My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Hailey’s POV

I had been home from the hospital for about a week now and things were finally starting to get back to normal. My eating habits were still slacking, but I knew that I needed to eat as much healthy stuff as I could in order for me to start to regain my strength. Link and I had been going for small jogs or walks every morning and sometimes at night too. I would accompany him and Chase to the gym when they went. I was only allowed to lift the small weights and do minimal exercises. As for catching up on all the class work I missed I had meetings with my teacher and the dean of the school and we can to an agreement that because my grades were so high before the accident that I would do some online work and volunteer in the English department to keep my credits. They all basically told me to say goodbye to my summer but I think it’s worth it getting the experience then having to re do the entire school year and be behind all my friends. Both Julie and Veronica are in the same program as me so they said they would help me and lend me their notes and tests from the months I missed so I could study them.


“Hey Hailey are you ready to go?’ Julie asked after knocking on my bedroom door and walking in. Her and I have a lunch date together today so she can tell me how the hell did her and my brother become a thing. I was dying to know, I was so happy for the both of them. I was actually really scared Chase was going to go back to his old ways before he and Taylor broke up. But I am really glad he didn’t and that him and Julie got together, I think they are a much better match than him and Taylor were. I always had a feeling she was a little off and just not right for him.

“Yeah give me two seconds I’m just going to say bye to Link, he’s been so busy helping his lawyer boss he’s barely had time for me” I giggled as I walked past her in the doorway and pushed open his door.

He was sitting at his desk with papers strewn everywhere, stacks and piles lay all across his room. How he found anything in here I had no idea, even his bed was filled with papers. No wonder he had been crashing in my room since I got home. And here I thought it was because he wanted to be close to me, turns out he just couldn’t get into his own bed. I laughed to myself and shook my head. As I walked further into his room I heard a woman’s voice laughing as Link spoke. I was confused to say the slightest, I looked around his room to see only him sitting there at his desk.

“You know I really appreciate all that you are doing for me Jordan. I’d be so lost without you” I heard Link say to the woman who I’m guessing is named Jordan.

Clearing my throat to get his attention he turned around to see me standing a few feet behind him. As he turned I could see his phone propped up as he was Face Timing this girl. Me trying not to be the jealous girlfriend here but what the fuck?

“Hey baby, what’re you doing? I thought you and Julie were going out for some lunch?” he said as he stood up and walked over to me. Why was he acting like nothing was wrong? Was anything wrong? Am I just being dumb or what? Him Face Timing another girl, especially one I didn’t know didn’t sit right with me. As he approached me he held out his arms to hug me but I took a step back and crossed my arms. He stopped in his tracks looking confused and hurt.

“What’s wrong Hails?” he asked me with a sad voice. I jerked my head over to the random girls face on his screen. It was obvious she was listening and watching what was going down between us. Link turned to see his phone and Jordan’s face peering at us. He walked over to his phone and picked it up.

“Hailey this is Jordan, she works at the hospital and helped your brother and I out a lot when you were sick and your doctors wouldn’t tell us anything, and now she’s helping me with Mr. Tait’s case. Her mom is the prosecutor for the other side and she’s helping me out with some things. Jordan, this is my girlfriend Hailey. Who is now awake and as beautiful as ever” Link introduced us through the phone screen.

“Hi Hailey, it’s nice to see you awake for once. I had gotten so use to what you look like sleeping in a hospital bed” she giggled out which caused Link to laugh too. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this girl, she seemed to be a little too friendly but that’s probably just me over thinking things. I smiled at her and said hi back briefly before turning back to Link.

“Yeah me and Julie are leaving now I just came to say bye is all” I could hear the sadness in my voice even though I tried to hide it so well it didn’t work. Link instantly clicked his phone off ending the call with Jordan and throwing his phone down onto his desk and walked over to me wrapping me in his arms, this time I didn’t stop him. I held in my tears as best I could, only letting a few slips down my face, I don’t know why I’m crying, I just am. My heart felt heavy and I felt sick. Who was this girl. She was there when I couldn’t be and probably comforted Link when he was sad. That me was job to do not hers.

“Its ok Hailey you have nothing to worry about please believe that. Jordan is just a friend that’s all” he said as he stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head. I pulled back and whipped my face, the sounds of his phone vibrating made my eyes advert from his and to his phone laying on the desk where Jordan was trying to call him again. I rolled my eyes and turned away from him.

“Yeah okay Link, I’m leaving now talk later. And you might want to clear off your bed because I’m sleeping alone tonight.


About 20 minutes later Julie and I were sitting out on the patio of our favourite restaurant in town sipping on some sangrias. The warm summer weather was just what I needed, along with a cold alcoholic beverage. My mind was racing and flustered. I was trying to hard to focus on the story that Julie was telling me but it was so difficult.

“- and yeah we have been together since, and I’m so happy Hailey, your brother is so amazing and sweet” Julie gushed. She was staring off into her drink stirring it as her cheeks turned red. I had just missed the entire story and I felt like a horrible friend.

“I’m happy for you Julie that’s great!” I said back to her, trying to use as much enthusiasm as I could. She looked up at me and cocked her eyebrow staring at me. She could tell that something wasn’t right and this was her way of telling me to spill.

Signing loudly and smacking my palm off my forehead I explained what had happened earlier.

“- and as he’s telling me that they’re just friends she’s blowing up his phone trying to call him again when she knows that we were talking.” I had mashed all the fruits in my sangria to the bottom of the glass as I was telling my story, Julie sat their patiently listening waiting for my word vomit to end before she spoke up.

“Yeah, I met Jordan a few times, she seemed harmless some days but then other days she would linger around your room for what seemed like forever just talking to Link and Chase, she even came in on her days off a few times. Veronica and I were pretty sure she’s banging your doctor though so you probably don’t have anything to worry about. Link is just oblivious to any other girl who pays attention to him. He’s only got eyes for you girl believe me”

Her words made me feel a lot better and brought my heart rate down quite a bit. I still wasn’t ok with their friendship but I definitely did need to apologise to Link and make it up to him. Anyways I had more pressing matters on my hands.

“So, I may have done something completely insane and you can’t tell anyone, I haven’t even told Link yet…” I whispered to Julie, not wanting any prying ears to hear what I was about to tell her.

“You’re scaring me Hailey what did you do?” Julie asked sitting up in her chair and leaning closer to me.

“Well ever since Chase told me about my parents I can’t stop thinking about it. So, I may have hired a PI to look into where they are since neither of them will answer me or Chase… I found out something really interesting” I said back to her, she looked at me like I was crazy. But then the biggest grin spread across her face as she leaned in more as if to say ‘tell me more’.

“My mom is down in Barbados, which doesn’t come as a surprise to me considering that was her favourite vacation spot when I was younger. So that makes sense as to why she didn’t just some back. Still doesn’t excuse her but moving on! My dad on the other hand moved back closer, about two hours away and he’s not with the secretary anymore, they broke up a few months ago. But the point being, he only lives two hours away? So, I’m thinking-”

“ROADTRIPPPPPPP!!!!” Julie squealed. Causing the other patrons of the restaurant took over at us confusingly. I laughed as she did a little bum wiggle in her chair waving her arms around in excitement.

“Yes, I was think the four of us could take a drive out and see him, ask him why he didn’t come visit his first-born daughter while she was in a coma for six months” I said back to Julie who was still doing her little dance.

“Yes deal, lets go talk to the boys!”

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