My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Thirty-Two

I was woken up early in the morning by Chase screaming from down the hall. He sounded like he was in so much pain. I had been up most of the night working on the case for Andrew. We were so close to winning this one. I had only gotten to sleep not to long ago. My internal mind was awake, and I could hear Chase yelling, but my body was so exhausted I couldn’t make myself wake up.

It wasn’t until the banging on my door came that I finally woke up.

“Link WAKE UP!” Chases voice came. My eyes slowly opened. He was standing over my bed now. Staring down at me. He had no shirt on and his hair was all over the place. I looked passed him to see Julie standing in the doorway, she was wearing her shirt and had her arms crossed over her chest.

“Man what? The trials tomorrow and I just got to sleep. What is happening??” I said sitting up and rubbing my eyes. I picked up my phone to see it was 5am. I had only going to sleep an hour ago and the trial was set for 8am. I needed my sleep and Chase wasn’t making that an option for me.

“She’s awake” Chase spat out.
“What?” I replied. My kind clustered and not being able to focus on his words.

“Hailey dumb ass! She woke up! She is awake!” He smacked me upside the head and shook my shoulders a little.

“She’s awake?” I was confused. The doctors said she was just stable not that she would wake up soon. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around this.

“Get your ass out of bed right now Link! Hailey woke up and we can go see her!” Julie said walking into the room and flicking on the light.

It was now that my brain finally turned back on. I shot up out of bed so much faster than my body could handle and landed straight on my face on the floor. I heard Julie giggling as I was attempting to get dressed as soon as I could. I’m almost positive that my shirt and pants were on backwards.

“We’ll be waiting in the kitchen.” Chase said laughing at me. He could tell I was excited to see Hailey now, so I stumbled around my room trying to make myself look somewhat presentable for Hailey. I hadn’t been able to talk to her in months and I miss her voice.

About 10 minutes later I was dressed and ready to go. I grabbed my jacket and ran out of the bedroom to meet Chase and Julie. We left immediately.

The short drive to the hospital felt like it was hours. The anticipation to see her was too strong. My heart was racing my hands were sweating.

Once we got to the hospital I was out of the car before Chase had even put it in park and was walking as fast as I could without running. Going through the front doors of the hospital and started making the turns I needed to get to Hailey’s room. Just as I was about to get to her room I saw her doctor standing outside looking over her chart.

“Doctor Monroe! How is she? Can I go in and see her?” I ran up to him, I think I must have startled him because he jumped back a little.
“Oh, hello Link. yes, she has woken up. She has been up for a few hours now-”

I ran into her room before he could finish his sentence.

There she was. She was sitting up in the bed. Her blonde hair was hanging down the sides of her face, it was extremely messy and tangled but fuck did she ever look beautiful. I only got a few feet into the room before I stopped dead in my tracks. She took my breath away every time. I had come to see her almost every day since her accident and looked down on her comatose face every day but to see her now awake. Her beautiful eyes looking over a piece of paper. The cute dimples popping out of the side of her face.

“Hailey...” I whispered to her. I couldn’t believe it. She was awake, she was sitting up, her eyes were open. I could feel tears starting to well up behind my eyes. This was the happiest I had been in months.

“Hi baby.” she smiled up to me putting the papers down that she was reading over.
I walked over to her. She followed me with those blue eyes as I walked towards her. I could feel my heart racing inside my chest. Thumping so hard. I got to the side of her bed and she reached out to my hand.
When our fingers touched I felt the warmth of her skin against mine. I was so happy. Words couldn’t describe how happy I was. I leaned down to bring her closer to me. I hugged her close. One hand behind her head I brought her in as close to me as I could. I could feel the silent tears dripping down my face into her eyes now. I squeezed her close. Breathing in her scent. It wasn’t her regular smell, but it was her and I loved everything about it.

“I missed you so much Hailey, baby... You were gone for so long. I thought I would never get to talk to you again. I have so much to tell you” I whispered into her ear.

There came a knock at the door, I pulled away from Hailey leaving my one hand on her shoulder. I turned to see Chase standing at the door with his arms crossed. He was smiling over at us.
“I’ll give you a second to talk” I said to the siblings and left to go see where Julie was. I had become so accustomed to her and Chase always being together.
I left the room and started wandering around the halls. I found Julie sitting by herself on a bench with a tray of 3 coffees. I went and sat beside he she looked up at me with a sorrowful expression on her face.

“You ok?” I asked her as she handed me a coffee. I took a nice long sip of it letting the burning liquid go down my throat.
“I’m scared she’ll be mad at me” Julie whispered back to me. I could barely hear her over the sounds inside the hospital.
“Julie, you know her. She won’t be mad at you over something like this. You make her brother happy, you’re one of her best friends. She’ll be so happy for you guys. Look how Chase handled me and her being together” I replied back to her, giving her knee a light squeeze. She looked over to me and smiled.
“Thanks Link, I think I’m ready to go and see her now.” she replied standing up and looking over to me. I joined her in the short walk around the corner to Hailey’s room. Chase was sitting in the chair next to her bed. They were laughing about something when we came through the door.

“Julie!!” Hailey squeaked out. Her face lit up when she saw her friend. Julie smiled back to her and walked over. She handed Chase his coffee and then leaned down to give Hailey a hug. The two talked for a second while Chase looked over at me. He looked like he was confused, I knew he wanted to tell Hailey what was going on, but I could tell he was also scared.
I nodded to him trying to get the message across that he should just tell her. He smiled and nodded back to me.

I watched as Chase reached forward and took hold of Julie’s hand and pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her waist. I watched as Hailey’s eyes widened as she took in the scene that was unfolding in front of her.
“Wait, wait wait, you guys?!” she pointed to her brother and best friend. The two looked at each other and smiled and Hailey looked so happy. The biggest smile spread across her face.

“I can’t believe my best friend has fallen in love with my brother” Hailey said looking around the room at all of us.

Authors note:
Well she finally woke up! I know it’s short and I know you guys have been waiting for a long time. Ive been thinking a lot about where I want this book to go. I’m thinking of ending this one soon and making a sequel. What are your thoughts?
Thank you all for the continual support


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