My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

That morning when I woke up I did not know what to expect to happen when I got to school. I figured I would go for my morning run even though it wasn’t morning at all anymore and try to figure out a plan of action of how Link and I were going to go about telling Chase or not telling Chase and dealing with Derek.
Walking into the bathroom I flicked on the light to see a note taped to the mirror.

Hope you had a good night! ;) we left early this morning! See you at school Monday!
V & J

I smiled reading over the note. I hadn’t told the girls what had happened, but I knew they could tell something was wrong last night. I will have to tell them sooner rather than later. They might have some advice as to what we should do.
Pushing a small amount of toothpaste onto my toothbrush I pressed the on button and started brushing my teeth. Mindless thinking of different ways to go about the things I needed to today. I didn’t notice him walk in behind be but there he was in all his naked glory.
Link stood behind me in the mirror looking over my shoulder at our reflections. He smiled at me before placing his hands on my hips and a long kiss to the top of my head. I blushed at his action, blushing more at the fact that he was standing behind me stark naked. I myself was only wearing his shirt from the night before. It topped just below my bum covering my behind up Just barely.
Rinsing out my mouth I bent over the sink and spit out the remaining toothpaste and water that has just been in my mouth. I heard him groan from behind me. I stopped and peered up at him. He stood behind me, his hands still on my hips. His fingers tightened as he pulled me back against him. I could feel the stiff erection pushing into my ass. Deciding to tease him some more I pushed back and rolled my hips into him more.

“You’re playing with fire here Hailey...” his low voice said from behind me. I smirked up at him through the reflection once more. I loved getting his attention in this way. Knowing I had this much of a hold over him really made me feel good about myself. Links hands were still holding onto my hips tightly. Using his arms, he spun me around so that I was facing him, my hands raised up and grazed over his muscled chest. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me in closer. I rested my head on his chest and his took in his natural smell. A smell that I had grown to love by now. I felt him place a kiss on the top of my head. He pushed me away ever so slightly but kept me at an arm’s length away. His hands wrapped down to have a firm hold on my ass.
“Jump Hailey” he whispered to me.
I did as I was told, and he lifted me up onto the counter in the bathroom. I was now sitting at eye level with him. Staring into his gorgeous deep green eyes. Even after just waking up he still looked so beautiful. He ran his hands up and down my thighs, the counter was cold under me but Link tracing his hands all over my body made me feel much warmer inside. His fingers roamed up the sides of my waist and over my chest to my where he tilted my chin up to look at him more. His one hand grasped my neck and squeezed just tight enough to make it arouse me. A small gasp escaped from my mouth before he pulled me in closer and kissed me. Keeping his hand on my throat pulling me in closer with his other hand on my hips. Moving his hand that was on my throat back down to join his other at my hips he pulled me closer so that we were connected at the core. His erect cock pulsed into me. Soft mews escaped from my mouth as he deepened our kiss. Driving his tongue down, massaging my own tongue with his. He started to lightly thrust into me, dry humping me as he bit my lower lip between his pulling and sucking on it. To say I was turned on was an understatement. I needed to feel some sort of control, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. Connecting our bodies closer than before. Link broke apart from me and took a step back. His eyes bore into mine as he stood in front of me. An almost glossy look, desperation crossed over my own face. I could tell he could see it. The smirk that washed across his expression told me so. Taking another step back he reached his hand into the shower and turned it on. Adjusting the temperature until it was warm enough, with one finger he motioned for me to come closer to him. I did as I was told and hoped off the counter and walked to him. As I took my steps closer he turned around and stepped into the shower. I heard him sigh as the warm water cascaded down his body. Pulling back the curtain I too him in. his tall stature, olive skin, dark brown hair- now wet slick down the sides of his face. I stepped in to join him and stood close to him, his hands wrapped around me and pulled me in closer to him. The warm water felt amazing when it hit my body. But not as amazing as if felt to be wrapped in his embrace. We stood in each other’s arms for a while letting the warm water surround us. Everything was so peaceful and in this moment all my problems just drained away with the excess water.
I felt Link pull away and watched as he reached down to the shampoo bottle. He poured some onto his hand and motioned with the other for me to turn around. I bit my lip a little as I did as I was told and turned. Once his hands started massaging the shampoo into my hair I was in awe. With the warm water and his strong hands working the bubbles around I never wanted this moment to stop. Closing my eyes. It shocked me a little when I felt his hands running down the sides of my body to my hips where he pulled me in close to his body. I could still feel his erect behind me pushing himself against my bum. Me being the tease I am I rolled my hips back against him.
Just then a knock at the door sounded. Both Link and I froze. Neither one of us said a word. Pretty sure I stopped breathing. My heart was pounding against my chest. I heard the door knob start to jiggle as the person who I’m assuming was Chase tried to open the door.
“Hailey I’m going to the store, do you uh- want or need anything? Ice cream? Chocolate? Anything?” His voice sounded weird. I guess he was trying to sound comforting about what happened last night. I didn’t answer him. I was lost in thought. Link nudged me to answer.
“Uh no! I’m ok! Thanks!” Was all I could manage to get out. Links hands were still on my body and I could feel him sliding them around my wet torso, teasing me as he did so.

“Okay! I’ll be back in a bit! See you, call me if you need anything!” He called out once again.

I let out a huge sigh after a few moments hoping that he was in fact gone. I turned around to look up at Link who was smirking down at me. Ass hole, I thought to myself.
Before I could say anything, Link pushes me up against the shower wall plunging his tongue into my mouth and his fingers into my wet pussy. I hadn’t realized how horny I was until now but god damn this was hot. He pushed himself further against my body working his fingers inside of me. Nipping and pulling at my lip with his tongue while he “dry” humped me against the cool shower wall. There was nothing dry about it. Our bodies were soaking wet and sliding intensely against one another as our kiss continued.
As he pulled away he looked down at me.

“Now we can be as loud as we want to”

“What are we going to do about Derek Link, he has those pictures and I know he’s not afraid to show Chase...” I said with sorrow as Link and I say out on the balcony having something to eat. After our shower together, he made me brunch which consisted of some cut of fruits, French toast, and yogurt. It was amazing and what my tummy needed in that moment.
We both sat in silence, thinking of what the hell we were going to do.

“Maybe I should just go with what he says and does to give us some time...” I suggested to him.
“Are you nuts? No way in fucking hell is that happening! He’ll be all over you in front of me and I’ll fucking kill him if he even breathes too close to you right now, let alone watch him kiss you or touch you in anyway!” Link replied, I should have known he would have said something like that, but it was worth a shot.
We both sat there and picked away at our food.
I turned as I heard the glass door behind us opening, I noticed Chase coming through the door with a smoothie in his hand. He came and sat down with us at the small table. He didn’t say anything as he did, just took a long agonizing slurp from his smoothie. He gave me a weird look as I cringed over the sound it made. Raising his eyebrows as if to say, “can I help you?” then reached across the table and took a strawberry off my plate, smirked at me and popped it into his mouth. Douchebag.

“So! What’s up guys, how you feeling Hailey? He said before taking another long sip from his smoothie smiling over at us. What the heck is going on. Why is he being so weird and cheerful with us.

“Uh good man, just having some food before I go for a run, wanted to make sure Hailey ate after what happened last night” Link answered looking over at Chase. Chase looked back over at him and had an almost sparkle in his eye as he looked at his best friend.

“Well that was very nice of you to do” another long slurp.
Chase was acting weird and part of me felt like maybe Derek had sent him the pictures already or that someone saw something last night. A million and one different things were running through my mind right now and I did not like the outcome of most of them. I tried to glaze over to Link and see if he had any idea as to what was going on, but he was looking at Chase with a very confused look on his face. Great, he had no idea either what was going on.

“Are you high?” the words came out faster than I could stop them. Chase’s eyes snapped over to mine and he smiled so big I thought he was going to split in half. Link looked over at me, a confused expression was present.

“No, I am not high Hailey, I’m just in a good mood! Am I not allowed to be in a good mood?” Chase replied leaning back into the chair and extending his arms up and behind his head and closing his eyes. I looked over to Link and mouthed the words ‘what the fuck?’ he just shrugged his shoulders in response.

“Man, what’s got you in such a good mood?” Link asked kicking Chases leg under the table. Chase smirked again, his eyes still closed.

Suddenly Chase just started to laugh, it started off as a small light laugh and then got more and more uncontrollable. Both Link and I sat there, neither one of us said anything. We both sat in silence as this lunatic laughed his ass off for no reason.

“Oh, you guys, I’m just happy because of you guys” he said to the both of us. His eyes were open now and he had stopped laughing.
“What?” I asked confused

“Mom called me this morning Hailey, we talked for awhile. She says hi to both of you by the way. But uhm yeah, she’s doing well. Misses us all and sends her love from grandmas. Speaking of grandma, it was her who put me in this mood. You see, as I was talking to mom I overheard grandma ask her something in the background. You wanna know what that was?“he asked looking over at both of us. We both nodded our heads.

“She said, and i quote ‘does Chase know about Link and Hailey seeing one another yet?’ and of course mom tried to shush her but not before I clued into what they were talking about” he smiled at us. Fuck. this was not good. He knew, his good mood wasn’t a good mood but a sarcastic I’m going to kill both of you good mood.

“Chase, I think we should talk-” Link started to say but Chase cut him off by holding up his hand to silence him. I sat with my hands in my lap twisting my fingers around, my heart was beating at the fasted pace I had ever felt.

“You see guys, this news came as a shock to me. But then I started to think more about it and things started to make more sense. And you know what? I’m happy for you guys” he said smiling at me.

“What?!” I spat out. How is he happy for us? What?
“I am happy for you guys Hailey, I always knew there was something going on I just never wanted to admit it to myself. If you’re going to be with any of my friends, I’m just glad that its Link and not one of the other idiots I hangout with “he chuckled and stood up from the table grabbing his now empty drink from the table and chuckled lightly as he walked away and back into the apartment.
I looked over to Link to see if he knew what just happened or what the fuck was still happening because my mind was blank, it had exploded about 20 minutes ago.

Authors note:
Hey guys! I’m so sorry this took forever to write! It’s not the longest but it’s just a filler chapter! Thank you all for the nice messages and comments! Keep voting to get the story noticed more! And if you’re feeling friendly give my instagram a follow! Samm.walton ! Love all you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️

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