My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Thirty-Four

Hailey and I walked hand in hand to the bedroom. I was so happy to have her home with me finally. I had missed having her wrapped up in my arms all night long. And even though the doctors had said that Hailey and I were fine to have sex and fool around I didn’t want to pressure her into anything. She probably just wants to sleep tonight and as much as I wanted to be with her I would respect her wishes.

Entering her room, I had turned on the bedside lamp, so the room was illuminated enough for us to see what we were doing. Hailey walked around her room taking in her surroundings how they stayed perfectly intact just the way she had left them the morning before her accident. I stood by the bed and watched as she walked around. Her fingertips brushing lightly against things in her room.

“Hails, I’m just going to hop in the shower really quick ok? 2 minutes max get ready for bed I’ll be out in a second” I said to her, she nodded her head and continued to walk around her room. I could tell her mind was wandering. I turned towards the conjoined bathroom and showered as quickly as I could. I was sweaty from all the stressful meetings with the doctors today. Rinsing my body off as quickly as humanly possible I was out of the shower and on my way to the bedroom. Hailey was sitting cross-legged on the bed with a stack of papers in her hands. It took me a moment before I realized that those papers in her hands were the letters I had written to her while she was in her coma. I had almost forgotten that I had been leaving them all under her pillow for her to read when she finally woke up. A wave of embarrassment swept over me, I hadn’t expected to be in the room when she read them. Some of them were extremely sappy.

I walked up to the bed and sat down beside her, a single tear dropped from her eye and onto the letter she had in her hands currently. She looked over to me, pain written across her face.

“Hailey, what’s wrong? Are you in pain? Do I need to call the hospital?” I was getting worried, I had just gotten her back I couldn’t lose her again.

“No idiot, I’m trying because of the pain I put you through. I am so sorry Link. You were so alone, and I wasn’t there for you. I’m sorry” she replied, her voice lowering as she bowed her head down. Was she serious right now? How can she be putting the blame on herself for what happened?

“Hailey no stop. Please don’t cry baby, there was nothing you could have done. you’re here now and I am so happy you’re finally awake, the 5 months without you had been torture but you’re here and I’m here and we can pick up right where we left off. Please don’t be sad Hailey, I love you” I said to her taking her hands moving the letters to the bedside table. I looked into her eyes pleading for her to cheer up. Seeing her sad and in so much pain broke my heart. I used my thumb to wipe the tears that fell down her face away. She leaned into my hand as I did so putting the weight completely into my hands. I could tell she was exhausted. I was too.

“Common baby let’s go to bed, we can talk more in the morning” I said to her, I helped lay her back down on the bed and slipped her shorts off along with her shirt as I know she preferred to sleep in the nude. Once she was tucked in I walked to my side of the bed and crawled in under the sheets beside her. As soon as I was under the covers she had scooted over to my side and had her thin arms wrapped around my torso with her head on my chest. Having her naked body against my also naked body wasn’t something I could just ignore, as much as I tried to contain myself.

“Link...” she whispered to me, her fingers were tracing circles around my chest.

“Yes, baby what is it?” I whispered back to her, my hand was resting on her head slowly massaging her scalp.

“I want you to fuck me” she whispered even quieter than before.

I was taken back by what she said, I wasn’t expecting that turn of events to happen.

“You do? Are you sure you’re up to it... we can wait Hailey don’t feel like you must... I only want to if you really want too...” I said to her. It was taking everything in me not to just flip her off me and take her right now. I was trying to be a good boyfriend and control myself.

Without answering me I felt her hand move from my chest slowly down towards my engrossed cock. I sucked in a hard breath before her hands reached me.

“Please” she whispered as she took me in her hands stroking up and down slowly. Fuck I was a goner now.


“are you ready?” ...I whisper these words and gently kiss her ear. I lean over and squeeze her. One arm on her bottom hip and the other wrapping around, grabbing Hailey’s perky tits. As she opens those baby blue eyes I roll her over and push the hair behind her ear at the same time, I lean in to give a gentle kiss. this makes her jump a little leading to her moving on top of me. All our skin from our head to our toes, all touching each other, every little groove connecting and sparking the electricity. She grabs my face and pulls me in as both of my hands slide up those soft legs over her butt to the curve where that perfect ass meets the small of her back pulling her pelvis tightly against mine. I begin to get hard, I can tell she can feel my cock slowly slide up between her legs, when it reaches the top it gently kisses her already wet pussy. I slide my one hand up her body, touching every inch, I make it up to her beautiful face where I cup her ear and bite her lip when my hand then jumps to her neck, with a tight squeeze I pick her up and flip her onto her back. already on top of her I grab both of her hands and slam them into the bed, sliding my body up hers while I get onto my knees, kneeling over top of her I lower my head, so I can whisper into her ear. As I move in I let my tongue gently slide on her cheek as I kiss my way to her ear and I suck it in and give her earlobe a bite as I squeeze her wrists, I make it to where I can say...

“You’re mine now and you’ll listen to
everything I say,

so enjoy this.” I whispered down, her heavy
breathing picked up even more.

while getting back up I look into her eyes
and lean into to a kiss, but right before our lips touch, I smile. I let out a breath
and move back up, still smiling I give her a wink and lean into her neck. I
slowly start at her chin then make my way, kiss by kiss, sucking and biting
gently. I move slowly but intensely to her boobs where my hands are moving down
her arms grabbing them with each kiss, bringing them down to meet me at her
quivering chest, I grab each boob squeezing them and sucking on them, leaving Hickies
each place I touch.

continuing my way down I get to her stomach,
moving past to her hips, moving down until my lips are inches from her dripping
pussy, I kiss one side, then down her leg and back up still squeezing her
boobs, I cross over top of her pussy letting out a little laugh as she thrust
up a little bit hoping I begin, but I go right past to the other leg where I go
down and back up, sucking and kissing just to make her wish I would slide my
tongue into her pussy, but I just continue to tease her, kissing all around her
pussy, until I go closer, closer, and closer. I can’t get any closer, and my
hand slides up and grabs her neck. squeezing it, I slide my body up and in one
motion my hard cock slides into right tight pussy. while I thrust my hard cock
slides deeper and deeper until I’m on top of her and her let out a moan, I
whisper again in her ear...

I’m going to make her wish this never ends.

stroking her deeper and harder,
grabbing at her everywhere I can, kissing up and down her neck, as I slide my
cock in her tight pussy. I start to breathe heavily as moan in her ear ...

do you like that?

I slowly slide my cock out, then flip her
over, telling her to get on her knees, I grab the back of both of her thighs
and slide my hands up until they’re on her ass and slap it while my other hand
grabs her hair and pulls her head back. I grab my cock and push her head into
the pillows while I slide my cock all the way in until I can’t anymore

grabbing her boobs I pound her, harder and
harder with each stroke. holding her hair and bringing her head back. her then
suddenly slide her hands up between my legs and grab my balls, this makes me
moan and begin to go faster, I know I’m going to cum so I reach down and start
rubbing her wet clit, getting closer and closer I start moaning her name

ughh yess

ughh oh my goddd

I grab her boobs and with my other hand I
pull out and cum all over her back and her ass, shaking and moaning I grab her
and pull her close as I finish.

after cleaning up the mess her lay on
her back and tell me to lay on top of her but I smile and say,

oh no, her aren’t done yet baby.

grabbing her legs I push them open and go
right in until my tongue pushes right between her lips and hits her pussy,
pushing it all the way in, I bring it back up and when I get to the top I flick
her clit which makes her squirm a little bit, I push my one hand down on top of
her pelvis to keep her still as my other fingers slide deep into her, I cup her
clit and being to suck on it while my tongue massages it, going back and forth
with more pressure each time, building speed with my fingers and slowing down
randomly then speeding up again, I can tell she starts to feel it coming for
the first time, her knowing she is going to cum.

begging me not to stop her grab my head and
push it against her pussy, as I go faster her keep telling me it’s not fast
enough, until her let out the biggest moan yet, as her body trembles her grab
at the sheets and arch her back, as I continue to gently suck on her clit her
shake with each flick of my tongue until her can’t handle anymore and her pull
me up, when my cock rests on her pussy and I bite her ear then say

just her wait till round two...

Authors Note:

Ok wow! Steamy, so fun fact. I cannot take credit for the sexual scene in this chapter. It was actually sent to me from a guy that I’m talking to and I tweaked it a little but holy. To my younger readers please forgive me. It was too good to not include into the chapter. Let me know what you think, the guy who sent it to my was a little shy about it because he knows about this book and he was nervous that I wouldn’t like what he wrote, but I personally think it is amazing!

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