My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Forty

We were a few hours into the drive now, we had switched drivers now. I was sitting in the passenger seat with Julie driving and Chase and Link were sitting in the back seats, both of them were asleep. I had been quiet, I had a lot on my mind right now and I knew that Julie could tell. Even Chase had been really quiet. I don’t think that Julie or Link really knew what we were getting ourselves into anymore, what seemed like a good idea at first but now that we are actually on our way to confront him. None of us knew what we were doing. None of knew what we were going to say or how we were going to react when we saw him, we don’t know who he’s living with or what he’s doing with his life right now. The only thing we really know is that he is no longer with the women he left my mom for, and an address too where he was currently living.

I stared out the window at the passing scenery, we were currently in the countryside, passing by lush green farm fields with various different wildlife strolling in the pastures or lounging around in the shade. I had the window down a bit, the mid afternoon air was thick and warm, but the breeze that came around the car as we drove was nice. It was going to be a gorgeous day, maybe where dad was living now was somewhere near a beach so if everything goes downhill we can just escape to the beach for the rest of the trip and at least try to enjoy the day.

The way I felt right now was like a scene from a movie, we had the radio turned low to let the boys sleep, Mumford & Sons was playing lowly making the picturesque drive feel like something out of a romance movie.

“Well shit, we need gas!” Julie spoke up bringing me out of my daze and back to the dull of reality. I glanced over to the gas gauge on the dashboard to see the light on indicating we had X amount of miles left before we would completely run out of gas.

“Can you look up where the nearest gas station is for me Hails” Julie said to me as she continued to drive, I took my phone out and searched where the nearest gas station was. Luckily for us it was just a few minutes down the road. I gave her the directions, when we pulled in Julie pulled up to the pumps and turned off the engine. I looked into the back of the car to see both of the boys stirring in their sleep, Link opened his eyes first and glanced up at me and smiled. My heart fluttered seeing his sleepy smile and tired eyes peering at me. He was so beautiful all the time and I didn’t think I’d ever get use to how gorgeous I thought he was.

“Hi baby, where are we?” Link asked as he sat up in the seat and took a look around, he rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times adjusting.

“We’ve just stopped at a gas station to fill up, I’m going to go in and grab some drinks and snacks, do you want anything specific?” I smiled back at him, he looked confused for a second but I think he was just tired. Chase started to open his eyes beside him and looked around also confused. “Where are we?” Chase said as he looked around with a very confused look on his face, was it really that hard to identify a gas station off the highway. I laughed a little and told him the same thing that I had just told Link not even a minute ago.

“I want to stretch my legs, so i’ll come in with you Hailey” Chase said as he sat up and took off his seatbelt, I smiled at Link and turned to get out of the car. As I walked towards the gas station convenience store I heard my phone going off in my pocket, pulling it out I looked down at the caller ID to see that it was my mother who was calling me. Of course now would be the time she would decide to call me. I stopped dead in my tracks thinking of whether or not I should answer the call or let it go to my voicemail.

“Hey everything ok?” Chase came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder and looked over my shoulder and down to my phone that was in the palm of my hand. He sighed heavily and reached forward taking my phone from my hand, he walked a few feet in front of me and answered the call.

“What is it mother, now is not the best time to be calling…” His words came out a little harsher than I had expected them too. I almost felt bad but a part of me didn’t want to feel bad, she had ignored my calls and messages since I work up and had ignored all of Chase and Links messages while I was in the hospital, even when she knew I was sick she still didn’t try to get in contact with any of us.

“Oh, so now you care?” Chase said sarcastically into the phone, I feel the attitude in his voice. I didn’t want to deal with this anymore, I continued to walk towards the gas station and left Chase to talk to our mother.

Opening the front door the bells over my head chimed, there was a younger man sitting behind the counter, he glanced up at me and smiled. I smiled back and walked over to the cooler that was filled with drinks, grabbing everyone’s drinks of choice I closed the door and walked over to the snacks isle. I was humming along looking over all the choices that were in front of me.

“These ones are my favourite, great for a roadtrip” a voice said from behind me, startled I turned around to see the attendant standing behind me. He was holding a bag of sour candies, they were also my favourite.

“You scared me, good choice though. They are my favourite too. He handed the bag to me and I took it from him. I smiled awkwardly at the floor, I didn’t really know what to say to him. He stood there and smiled at me.

“Well yeah, thanks, we have a really long drive ahead of us so snacks are needed” I said back to him, he smiled back at me again.

“My names David by the way, where are you heading?” David said as the two of us walked back to the counter so that I could pay for the things I had currently in my basket.

“My brother and I are actually tracking down my dad, he moved out here and decided not to tell anyone so were just going to show up and hope for the best I guess” I didn’t realize how somber my voice was until I saw the look of sadness wash across his face.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I wish you and your brother the best of luck with all of that” he said with another big smile on his face as he bagged the drinks and snacks. As David was ringing in everything I heard the door chime behind me and figured it was Julie coming in to pay for the gas.

“Is that everything then?” David asked as he placed the remaining products into the bags.

“Uhm, actually just put the gas from pump 4 in there too actually” I said with a smile back, David was actually quite good looking, he was tall with dark hair and light blue eyes with a gorgeous smile to top it all off, his blue gas station attendant shirt really made his eyes pop out brighter.

Behind me i felt a presence that i only assumed would be Julie coming up to pay but too my surprise a hand followed by an arm wrapped its way around my waist. Startled i turned around the see Link standing behind me now. He didn’t look too impressed, why was he so mad? I wasn’t doing anything wrong?

“Here babe I got it” Link said as he reached around me and tapped his debit card on the machine. He then looked at David and smirked. What the hell was going on right now?

“Uh.. I could have gotten it Link, you didn’t have to pay for it” I replied back to him. I looked up at him to see him glaring at David.

Clearing my throat I spoke up, “this is David, he helped me pick out the snacks. He has very good taste” I said smiling to David who smiled back at me. Purposely trying to get a reaction out of him. Jealous Link was a hot Link.

His eyes shot over to David who gulped and looked down to me as if to say ‘what the fuck are you doing?’.

“Oh did he now? Well that was nice of him but I think we should get going, your brother and Julie are waiting for us in the car, we still have about an hour to go babe” Link said with his arm wrapped around my body posessively.

“Ok Link i think you can relax ok? You’ve made your point to him” I said to him stepping out of his iron grip. I heard him grumble under his breath, he reached out for me again but I swatted his hand away and stood just to the side of him.

“Thanks for all your help David, have a good day!” i said to him with a big smile on my face as I grabbed the bag of snacks and drinks and started to walk to the door. I heard him call out a thanks behind me and Link scoff at him and jog to my side, i looked over my shoulder and waved to him one last time before I excited the gas station and started on my way to the car.

Chase was back in the driver’s seat with Julie in the passenger side once again, I climbed into the back stea behind Julie and handed them their drinks and snacks of choice before we started back on the interstate. Link sat beside me, I could tell he was grumpy. He sat with his arms crossed across his chest and his eyes focused out the window. I could see Chase glancing back at the both of us through the rearview mirror giving me a confused look. I giggled a little when i looked over to see Link pouting like a child that didn’t get what they wanted. I slapped high thigh and he looked over at me with a angry pouty face, causing him to move closer to the window and lean against it. Wow he was being a baby.

“Link what crawled up your ass?” Chase said as he laughed at how his best friend was acting.

Link stared Chase down through the mirrors reflection and shook his head before turning back to staring out the window, i could tell he wasn’t actually mad at anyone he was just being a big pouty baby.

“He’s upset because another guy was giving me attention and helped me pick out candy” I said to everyone in the car, Link glared at me and I stuck my tongue out and rolled my eyes at him. Julie laughed at Link and shook her head, god this hour could not go by faster.

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