My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Links POV

It has been 3 months since Hailey had been admitted into the hospital. The doctors have put her in an induced coma due to the head trauma and swelling in her brain.
3 months since Hailey had fallen down the stairs after that dip shit Trey pushed her down the stairs.
Ok fine he didn’t push her down the stairs, he reached out to grab her attention and she slipped and fell down the stairs. Doctors say she must have hit her head on almost all the 25 steps. Two broken ribs, a black eye, busted nose and lip, fractured wrist and a displaced collarbone. My beautiful Hailey was all black and blue.


I sat beside Hailey’s hospital bed. I held her sod hand in mine and stroked the back of her hand with my thumb. I tried to come as much as I could but with finals around the corner it was getting harder for me to come in every day between studying. The first month that Hailey was in the hospital I stopped going to my classes. I was at the hospital at every second I had to be there. I was angry and was almost banned from coming to visit her. I would hell ah the nurses and doctors when they wouldn’t give me a straight answer about Hailey’s condition. All the kept saying was that she was “stable” well what the fuck does that mean? I pleaded with them to let me stay. I needed to be here with her. It was hard enough to be at home and school without her I needed her in my life even if she was in a coma.

I had gotten use to the constant beeping that came from the monitors that Hailey was attached too. Chase was sitting at the small table that was in the room. He had his laptop out and was working on some assignment he had due. He was trying to stay calm. I think at this point he was just so defeated. He tried to get in contact with their dad, but he was too busy with his new family to care. Their mom on the other hand was across the country on some singles cruise and had no way of getting to the hospital.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a nurse come into the room. She was wearing light purple pants with a matching top. She carried a clipboard in her hand. She was decently attractive. I hadn’t seen this nurse before. She looked young to be working at the hospital. But then again what do I really know right.

“Hi my name’s Jordan! This must be Hailey” she said in a cheery voice motioning to Hailey in the bed. I nodded my head slowly to answer her question.

“What happened to her usual nurse?” Chase asked from behind us. Both Jordan and myself turned to look at him. He was looking up from his computer now and giving his full attention to the nurse.

“Oh, I’m a student nurse... my task today is check the vitals of all the coma patients on this floor and report back to my teacher. She just wants to make sure we can read the machines right. She should be by soon to get a reading of her own” she smiled at Chase before walking around the bed to the side where I was sitting and walked up to the machines. She clicked a few buttons and wrote things down on her clipboard. I wish I knew what she was writing and what it all meant. The numbers and symbols were like anointed language to me.

“Hey uh- could you tell me what how she’s doing? The doctors around here don’t seem to want to tell us anything...” I said to her. She smiled down at me. She was a beautiful girl. Long raven black hair, it was curled loosely down around her shoulders, she had big brown eyes that smiled when she did.

“Well. I’m no doctor. But- “she stopped herself and picked up the chart that was hanging off the machines.
“From what I can tell she is stable. Not feeling any pain and the swelling has come down in her brain. Heart rate is fine... from the looks of things she’s almost back to normal. Probably a few more weeks, months at the longest. But I can’t be sure, so don’t hold me to that- “I got up and hugged her. This was the best news I had received in a very long time. She giggled in my ear and patted my back lightly before pulling away.

“Thank you! We uh really appreciate it a lot!” I said awkwardly to her. I scratched the back of my head because I didn’t know what else to do.
Chase walked up to the side of the bed and stroked Hailey’s cheek. I could tell he missed his sister. He always stayed quiet now. He wasn’t him. He wasn’t my best friend.
There came a knock at the door. I looked over to see Julie and Veronica.
I smiled at the two girls, Julie smiled back while Veronica gave me a scowl as she eyed me and Jordan’s proximity. I felt my eyes grow wider and I took a few steps away.
Julie walked over to Chase and wrapped her arms around his waist. He pulled her in close and gave her a kiss on the head. I guess I should mention that the two of them had started seeing each other. After Hailey’s accident Chase had locked himself out from the world and the only person he seemed to let in was Julie. I know Hailey will be so happy when she wakes up and finds out they are together. They seem happy together. After the whole Sienna incident Chase had sworn off girls. Ya I know that only lasted a few months but he’s happy so that’s all I care about.

“Ok well I have to go visit the other patients now... it was nice to meet you both uhh- I don’t think I got your names actually?” Jordan said happily smiling at me.

“That’s Link, Hailey’s boyfriend and this is Chase, her brother. That’s Julie, his girlfriend and I’m Vernonia I’m just a friend. And you are?” Veronica said taking a step closer to Jordan and crossing her arms over her chest. She raises an eyebrow in question. I could tell she was mad, but she really didn’t have a reason to be, that I know of at least.

“Oh hi! Nice to meet all of you! I’m Jordan, I’m a student nurse here! Hope to see all you guys again! See yeah!” She said happily as she walked to the door. Her hair swaying over her back as she walked. It smelled of strawberries as she walked. The smell filled the room.

As she was leaving the room Hailey’s doctor walked in. He smiled down at Jordan who winked at him as he walked by. I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen and chose to ignore it. He walked up to the side of the bed with the monitors and did the same thing that Jordan had Just done moments before. I wanted to ask him if what Jordan said were true and that Hailey was doing better but with the luck I have with her doctors it won’t end on a good note.
I heard Chase clear his throat. The doctor and I both looked up at him at the same time.
“That nurse Just told us that Hailey is getting better and that she should be waking up soon” Chase spoke out. Everyone in the room looked to the doctor to see what he had to say.

“Well that is a bit of a far stretch to say she could be waking up soon, but she definitely is doing a lot better. I’ll run some more tests in the morning to see how the swelling is and see if we can take her out of ICU and into regular patient holding. We just be patient, but things are looking better”

Authors Note:
Ok I know it’s really short but just hang on in there with me guys! So what does everyone think of the new nurse!? Or how about Chase and Julie being together???

Also! I’m thinking of starting a new story. Any suggestions? Once I have the synopsis of it written should I post it here? Would you guys give me feedback as to what You think?
Love you all!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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