingering awhile to give her a quick friendly kiss before she sucked all the lime juice out. Once she was finished everyone cheered loudly and hooted and hollered around the kitchen, some of the other guys took their shots. None of them wanted to do body shots because they were too chicken, and I think Chase would have killed them if any of them even tried to touch me. I watched Derek as he took his shot. He winked at me as he tipped the liquid down his throat and then took a big gulp of his beer. He gave me a friendly smile afterwards, and didn’t make me feel like I was going to vomit.

I did my shot off Julie’s neck and veronica did hers off mine. We all giggled together as we watched the group of guys squirm around uncomfortably before they left the room with Chase who called out that he was going to play beer pong. By now a few other people had arrived and there was about 15 people here, it was getting louder, but my nerves were getting lower. The alcohol was beginning to settle in and calm me down which I was so thankful for. Or else I wouldn’t be able to talk to some of the guests that had been arriving. The girls and I all stayed in the kitchen and took a few other shots of some of the alcohol and took turns making girly drinks for one another. We were in the middle of a fit of laughter when Link walked into the kitchen, I stood up straight and smiled at him. I will admit I was feeling a little bit buzzed at this point, not a bad buzzed just carefree. I was happy, and not stressed out for once. Link walked over to me and smiled as he reached around me for the bottle of rum before looking around the kitchen quickly. Both Julie and veronica had stopped laughing at this point and were just standing their watching us like a bunch of creeps. Link looked at both and they gave him a sheepish grin before he turned back to me and kissed me passionately on the lips for a few seconds and then stuck his tongue in my mouth for good measure. We made out quickly and my heart was racing, what if someone saw us? The kiss was over just as quick as it had begun, and Link turned around to the girls.

“Now you both can wipe those smirks off your faces, you didn’t see anything” he said with a laugh before he left the kitchen and me standing there dumbfounded with no words to be said. I felt my cheeks heat up greatly and a stupid grin pulled across my face.

Authors Note:
Oh guys please please please don’t hate me. I know it’s short I’m sorry! I’m getting over having strep throat. This past month had just been a shit show for me. I’m trying to find a job and just shits been crazy! I promise I haven’t forgotten! I’m writing at chances I get! Please bear with me! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support.

-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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