My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Thirty

So it has come to my attention that some of the readers are not happy with the last chapter. I read all of your comments on each of the chapters. I would like to make it known, that this is MY story. And what I chose to write about and make happen in the story is up to me. We are not children but I feel it needs to be said. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” if the negative comments continue i will simply stop writing. It is not hard for me to simply put off the story. Please be nice. i am a human, i have feelings too. And i am currently going through a very tough time in my personal life. So i please ask that you be nice and positive and encouraging.

To the readers who have been loyal and positive throughout this entire story i greatly appreciate you all so much. So thank you!

Links POV:

Another week has passed since Hailey had been in her accident. Another week has gone by and I haven’t gotten to hear her voice, or her laugh. I was at the condo right now studying for the exam that I have in the morning. The professors had given Chase extra time for his tests and assignments, but because I wasn’t considered family I still had to do mine all on time. I was going over my notes all night, but nothing was sticking in my mind. I couldn’t focus on anything. I just wanted my Hailey back. I wanted to hold her in my arms, I wanted to take her on dates, I wanted to take cute pictures with her at her commend and complain about taking them even though I secretly would love them. Things were finally looking up for the best and then this happens. It’s just my luck, my life finally starts to look up for the best.

I couldn’t focus any longer, I closed my notes and stood up. Walking to the bathroom I walked through and into Hailey’s room. It was just like how she had left it that morning before we went to class. One of my shirts laying on her bed. It didn’t surprise me that she had one of my shirts, she usually slept in bigger shirts and was known to steal mine and Chases shirts. I sat down on her bed and held the shirt in my hands. I wanted Hailey here, it was torture not having her around. I had never gone this long without seeing her. Even first year of school when she still lived back home. I tried to go home as much as I could. Coming up with as many different excuses as I could to be home so much. But realistically I just wanted to see her, to know how to be doing in school and with life. To make sure there weren’t any guys breaking her heart or trying to steal her from me.

The doctors had run the tests like they said they were going to and we were just waiting on some results. They said they could take a few days because the lab was busy, and Hailey’s tests weren’t considered to be urgent.

Standing up from Hailey’s bed I looked around her room one last time before I decided I was going to bed. There was no way I was going to be getting any more studying done tonight.


I sat with the exam in front of me for the entire 3 hours that we were given to write. I had answered a few of the questions but I couldn’t wrap my head around any of this. You would think that after 3 months of not having her around this would have gotten easier but each day she isn’t here it just gets harder and harder. It’s like she’s dead, but worse. She’s not she’s here, she’s alive. But she can’t hear me or talk to me or kiss me. first my mom dying and now Hailey being in a coma. I didn’t think I could take any of it much longer.

“Alright class, that’s it. Hand in your papers on your way out. I look forward to grading them. Check your student center within the following few weeks for your final grades” my professor Mr. Tait said from his desk at the front of the class.

I packed up all my things and walked down to the desk to hand in my basically barren paper. I placed it on his desk in the pile with my classmate’s papers. As I turned to walk away and out of the class Mr. Tait stopped me.

“Link, mind staying back a minute, so I can talk to you?” he said from his chair behind his desk. I really didn’t want to stay, I didn’t want to talk to him about anything. I just wanted to go see Hailey.

“I’m sorry about your girlfriend Link, I’m sure this must be very hard on you. I see your paper here isn’t very filled out... hard time studying?” he asked me as he flipped through my paper. I nodded my head at him and looked down to the ground. I was ashamed, this was my favourite class. He was my favorite teachers. I felt like I was letting my mom down, Carla for she was the one paying for my education, myself, I had worked so hard for his, and most importantly Hailey. She knew how much I wanted to become a defense attorney. She was the one who had pushed me. I remember he drunk talks with me when she was in high school. She would corner me on nights where she had gone out with her friends and would yell at me for something or other. A lot of the time it was about me not doing well in school when I could have been. I was smart, and she knew that. She has always wanted the best for me, whether she remembered it or not.

“Look Link, you are by far my best student I have had in years. You could go very far in this field. If, you keep your head straight. That being said, what you are going through is not something that is easy. I myself have had a close family member of mine in a coma, my daughter Melissa. Car accident a few years back left her under for 6 months. I wasn’t able to come to work for a long period of time. So, I understand why your paper here is basically blank. Seeing as though you have the highest mark in the program you can afford to fail this exam, but it will bring your course average down quite drastically. So, I am here to offer you a chance to keep your grades and get some good experience out of things.” He said standing up, walking around the desk and leaned against it. He crossed his arms and looked at me.

I was intrigued.

“I would do anything sir, you know how much I want this... with Hailey not being around its been really hard. She’s my best friend, I mean besides Chase. But there are just some things I can’t talk to him about-

“Link, Link, I understand where you are coming from. Which is why I am offering you an internship. I will give you the grade you need on this paper to keep your average, and you repay me for doing all the grunt work this summer” Mr. Tait.

“Yes, please! Mr. Tait, I would be honored! Really, this is. Wow, thank you!” I said to him hugging him. Mr. Tait was one of the most respected defence attorneys in the state. Anyone who was anyone has worked alongside of him. He hasn’t taken a student under his wing in years.

“Don’t thank me just yet Link, you’re in for a world of paperwork. Now, go visit
your girlfriend in the hospital. All my best to the both of you. I will be in touch”

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