My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chase had gotten up from the table and walked to the edge of the balcony. Link and I both just sat at the table.

“Chase... how are you ok with this? It’s understandable if you’re not” Link spoke up now. His voice was shaky, and it was obvious that he really wanted Chase to be ok with everything.
Chase turned around and looked back at us. He leaned against the railing and Just closed his eyes.

“Look guys. At first, I wasn’t ok with it but then I went for a run and got some frustrations out about everything. And everything started to come together and make sense. Why Link wasn’t going after all the girls who were throwing themselves at him and why he was so concerned about Hailey’s safety. And I can’t think of anyone else that I would want to be with my sister. I know Link will take care of you Hails, and if he doesn’t he knows I’ll kick his ass” Chase smirked.

He started to walk by towards the door to go back inside. He was almost at the door before I spoke up.

“Chase wait! There’s something else you need to know!” I called out to him. He stopped in his tracks and began to speak again.
“Hailey, I don’t need to know about your sex life with my best friend- ”
“No! Not that! It’s about Derek....” I spoke quietly.
He slowly turned around and a pissed off look crossed his face. He was mad, and I hadn’t even told him.

“What has that fucker done now?” His teeth gritted together, and his fist closed together.

“He has pictures of Link and me kissing and he’s blackmailing me into being with him or he’ll show you the pictures...” I blurted out faster than I had ever spoken before. His eyes shot to mine and he looked like he was about to kill someone.

“There is no way in fucking hell that is happening. He will never ever touch you in any way or I’ll break his fucking fingers” Chase snapped out. He stormed back over to the table and say down angrily.
“Well now that you know about everything I think we should have some fun with this... we shouldn’t waste a perfectly good chance to make Derek look like an even bigger idiot than he already is” it was Link who spoke up this time. Chase looked over to him and they smirked at one another. Their bond so strong they can communicate through facial expressions. Wow.

“This is why you’re my friend. You have the best ideas! So. Here’s what we’ll do” Chase said.

That night when I went to bed I felt good knowing that this big secret was off my chest and that Link and I didn’t need to hide from Chase anymore. We both agreed we were going to keep all the lovey dovey stuff to a minimum until he was using to seeing us together. I think Link still feels a little awkward and bad for not telling chase about him and me, but chase assured him he wasn’t mad. He said the thought of Link and I being together kind of grossed him out but in a good way. Link and I decided it would best to keep the pda down for the time being. After we had the whole plan put together I felt a lot better about things. A weight had been lifted off my chest and I felt like I could breathe for once. Thinking about the fact that Link and I didn’t have to hide from the world starting tomorrow made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Things were really starting to look up for him and I.

I stood in the bathroom and washed my face with a warm face cloth. I heard the door beside me open and I knew it had to be Link. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso. He rested his head on my shoulder and peered at me in the mirror. He smiled at me and squeezed me tight against him. I smiled back at him as I started to brush my teeth. Link pulled back a bit and started to nuzzle into my neck. Kissing me and tickling my waist with his hands. I was trying my hardest not to laugh or squirm around. All I wanted to do was just brush my goddamn teeth.
I caved. I was way too ticklish. I started squirming around in his arms and was probably spitting out toothpaste foam everywhere. Not a pretty sight to see.

“Link! Ahh- Link stop!” I squealed to him. I threw my toothbrush onto the counter and tried to run away from him, but he was way too quick for me.
He grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me pulling me into him. He just hugged me for a moment before he spoke out.

“I love you Hailey, and whatever happens today know that I will always love you no matter what” his words were soft and meaningful, and I wanted to cry hearing him say that to me. I nodded against him as he let go. I walked back to the sink and finished getting ready for school.


The morning went normally and nothing bad had happened yet. Once we got to school the three of us went our separate ways. Our plan was going into action today when we all had break at the same times. I met up with Veronica and Julie in our first class together, I filled the two girls in on everything that had happened yesterday between Chase, Link and myself. And I made sure not to leave out the part where Derek had threatened me and was trying to blackmail me. I didn’t tell them the full plan we had in store because I wanted some of it to still be a secret. To say that they were excited was an understatement. They were happy for me and Link, although they really did like to rub in my face that they knew that Chase would be ok with everything and that we should have just told him from the beginning and then we wouldn’t be in this whole situation with Derek. I knew they were right, but how was I supposed to know that my brother would be ok with me and his best friend being together? That’s not something that’s normal for people to do. But then again, I guess that if Chase had decided that he wanted to be with one of my friends and I knew he was going to treat them well then, I think I would be ok with that too. My attention was taken from this oh so lovely conversation between my friends and I as my phone started vibrating in my pocket.
Looking at my home screen I recognized the number on my school that I had purposely not saved into my phone to be Derek’s. Unlocking my phone, I read over the text he had sent me and rolled my eyes and groaned in response. He was a disgusting pig.

’I expect to see u at lunch today babe. I’ll save a seat on my lap for you ;) ’my stomach churned at the thought of even being near this douchebag let alone sitting on his lap. Link and Chase had told me to just agree with what he said to keep up the rouse that I was going along with his plan. I had to think for awhile, in the end Julie and Veronica were the ones who ended up taking my phone and replying with the simplest message that would keep things on the right track.

‘ya. See you at lunch, have you told Chase about us?’ I shoved my phone back into my pocket and just hoped he would not reply any time soon. I really didn’t want to be dealing with him right now. And the sooner he’s out of my life the better.

When break time finally came around we we’re lucky to all have the same lunch time on Mondays between our classes. Walking into the cafeteria with Julie and Veronica on either side of me for support we made our way through the lunch lines. I wasn’t at all hungry. My stomach felt full even though I had barely eaten anything this morning. Knowing I should have something in my stomach I opted for a small salad and a juice. I filled my bowl with lots of veggies, some feta cheese and lettuce. Garnishing it with my Greek dressing. After paying the girls and I made our way into the dining hall where all the tables were situated. I could see Chance and Link sitting at a new table. This one had more chairs situated around it and was positioned in front of a huge window that overlooked the campus, the table was on the upper level of the caff and was right at the top of the stairs. I could see Derek sitting at the table, he was laying back on the chair with his one arm extended over the back of the chair next to him. He was laughing at something one of the group members had said. Just the sound of his laugh made my stomach turn upside down and I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. I saw Link turn and look at me. He could tell That I was nervous. He smiled at me briefly before nudging Chase with his elbow. Chase turn to look in our direction and he smiled at us waving us over discreetly. Taking a deep breath in and releasing it we marched over to the group and the plan was set into action.

Taking their seats around the table I looked over to Derek to see him glancing over to me expectantly, I knew what he wanted. I motioned my head towards Chase, as if I was telling Derek to say something to Chase. This was how the plan was supposed to go down. I was getting nervous that something was going to go wrong, and this entire plan was just going to fall apart. Before my nerves got the best of me Derek spoke up.

“Hey uh, Chase man. I have something I want to tell you” Derek spoke up, leaning forward in his chair and looking over to Chase who was sitting across the table from him. Chase looked at him and nodded his head before speaking up.

“Yeah man what’s going on?” Chase asked, he took a bite from his apple. Knowing chase this was to mask the smirk that was threatening to creep across his face. Derek looked back to me again and was searching my face for answers. To what I didn’t know, but he just stared at me for a moment.

“Well, something happened at your party on the weekend and I thought it best to tell you now, rather you find out from a buddy than from some random, am I right?” Derek chuckled, lightly smacking Link on the arm as if to say ha-ha laugh with me I’m funny. Link just sat there and gave him a blank stare before taking a bit of his burger he was having for lunch.

“What is it Derek?” Chase spoke up again, he had leaned back in his chair and had crossed his arms over his chest. Raising one eyebrow he looked at Derek questing.

“So, uh, me and Hailey had a good talk... and her and I have decided that we want to be together and ya we kind of hooked up at the party while in the kitchen, Hailey was so struck by her feelings. That’s why she fainted, I didn’t know how to tell you man but ya. There it is. Me and Hailey are together” he finished his sentence and looked over to me
“Now come here Hailey, I missed you baby” he beckoned with his hand for me to come closer, everyone at the table was staring at Chase to see what his reaction would be to his baby sister dating one of his pigs of friends. I slowly walked closer to Derek, just as I was standing at the side of him he tried to reach around me to pull me closer.

“I suggest you keep your hands off her man” Chase spoke up, his calm persona must have taken a few people by surprise. We had other tables looking at us now. Derek sat up in his chair and glared at Chase across the table.
“And who do you think you are, telling me what to do. I’m not your little bitch Chase.” Derek snapped at him. Shit. this was not supposed to be happening like this. I was starting to get nervous that something was going to happen.
Chase just sat there and stared at Derek, I could tell Derek was getting angry. His grip on my waist got tighter, I winced a bit, trying to pull away a little so he would loosen his grip on me, but he didn’t take the hint and held me in place.

“Man, I’m sorry you had to find out at a time like this. I know that you and Taylor just broke up. But can’t you at least try and be happy for Hailey? I know she would really like your blessings for her and me to be together...” Derek spoke out again, he was calmer this time around but there was still a hint of attitude.
Chase’s face twitched. What Derek had said to him must have hit a nerve. Which makes sense, chase was obviously not over his break up with Taylor as it had happened not even a week ago.

“Why don’t you take your filthy hands-off Hailey. Right now, before I fucking cut them off” It was Link who spoke up this time, he had stood up from his chair and was standing over Derek. The look on Likes face was kind of scary I can’t lie, but at the say time something about his defensive behaviour was very alluring and had be turned on. God damnit Hailey, this is not the time to be thinking of sex.

Derek scoffed at Link and rolled his eyes at him, he pulled me closer and down onto his lap where he wrapped his arms around me.

“I’ll touch my girlfriend as much as I please, thank you both very much” he said while pulling me in closer to him, I could feel him getting hard beneath me. I was completely and utterly disgusted and wanted this to end. Now. I tried to squirm off him, but he pulled me closer planting a wet and sloppy kiss on my lips. His hand was gripped behind my head holding me in place as he tried to dig his tongue into my mouth. Thankfully a loud bang makes him pull away from me to look at what the sound was.
It was Chase slamming his fist down on the table.

“Let go of my sister. Right this fucking instant. You are not her boyfriend and you never fucking will be your repulsive swine.” chase snarled at Derek who had pushed me off him now and was standing up.
“Tell him Hailey! Tell him about out night at the party and how we are in love with each other! Tell him!” he barked at me making me jump slightly as his tone was harsh. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to his side again. A whimper escaped from me at how tight his grip on me was. This wasn’t going to plan at all.

Out of nowhere Link punched Derek in the face, he tumbled backwards and gripped his face in pain, yelling out a string of cuss words as he did.
After a second, he stood back up, his eye swollen and red.

“Alright fine. Hey Chase, how would you like to know that your best friend Link over here is fucking your baby sister in your apartment all the time when no ones around?” Derek stood proudly, like the news he brought forth was the biggest news since sliced bread, he crossed his arms over his chest and looked triumphantly over the group. Smirking as he looked at me and Link.

“Uh? You think I don’t know that? I’m happy for them. Everyone here knows they are together. Which is why this being so funny, you just made yourself look like the most desperate piece of shit here. And in case you hadnt noticed, no one fucking cares about what you have to say. We tolerate you in this friend group, but i think I speak for everyone when I say that you’re a moronic dip shit. We pity you, you are honestly the worst kind of person. Trying to blackmail the two people I’m closest with in my life. And for what? So, you can get laid? Man, your fucked. But hey whatever helps you sleep at night dude” Chase said, he held his hand out to me and I took it happily. He pulled me into a side hug and kissed me on top of my head before he let me go to Link.

Link pulled me into his embrace so tightly. I wanted to cry. I went so scared, I hadn’t realized I was shaking until now. Link rubbed my arms getting rid of the goosebumps and held me close to him. Derek looked dumbfounded. He was stunned as he stood there with his mouth hanging wide open. The rest of the group just burst out into laughter, they all stood up and began to walk towards the stairs. Link and I let the way happily away from him. Everything seemed to be working out so we. Link and I could have a public relationship now at school and everything was so great.
That was, until I felt a strong shove from behind me, my eyes widened in shock as I tumbled face first down the flight of stairs going down to the mail level of the caf. I felt myself hit the stairs once, twice, three times before I felt nothing at all.

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