My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-Four

The party went on like any party would. More and more people started to show up and more drinks were consumed. By this point I can say that I was drunk. Not to the point where I was messy, but I would be hungover in the morning. The music was blasting throughout the condo. Julie, veronica and I were in the living room dancing together with a few other girls including Taylor and Sienna. They had showed up not to long after we were all doing shots in the kitchen. Sienna made it clear that she could see Link staring at us while we were dancing because she constantly told me he was. She was like a little spy for me and I loved it. Her and I had become close friends too and I promised her that I would help set her up with a girl if I found one suited for her. When Amanda had shown up at the party Sienna had shown a specific interest in her but when she saw her all over Link that interest turned into hate and she went and pulled Link away from her quick. Doing both Link and myself a favor. She pulled him to the dance floor and the two began to dance together. The fact that they were grinding together didn’t even faze me at all. I was almost happy about it honestly. Sienna could keep all the other girls away from him when I couldn’t. I could see Amanda glaring from the corner with a pout on her face. Whenever a guy would come up to her she would basically tell them off before staring back to Link and Sienna. This girl was fucked, there was no doubt about it.
I was in my own world when I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder. I turn around to see Trey standing their smiling at me sweetly. He was dressed in a patterned button-down shirt and a pair of nice jeans. Overall, he looked nice.
“Hey, you made it!” I smiled up at him yelling over the loud music. He smiled back at me and nodded his head before pulling me in for a hug. I hugged him back taking in his scent. He did smell nice, but it wasn’t the same as when I hugged Link. When I hugged Link, I felt at home and warm and secure. When I hugged Trey, it was more of a friendly hug, I was happy hugging him, but it didn’t make me feel the same way.
“hey where’s the kitchen? I need a drink” Trey smiled at me, I nudged my head in the direction of the kitchen and motioned for him to follow me. I took his hand in mine lightly and lead him to the kitchen. The music in the kitchen was less loud so you didn’t have to yell at the top of your lungs to be heard to the person standing right beside you.
“So how are you enjoying the party so far?” Trey asked leaning against the counter opening his beer and taking a long drink from it. I sat at the island and sipped from the straw located in my drink.
“It’s pretty fun. I haven’t had fun like this in a long time” I admitted to Trey. I considered him a close friend. He was nice, and I know that if Link and I weren’t where we were then I’d probably be with Trey.
“I’m glad you’re having a good time. You and your friends look really nice, but you especially” Trey winked at me, I laughed at him and rolled my eyes. He laughed back with me and looked up over my shoulder to someone. I turned around to see Derek standing behind me and my entire body tensed up.
“Can I help you with something?” I asked nervously staring up to Derek who was now standing beside me.
“I was wondering if you could help me with something actually, if you don’t mind that is” he smirked at me placing his hand on my waist. I turned around and frantically searched the living room for either Chase or Link, but I couldn’t catch either of their eyes. Trey didn’t know what was going on and I wasn’t about to make a scene either. I gulped down the lingering saliva that was gathering in my throat and turned back to him.
“Sure, what can I help you with?” I mustered up a smile trying to make it seem like everything was ok when it most definitely was not.
“would rather talk in private if your friend over there doesn’t mind giving us some privacy for a few minutes” Derek looked over to trey who was silently standing in the kitchen during this awkward encounter. My eyes wandered up to Treys and I smiled at him. He nodded his head in return and tipped the neck of his beer bottle to us before leaving the kitchen. I watched as he left quietly and turned back to Derek who had a giant smirk on his face. He was up to something and I was not at all happy with this situation. I was silently hoping and praying that someone, anyone, preferably Chase or Link would walk into the kitchen and save me. But no one did. And what happened next, made me want to curl up and die.
As I turned to look back to Derek and took in the look on his face, his hands clasped around my face and he pulled my face towards his and smashed his lips down onto mine. Forcefully kissing me. I tried to pull away but his grip on my face only got tighter and the kiss harder and more forceful. My hands went to his shoulders as I tried to shove him off me, but it was no use. He was so much stronger than me and with my sitting position it was difficult for me to muster up enough force to shove him off me. A minute or so must have passed before he finally pulled away but before my hands could come up and slap the shit out of him he grabbed them and held them down.
“Stop. Hailey! Stop” he commanded, his voice full of venom and spite. I glared at him, I could feel my face heating up and the anger bubbling in my stomach.
“What the fuck is wrong with you! You are disgusting pig, Chase and Link will know about this and then you’ll be sorry you every fucking looked at me you prick!” I spat at him, trying to free my hands from his grasp but it was no use. His hold was too strong.
“Oh sweetheart, is that a threat? How about I do one better?” he smirked at me. This grabbed my attention, he let go of my hands and reached into his pocket taking out his phone. Entering the password, he handed me the phone. On the screen was a video of me and Link. Making out in the kitchen earlier that night, I swiped the video to reveal a picture of Link and I kissing at school that day he walked me to class. Shit this was bad. My heart fell into my stomach, I felt like I was going to vomit. I turned away from him.
“delete them, right now. Fucking delete them Derek!” I commanded at him, he looked at me for a second before laughing in my face.
“You’re funny you know what? Delete them. Wow. Good one Hailey. No, I’m not going to delete them, I’m going to use them to my advantage” he smirked, closing the distance between us once more. Before he could kiss me, I pulled away and stood up off the stool walking away from him.
“What could you possible do to use those pictures to your advantage? Get off them, cause that’s a little fucking weird if you ask me” I was trying everything in my power not to freak out.
“what? No, that’s weird. I was thinking more along the lines of showing your brother. Ruining his perfect friendship with Link, and fucking up his family a bit more than it already is” the grin that spread across Derek’s face was revolting and infuriated me. How could he even think that way? Him and Chase were friends? Weren’t they?
“Don’t show Chase” the words escaped my mouth before I had the chance to think about them. This caught Derek’s attention. He walked up to my, cornering me in the kitchen. My back against the counter, he leaned into my ear and kissed it softly. All the hair on my neck stood up, I was officially scared. I had no idea what he was going to do. I really didn’t want to know what he was going to do honestly.
“I have an idea, how about I don’t tell Chase. But you must obey to my every want and need? Be my arm candy and lover?” he whispered into my ear before pulling away and tucking some of the hair behind my ear that had fallen in front of my face.
“No! absolutely not!” I spat back at him. He was really pissing me off now.
“Fine. Hey, look Chase is talking to Link right now, why don’t I go show him these lovely pictures of his baby sister and best friend sucking face?” he said as he started to walk away and towards Chase. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back.
“Fine! Just don’t show Chase, please” I looked down. Defeat washing over me. This was bad. I needed to talk to Link, he could help me figure out all of this.
“good girl. We’ll have fun together, I can promise you that baby girl” he said pulling me closer to him and wrapping his arms around me. As he did he whispered into my ear again.
“And Link is not to know about our little arrangement. Or I’ll show Chase. You are to cut off all contact with him. From now on, he will be what he is supposed to be. Your brothers best friend and that’s it. No secret sneaking around or phone calls, no texting. Better yet, just talk to him a little as possible”
I was in shock, that had to be what it was. My heart was racing, I was sweating and my breathing heavy. The room started spinning and the next thing I knew I was falling to the floor, hearing a loud noise as I did.

Links POV
I was trying my hardest to enjoy the party, but it was hard when I was basically not aloud to talk to Hailey or look at her. I couldn’t risk someone seeing something and fucking up everything that was happening. Sienna had kind of been our middle women for most of the night, she would go back and forth between the two of us with messages and updates on how we were doing. It wasn’t the same though. And after the other night with Hailey I felt closer to her than ever and I wanted her by my side right now and at every other second during the day. I missed her laugh and the way she made me feel when she was around me. Just her presence could light up the dullest room. I had it bad and I was determined to tell her how I really felt. The timing just wasn’t right yet, we needed to figure out shit with her brother first and that was going to be difficult.
Just as Chase walked up to my he pulled me from the thoughts of his sister.
“Hey man have you seen Derek? I was watching him for awhile but then he disappeared” Chase said while looking around the room to the different people in the room. I looked around as well to see if I could see him, but I couldn’t. I also couldn’t see Hailey.
“No man I don’t see him, uh... I don’t see Hailey either... I’m going to go check the kitchen” I said as I started to walk away, I could feel Chase beside me. Both of us walking at a fast pace. Just as we were about to enter the kitchen we both heard a loud crashing sound. We quickened our pace to find Hailey on the ground with Derek kneeling beside her.
“Derek what the fuck did you do!” Chase yelled grabbing Derek and throwing him off Hailey as I rushed down to her side lifting her up. She didn’t seem to be too hurt.
“Chill man! She just collapsed over! I didn’t do jack shit!” Derek said back, I looked up at him, glaring right at him. If she was hurt, I was going to kill him. Chase shoved him away before coming to my side and taking Hailey in his arms, I followed him down the hallway to Hailey’s room opening the door for
him as he set her on her bed.
“Go get the girls now!” Chase demanded, panic was starting to set over me. My feet could barely move from their position.
“Link! Go!!” Chase yelled looking over his shoulder. I ran out of the room, people in the living room all looked around at one another with confused looks on their faces, I ran up to Julie and the rest of the girls and grabbed her arm dragging her down the hallway towards Hailey’s room. When we got to the door she was sitting up rubbing her head. Chase was sitting beside her on the bed supporting her weight with his, he held out a glass of water to her as she took small sips. I closed the door behind me once everyone was in. Julie and veronica went to the bed and sat down with Hailey, trading Chase of his spot as he stood up pacing around the room.
“I’m going to go talk to fuck head to see what happened, link you go tell everyone’s the parties done. Girls you stay here and don’t let Hailey out of your sight. Got it?” Chase said sternly to the group. No one said anything. We all just nodded our heads in agreement.

Authors Note:
An update! Finally! God it’s been a long time and I’m so sorry!! Bit of news of my own, the guy who I actually base the character of Link off of, not the guy I say looks lime him but the guy who gave me the idea of him. Ok so him yes, we’ve been talking on and off for 2 years but because I was in a relationship obviously nothing happened. And this guy is a huge fuck boy. But holy he’s gorgeous let me tell you. Tall, take dark, bright green eyes, and a body that is just wow. Ok moving on! I was talking to him today about how I bought my ex a $250 guess watch for Christmas and I don’t know what to do with It now. I want to still give the watch to my ex because I still love him and have hope because I’m pathetic. But then this guy was lime no don’t he doesn’t deserve I.T he’s not good enough for you and I’m like yeah I know I need to move on but I can’t. I’m struggling so hard to move on! So this guys like, well. Why don’t we start seeing each other. Maybe that’ll help you move on.

So, I’m just really happy and excited right now. Needed to tell someone about my happy day! Hope everyone’s holidays are going well! I’ll try and update soon! Let me know what you think and keep letting me know what you want to see happen in the story! Love all you guys! Thank you all for understanding and being so supportive of me! I appreciate It so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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