My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Four

I went to bed that night with different thoughts swarming my mind. What did Link mean when he said he has been wanting to do that for so long? And why did I enjoy it so much? He is my brothers best friend and I thought I was suppose to hate him. How am I supposed to hate him if he just kissed me? And I kissed him back!
Deciding not to think about it anymore than I needed to I changed into my pj’s which were just an old shirt that either belonged to Link or Chase and a comfy pair of undies. I then went to the bathroom attached to my room to get ready for bed. When I entered my bathroom Link was in their brushing his teeth, his room was also attached to the bathroom. Usually when he’s in there he’ll lock the door to my side so I know he’s in there.
I walked up to the sink and stood beside him, I didn’t dare look at him. I was too nervous too. I opened my drawer that contained my toothbrush and started to brush my teeth. I could feel Link’s gaze on me but didn’t give in to looking at him. He had no shirt on and was only wearing a pair of grey sweatpants. He too was brushing his teeth. We both reached for the toothpaste as our hands grazed one another I pulled my hand back as fast as I could.
“Sorry you go ahead..” I motioned for him to grab the toothpaste. He did, but before spreading it on his toothbrush he applied some of the blue gel to the end of my brush.
“Ladies first Hails” he said, my eyes traveled up his chest to his face. He was looking down at me. When our eyes met he winked at me and started to brush his teeth. His eyes never leaving mine. He started brushing his teeth, his eyes still locked with mine. Minutes must have past because he was now rinsing out his mouth with mouthwash.
“Have a good sleep Hailey” he said quietly before leaving the washroom.

“Hailey sweetie time to get up!” I heard my mother’s soft voice outside of my bedroom door. I rolled over to look at my phone. It read 10:40 am, after not getting any sleep last night because my mind was running a mile a minute with different thoughts. I groaned.
“Ok mom I’m getting up. I’ll be down in 10”

Rolling out of bed I walked to my closet and picked out my favourite pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top. Paring it with my black vans. I took my hair out of the French braid I had put it in last night before bed letting it fall down into wavy blonde locks. Spraying it a bit with hairspray to keep the curl I then just applied some eyeshadow, mascara and some highlighter on my cheek bones to make me not look as dead as I knew I did. Slipping on a few bracelets I decided that my outfit was complete. Checking the time on my phone it was now 11. I was later than I told my mom but whatever. I walked down the stairs and smelt breakfast being made. I sat down at my regular chair in the dining room. Chase and Link already sitting down. Chase didn’t even look up when I entered the room. Link just looked up and smiled which was usual. I decided that I was going to forget that last night ever happened and just move on. It’s summer now and I don’t need any complications ruining it for me.

The drive to the city wasn’t long. Chase sat in the front seat while Link and I sat in the back. I put my earbuds in and looked out the window aimlessly. We were just passing the city limits when I felt something brush against my thigh. My head snapped down and I saw Links hand resting on the middle seat closer to my side of the car. I looked over at him and he was looking out the window. As if to ignore me. Rolling my eyes I looked back out the window at the big city buildings and people rushing to get back to work off their lunch break. About a minute later I felt the same sensation on my thigh as before but this time it was harder. I looked down again to see Links hand closer to my thigh. I looked up at him again but this time his eyes were on me. Studying me. His eye flickered from our hands back to my eyes. I raised a brow questioning him. He just poked my leg again and placed his hand closer to mine again. He was learning over the seats a little now.
What the hell was he doing? Did he actually think I was going to hold his hand? In the car with my mom and chase literally sitting a foot in front of us?? He was insane! For one, why would I hold his hand in the first place? Did he seriously think there was something going to happen between us?
Taking out my earbuds I looked up at him. Rolled my eyes and scoffed. Tucking my hands i between my thighs and taking out my phone to text Megan, she should be getting off the plane in England now where her dad lives. Just as I hit the send button my phone pinged indicating I got a notification. It was a follow request from Link. I looked over at him, he was holding his phone and smiling at me like a little kid. I clicked the accept button, out of the corner of my eye I saw glance back down at it his and then start scrolling.
Great. Now he’s stalking my instagram.

Authors Note:
To anyone who has read these few chapters so far thank you! I have about 10 chapters pre written out so the more people who start reading, voting, and commenting means I’ll update more! So it’s all on you guys!!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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