My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Three

Later that night I hear my brother leave, probably to go hangout with his new girlfriend. He gets a new one once a month usually, this one’s name is Katie. Mom had left for her book club and dad was in his office, like always. I heard Link’s door close and I took this time of having the kitchen empty to go down and make myself some more food considering my dinner was cut short by my obnoxious brother.
Leaving my room I threw my hair into a messy bun, the summer wind blew a breeze in through the kitchen window, I just stood there a moment and took in the beautiful sun set. Deciding on what I wanted to eat I looked through the fridge pulling out the materials I needed to make a sandwich. Just as I turn around to sit at the island in the kitchen I come face to chest with Link.

“How’d you know I was coming down here to make some food Hailey?” Link says smirking down at me. I scowled at him and went to sit at the island.
“It’s not for you, it’s for me. You had so much food at dinner you can’t possibly be hungry anymore.” I say as I sit down and take a bite from my sandwich as Link looks around in the pantry for god knows what.
“Look, a man’s gotta eat ok Hailey, and speaking of dinner. Who’s this guy you’re with?” He says sticking his head out of the pantry to look at me.
“None of your business, and stop calling me Hailey”

“You’re not even with a guy are you” he says leaning against the counter opening a bag of chips and looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“For your information, yes I am with a guy. And no it’s none of your business who I am with. Just as it is not my business who your flavor of the week is.” I say as I put my dish in the sink and head to the living room to watch a movie. Silently hoping that he would take the hint and not follow me but of course he did.

“For your information, I don’t have a different flavor each week. It’s more like every two months. And that’s only because I need a distraction” he says sitting beside me on the couch. I roll my eyes and turn on Netflix, starting up Dexter. They had just found the ice truck with the hand inside the block of ice before I was interrupted by Link again.

“I don’t mean distraction the way you’re taking it Hailey, I mean that I do have feelings for this one girl but she’s too far away for me to be with her, and it would cause too many complications for both her and I. So I just stick to different girls so I don’t get hurt” he said looking into my eyes. Part of me was curious as to who this girl was, but the other part didn’t care at all. This was Link we were talking about.

We got a few more episodes in until Link got bored and took the remote from me and put on a new horror movies that was recently added to Netflix, he knew I hated horror movies so it was beyond me as to why he put it on. As I started to get up from the couch to retreat back to my room for some solitude Link puts his hand up to stop me.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to watch the movie with me?” he says sticking out his bottom lip and making his already big eyes even bigger.
“Link you know I don’t like scary movies...” I said sighing while leaning against the door frame leading out of the living room.
“C’mon Hailey, it’ll be fine. It’s just a movie” He said standing up and pushing me back down onto the couch where I was sitting before.

Half an hour into The Conjuring I had the blanket I was using as a shield pulled up to cover my eyes and my knees brought to my face. To say I was scared was an understatement. I hated Link for making me watch this stupid movie. Every time that I would bring the blanket up higher he would just laugh at me making me blush behind the blanket. Deciding to suck it up and watch the rest of the movie I stretched my legs outward and sat cross legged on the couch beside Link. Just as my nerves were about to calm down I felt something crawling across my leg under the blanket and nearly jumped 10ft. Looking down to see Link’s massive hand gently resting on my bare thigh made me nervous but took away from of the terrified thoughts from the movie. His thumb slowly caressed my thigh in circles. I had to admit, it felt kinda nice having him do that. Even if it was only to calm my nerves a little.

As the end credits rolled out and the movie had a happy ending I was feeling a little more safe and secure in my own home. But I still couldn’t shake the nerves and dear that was running through my body. Link stood up and started folding the blanket we were using during the movie and started to walk back towards the kitchen.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” I asked from my position on the couch, he turned back at me with a confused smile on his face.
“To the kitchen to get some water and then to bed?” he said questioningly.
“Oh no you don’t mister! Get your butt back to this couch. You made me watch that stupid movie and now I’m not going to get any sleep so now you have to watch something happy and funny with me to take my mind off of demonic people!” Link just laughed at me and walked back to the couch grabbing the neatly folded blanket on his way. He sat back down beside me and threw the blanket over us. Scrolling through netflix we decided on the movie White Chicks, because it always makes me laugh.

When I felt Link’s warm hand run its way across my thigh again I was a little confused. Thinking he only did it the first time to calm my nerves from the movie, but there was no nerves needing to be calmed down this time around so why was he doing it? After careful though my hand started to slowly move down to meet his under the blanket. Carefully I placed it next to his touching it ever so slightly, just enough for him to notice and I could see him look at me out of the corner of my eye. Our hands stayed touching ever so slightly under the blanket, every now and then I swear I could feel him shift his body closer to mine on the couch. Nerves started to shoot through my body. What was he doing? His thumb then started to caress my thigh causing my body to heat up immensely. He found my hand under the blanket and moved his hand so it was over top of mine and grabbed my finger slightly with his. I looked up at him trying to see if his face gave anything away but there was nothing but a smile as he continued to watch the movie.

Sleep started to take over my body and I found myself starting to move into a more comfortable position on the couch. Link noticed that I was struggling to get comfortable, he lifted the blanket off of us and placed a throw pillow on his lap then motioned for me to lay down, hesitantly I did as he said and placed my head slowly down on the pillow and stretching my legs out on the couch then retreating them into a bent position. He put the blanket back over us, the warmth comforting me. Surprisingly I was quite comfortable.

“Thank-you..” I whispered up to him, he looked down and me and smiled softly.
We continued to watch the movie, his hand started to slowly move through the locks of my hair. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good to have his hands playing with my hair. Because it felt amazing. We sat like that for the rest of the movie, his hand was now placed on my hip and I could tell he was getting tired too. Once the movie came to an end I turned off the tv leaving us both in complete darkness. Still a little freaked out from the move I leaned across Link, trying to find the lamp but my arms weren’t long enough so I got up on my knees and leaned again, still not being able to reach I moved and put one leg on the other side of him. Just when I was about to finally turn the lamp on it came on by itself. Confusion ran through me but when I finally looked over I saw Link’s hand on the lamp turning it on. He smiled at me showing his teeth, god did he have a nice smile. His smile turned into something that can only be described as lust and seduction. He looked down at my now straddling position. My cheeks flushed and I went to get off of him but he stopped me by placing his hands on either side of me, his hands gripping my hips. I didn’t move, correction. I couldn’t move. He had me locked in the moment staring at me with his green eyes. I could feel my cheeks starting to flush again as I looked away from him. He chuckled and gripped my hips tightly causing me to snap my focus back to him. Out of nervous habit I bit down on my lower lip not knowing what to do. I was trapped in this position by an iron grip that was Link’s hands.

“You are beautiful you know that right?” I heard him say to me but my mind didn’t want to accept that’s what he said.
“What?” I asked him looking down at my hands while i awkwardly fidgeted them in our laps.
“I said.. You are beautiful” he said again taking one of his hands off of my hip and using it to tilt my head up so I was looking at the damn eyes again. My mind was running in circles trying to figure out what the hell was happening right now.

“Thanks..” I whispered back, looking back to my hands again I felt him readjust himself so he was sitting up straighter. He used his hand and tilted my head back up again but instead of putting it back onto my hip he caressed the side of my face staring into my eyes, instinct took over me and my eyes started to close. He brought his other hand to my face and my eyes slightly opened to see what he was doing. He looked like he was studying my face, his eyes went from mine down to my lips and back again. He did this a few more times, I could feel my heart rate increase.

“Fuck it!” was all I heard before he pulled my face to his crashing his lips down on mine capturing me in an amazing kiss. After a few moments his grip on my face let off a bit. He pulled away and just looked at me. My eyes were wide and I clearly had confusion written all across my face. Did I like what just happened? I dare not tell him that was my first kiss. Uh fuck, I just had my first kiss. And I wanted more. Without thinking another second more I grabbed his face like he had mine and kissed him. As soon as our lips met I felt sparks flying through my body. It was such a new feeling but an amazing one at that. He moved his lips against mine, his hands were back on my hips, he gripped them tight making a soft moan escape from my mouth. What the fuck?! Why did I do that? He took this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth and massage my tongue with his. Another moan came, but it was from me this time. He was enjoying our kiss? My body was feeling all sorts of new feelings, they were addicting and I couldn’t get enough of them, my hips had a mind of their own apparently and started to grind against him as our kiss deepened. I could feel something hard beneath me, it took me a minute to realize that he was getting a hard on because of me! His hands roamed up my back and to the back of my neck where he gripped it and held my head still, he bit my lower lip and sucked it in between his teeth. A whimper came from me this time, shocking us both. His hands moved from my neck back down my back until they were right above my ass, I could feel him clenching and unclenching his fists trying to decided if he should move lower or not. I kissed him harder moving my tongue into his mouth trying to tell him it was fine. My motion must have worked because the next thing I knew his hands were cupping my ass squeezing it and keeping a firm grip on it. This caused my body to respond, grinding my hips harder into his groin, a low growl came from him, he moved his lips from mine and kissed down my jawline and down my neck where he stopped at the soft skin between my neck and my shoulder. He paused for a moment before another whimper came out.

“Link.. Please..” I whimpered. He immediately brought his mouth down onto my neck suck and nipping at the soft skin. My head flew back granting him for access. I was in complete and utter awe with the way he was making me feel right now. I never wanted this to end. But sadly, all good things have to come to an end. Car headlights beamed through the window.

“Either Chase or my mom are home Link..” I whispered down to him as he continued his assault on my neck. Another moan came from my throat, his one hand was moving it’s way up my shirt towards my breasts, he cupped my left breast in his hand as he continued to suck on different parts of my neck. Fire started to built in my stomach.

“Link..” it came out more as a moan than I expected it to. Which only caused him to suck harder.
“Link.. My mom.. Oh my.. Link.. we have to stop..” he moved back to my mouth and kissed me deeply again before pulled away and helping lift me off of his lap. I could see the huge bulge in his pants as he stood up. He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his forehead against mine.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that Hails..” he said before kissing my forehead and walking towards the stairs just as my mom walked into the house.

Author’s Note:
Ouuu!! Got a little steamy with this chapter! This is just the beginning ;)
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-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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