My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Thirty-Five

Links POV

Waking up having Hailey wrapped in my arms was a feeling I had grown to miss all too much. Her tiny frame tucked perfectly into my arms. Since she had been in the coma for so long she had lost a lot of her body weight, especially her muscle. I could feel all of her bones as she wiggled around in my arms. It made me sad to think of how frail she is now but as I promised I would help her every day to build up her strength again.

With that being said I slowly pulled away from her and slide out of the bed. I pulled the covers back over her body to keep her warm. Slipping on my sweatpants and a shirt from the night before I made my way into the kitchen to make her some breakfast before we went for a small workout. I didn’t want to push her too hard in the beginning.

Walking up to the fridge I figured I would make her something smile but that would give her the nutrients that she needs right now. Good old-fashioned bacon and eggs with toast and fruits. It’s just what her body needs to have right now. Grabbing everything I need in order to prepare the meal I start cooking.

A few minutes later I hear footsteps coming from down the hall, luckily it’s from Chases end of the condo and soon enough his blonde mop of hair appears from around the corner as he comes and sits down at the island and looks over at me. The bags under his eyes tell me that he didn’t get a lot of sleep. I went ahead and poured him a glass of orange juice and slid it down to him. He lazily grabbed it and took a long gulp before putting the cup back down on the island.

“Do you need any help?” Chase asked as I turned back to my food that was being cooked.

“Uh, if you want to cut up some fruit and set the table maybe? I’m making enough for everyone, I figured Hailey would enjoy having a meal with everyone together.” I replied over my shoulder. I heard him get up from the chair and walk over to the fridge swinging the door open and taking the fruits out. He set up a cutting board beside me and grabbed one of the fruit platters that we had in the below cupboards. He was mostly quite as he cut up the various fruits we had. I could tell he had a lot on his mind with neither one of his parents coming to visit his sister, their daughter while she was in the hospital. Especially because of the time frame that she was in, if it had only been a few days or weeks that would have been a little more understandable but no it had been months that she was in. I believe there was maybe 7 days in total that Chase and I couldn’t make it in to see her even if it was only for a few minutes. We made the most effort to get in and just sit with her, even if it was for only 10 minutes due to our busy schedules.

“How could they do it man? What did her and I do to deserve this solitude from them? I know we weren’t always the closest with dad but for mom to say she was going to come and then never did? That’s fucked up man its not ok, she doesn’t deserve this. Me maybe but not her” he spilled out what was on his mind and it was exactly what I was thinking was on his mind. I didn’t know what to say to him. This entire situation was messed up.

“I don’t know man, neither one of you guys deserve this from them. I get that Carla was going through some shit but doesn’t make her doing this ok. When Hailey finds out she is going to be so upset and I don’t think I can handle her being that upset right now” I turned to face him taking a break from my eggs that were frying in the pan on the stove top.

“Well when the time comes we just have to make a promise to each other that we will have each other back and help her as much as we both can. We should probably talk to Julie and Veronica too about it” chase said.

“Talk to Julie and Veronica about what?” another voice in the kitchen came, we both turned around to see Julie and Veronica standing in the kitchen, both of them staring at us, eyes filled with confusion. Chase and I looked between each other for a few seconds before he spoke up to tell them what we had just been talking about.

“How are we supposed to tell Hailey that the entire time she was in the hospital not once did either of our parents come to visit her? Or even send a card. Nothing, neither of them did anything” chase said as he angrily chopped up a melon. Julie giggled a little and walked over to him taking the knife from his hand and placing it down on the cutting board before she wrapped her arms around him holding him tight, he wrapped his arms back around her. It was exactly what he needed at that moment.

Veronica walked up to me and held out her hand, I was confused as to what her intentions were. The look on my face must have told her that because she took the spatula from my hand and hip bumped me out of the way.

“Go wake up Hailey, breakfast is basically done all we need is out guest of honor to get her ass out of bed” she said as she scrapped the rest of the eggs out of the pan and onto the plate before she carried it over to the table and placed it with the rest of the food that was already laid out to be eaten.

I walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to Hailey’s room where I opened the door to find her sitting up in bed looking over the letters I had written her, she had put them on her nightstand the night before saying she wanted to read them in the morning, she had on one of my shirts and her blonde hair was up in a mess atop of her beautiful head. She looked so gorgeous just sitting there in all of her glory. I could look at this girl all day long.

Walking over to the bed I sat down in front of her, her sleepy eyes looked up at me bringing a smile as she did. She leaped forward into my arms, wrapping her limbs around my torso and snuggling in close. I held her back and breathed in her natural scent.

“I love you” she whispered into my chest, just loud enough for me to hear it. I tighten my hold on her and rocked her body back and forth. She pulled her head up to look at me, brushing my hair back on my head then resting her hand on the side of my face before she leaned down to kiss me. Her soft lips felt so amazing against mine. The kiss was slow but passionate, it was everything I could have asked for at the time.

“Come on, everyone’s made breakfast were just waiting for the most important person to join us” I said lift her off my lap to the floor. Standing up I took her hand in mine and we walked to the dining room hand in hand where everyone else was already waiting, no one had any food on their plates. They were all waiting for Hailey. I saw the smile creep onto her face as she saw the scene in front of her. All the people who love her waiting patiently for her just like we all had been doing the past few months.

I pulled her chair out for her and helped push her back into the table before I took my seat across from her.

“Welcome home Hailey”

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