My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Five

We pulled into the mall parking lot about 20 minutes later. Being at the mall in summer time is not a fun time. Obviously Chase didn’t want to be seen shopping with his mom so him and Link went their own way and mom and I went the other way.
After shopping for about an hour mom decided she was going to go sit down in Starbucks, have a coffee and read her book and for us to all come and find her when we were ready to go. She handed me her credit card. Knowing I wouldn’t spend a stupid amount of money like my brother would.
Wandering around the mall I decided to go into Victoria’s Secret, after all I was going to school soon and I needed some new bras and panties.
As I was looking through the various bins of undies I heard some girls giggling on the other side of the bin. I looked up to see my brother and Link standing there with the giggling girls. I stare at them for a few moments taking in both Link and Chases body features. Chase looks like he’s in the prowl whereas Link looks really uncomfortable, which is really strange because usually he is all for meeting new girls to hook up with. Just as I was about to look away I caught Link’s eyes meet mine. A look of sadness washed over his face. I immediately turned and walked away. Getting as far away from them as the store would let me. Still having to pay for me things I walk around the store to find the cash register. Passing by this gorgeous piece of lingerie. It was made of black silk and was lacy in all the right places. It was stunning and I wanted it badly. Looking through the rack to find my size it dawned on me that I wouldn’t have anyone to wear it for other than myself. And that it really wasn’t worth me paying that much. Signing I turned away from the rack and continued to purchase my adorable new undies.

As I was leaving the store I could feel that someone was watching me. I turned around to see that same group of girls all standing together outside of the store, they were glaring at me snickering to one another. What the hell do they want? I don’t even know who they are.

“Hey Hails where’s mom?” I hear Chase say as he comes up from behind me sucking on a smoothie he had purchased from one of the kiosks in the mall. Link was standing awkwardly beside him looking at me timidly. I could see feel those girls staring at me. Or were they staring at Chase and Link? That must be what they are looking at.

“Oh uhm, she’s waiting for us in starbucks. She said to just meet her there when we are all ready to go. She’s found a new book to read so she’s content. Hey do you guys know those girls? They keep looking at me funny...” i said motioning to the group of girls standing about 10 feet away from us. My brother smirked.
“Not yet, but we will soon. Theyre coming over to the condo tonight after mom leaves. So you better just stay in your room and not bother us ok?“he said ruffling his hand through my hair.
I shoved his hand away and tried to fix my hair.

I heard giggling and turned to see two out of the four girls approaching us. Both of them were really pretty. One of them had shoulder length black hair, with brown eyes. Whereas the other one had shorter light brown coloured hair with hazel eyes.
Both of them wore low cut shirts exposing a fair bit of cleavage for anyone to just take a glance in that area. The brunette walked up to my brother, she placed her one hand on his shoulder and lightly brushed her hand down his arm. While the other girl came to stand in front of Link.

“So guys, what time does the movie start tonight?” The brunette asked. Both of the girls completely ignoring the fact that I was present. I stood awkwardly to the back now moving or making a sound.
“We should be all ready to go around 8. Does that work for you man?” Chase turned to look at Link who was standing with the girl inches away from him.
“Uhm, ya 8 works for me bro” Link replied flashing the girls a smile. Both of them giggled.
“Well I guess I’ll see you later then...” the girl said then winked at Link.
“We should probably go find mom now, she’s probably sick of waiting for us” I spoke up. Both the girls turned to look at me. A confused look on their faces.
“Oh, and who might you be?” The brunette asked me.
“I’m Hailey, I’m Chase’s younger sister, I live with them in the condo ... who are you?” I stated.
Before the girl had a chance to reply Chase butted in holding his hand up to her signaling her to drop it.
“This is Taylor, and her friend Sienna. They’re coming over to watch a movie at the condo where you will not be bothering us right Hailey?” Chase said giving him his ‘i’m serious Hailey’ look.
“Yeah, yeah whatever. Don’t want to be apart of whatever foursome you guys have planned. Really don’t want to get aids before school starts. You guys have fun though! I’m going to find mom. Come find us when you’re done with your dolls”

I could feel Link staring at me the entire time. Along with the daggers being sent my way from the two girls. Choosing to ignore them I just walked away and didn’t bother looking back. I could feel all their stares on my back.

About an hour later we were all back in the car and we on our way over to the condo. It was only a five minute drive from the mall which was really convenient for me for whenever I needed to get away from the guys for awhile. Apparently mom was going back home for the weekend and leaving the three of us at the condo to “get use to it”. This was something that they hadn’t told me about. And let me tell you, I was not happy about it. Chase had texted me and told me that I wasn’t aloud to tell mom about them having girls over tonight. As long as they kept quiet and didn’t bother me then I really could care less about what they do.

“Boys help Hailey bring her bags to her room and show her around why don’t you? I’m going to go and pick up some dinner and bring it back for us.” mom said though the open car window before she drove away leaving the three of us standing on the side of the road. Chase just started to walk away. Bringing only his own shopping bags completely ignoring what mom had just asked him to do. Link on the other hand actually helped me bring my new things up to my new room.

The condo was beautiful. Even nicer than what mom had described. It was an open concept. When you first walked in the kitchen was on the right, all modern appliances with an island in the middle. It had 3 bar stools on the other side closer to the living room which was directly in the middle of the condo. The entire wall was made of giant windows that overlooked the city. Their was a bathroom to the left as you walk in which also had a small laundry room attached to it. As Link had said earlier. There are two hallways. Mine and his rooms were down the hallway on the right past the kitchen whereas Chase’s room was down the hallway to the left.
The condo was painted neutral colours, that was most definitely my mom’s doing because it was also decorated nicely too. No two guys would be able to decorate a condo this nicely. Everything fit together so perfectly, it was truly a gorgeous place and I was getting more and more excited to live here come fall.

Link walked in front of me heading towards our rooms. They were directly across the hall from each other. At the very end of the hall was a small home gym that they guys had made from an extra bedroom that was not being used as anything. Which I don’t understand because the building had a giant gym for all tenants to use when they pleased.

“Well this rooms yours, and well this one’s mine.” Link said standing between the two rooms. I walked past him and opened the door to my room. It wasn’t anything special. Obviously the boys hadn’t done anything with it because it was recently just a spare room. Inside the walls were an off white, there was a dresser, a desk, a closet, a queen sized bed and a large window. Overall it was a really nice room, just needed some personal things in it and it would be perfect.

“Ugh, Hails.. Where would you like your stuff putting?” I heard Link say from the doorway, I turned around to see him standing there. God he was a good looking guy, tall and built. No wonder those girls at the mall were ogling over him. We stood like this for a few moments, just looking at each other. He smiled and took a step closer to me, I snapped back into focus and blushed.
“Just set the bags on the bed please Link, thanks..” I say while turning around and walking over to the window. It held a beautiful view. The sun was just starting to set now over the lake surrounding the city. I could look at this view forever.

“Beautiful..” Link said into my ear which startled me causing me to gasp placing my hand over my heart.
“God why did you do that! You almost gave me a heart attack!” I turned around to face him, he was standing now even a foot away from me, looking down at me with those gorgeous green eyes. I went to walk past him to start unpacking my new clothes into the drawers and closet but Link grabbed my wrist and pulled my back into him. My back was pressed against his chest. I could feel his heart beating steadily against my back. My breathing started to quicken. He placed his hands on my hips and started to turn me around so that I was facing him. Slowly turning I closed my eyes not wanting to get lost in his eyes like I’ve done so many times before. His hands were now on my shoulders. I felt his right hand lift off my shoulder and slowly touch my cheek. This is when my eyes couldn’t keep closed any longer. They slowly opened, i was looking at his chest not wanting my gaze to travel up because if it did then I was a gonner. He moved his hand down to my chin and slowly pushed it up so I had no choice but to look up at him. He was looking down at me just as I knew he would be.

“What are you doing Link..” I asked looking into his eyes trying to decipher what he was thinking.
“I. I- uh.. I just, I was to kiss you Hails.. I want to so bad” he stuttered. And for some reason him saying that actually really mad me angry. He had another girl coming over to be with him tonight and he’s telling me he wants to kiss me? Seriously? What is wrong with guys now a days, they can’t just be happy with one girl or something. I looked away from him and just laughed.

“Why are you laughing like that?” Link asked turning to face me where I was now taking my new clothes from their bags and placing them on the bed.
“You seriously think that I’m going to kiss you again? Common Link, my brother is literally down the hall from us. And unlike you and him I don’t go around kissing whomever I please. I’m not a slut like you and him.” I sternly say to him while rolling my eyes and continue to place clothes on hangers to be put in the closet.
“You think that is what I want? To just kiss you because I can? No, I want to kiss you because I want to kiss you. I’m not as bad as you think I am Hailey. I am not Chase. That kiss we shared the other night, it actually meant something to me. And i can’t stop thinking about it. About you.” he was walking towards me now. My breath caught when I looked back up to him, he was serious. He walked right up to me taking the shirt out of my hand and threw it on the ground.
“And god damnit Hailey, if I want to kiss you then I am going to kiss you. Whether you like it or not.”
He grabbed my face in between his hands and mashed our lips together. I tried to pull away but he snaked his right hand behind my head weaving his fingers through my hair keeping a tight grip. My hands bawled into fists, they travelled up his chest. I tried to push his away with as much strength as I could muster up. I heard him growl, felt it vibrate through his chest. I gasped opening my mouth a little. But it was enough for him to slip his tongue. I couldn’t take it anymore, my body was telling me to give him. My mind was screaming at me to stop, red flag, alarms going off.
My bodies feelings won. I moaned into his mouth. Granting him full access of my mouth, our tongues danced together, he nipped and bit at my lips. Never had I ever felt these feelings before. His other hand grazed down my waist stopping at my hips. He grabbed my hip. Walking us back towards the door. Panic started to set it. What was he doing! Chase was down the hall! He could probably hear us! Oh my god, what was I doing!

“He’s- he’s in the shower, in his room. He won’t her us, it’s ok” Link said between kisses, we moved closer to the door. And to my surprise he reached for the wooden door and shoved it closed. He pushed me up against the door, moving both of his hands down to my hips. He parted our lips and started to kiss my jaw and down my neck and collar bones. My body was hot. Scratch that, he is hot. My head fell back, my neck no longer being able to hold it up right. Link’s hands moved around to my lower back. I could feel them closing into fists and then opening again. It was like he was contemplating something. Was he regretting this kiss. Was i regretting this kiss? I don’t even know what i was feeling right now. All I knew was that I didn’t want this to end.

“Link, please..” i begged. I don’t know what I was asking him to do. It just seemed like it was needed to be said. He pulled away and looked down at me. Our foreheads touching, both of our breathing was rapid. I whimpered, I wanted more. I had never gone farther than kissing but damn this guy made me want to do oh so much more than that.

“Fuck- Hailey, you make me crazy. This is so wrong, but fuck.” he looked down at me. He was regretting it. I felt my cheeks heat up, my bit my lip awkwardly.
“Oh- no don’t do that... fuck- fuck it” he looked down at me once more before he gripped my ass with his hands.
“Jump” was all he said. I complied and wrapped my legs around his waist and he reconnected our kiss. Pushing us up against the door. My hands weaved themselves into his soft dark hair.
I could feel him getting hard. My stomach tied in knots. Was I the one who was doing this to him?
“Oh my god” my words just kept coming out of my mouth, it was like someone had set me to repeat. Link moved us from where we were and walked us over to the bed. He pushed the remaining clothes out of the way and placed me on my back. Our kiss broke for a minute. He took his shirt off and I nearly went ballistic. He was absolutely stunning. I stared at him. His body was naturally tanned and his muscled flexed at he breathed. We were both out of breath. I sat up and looked at him, he was just standing there. His eyes closed, his hands gripping at his hair. I could see the strain in his shorts, i was at eye level with his crotch. That really did not look comfortable. I didn’t know what to do.

Think Hailey think! You’ve read books, see movies! It came to me. I stood up, we were chest to chest now. His eyes opened and he looked down at me. His eyes were giving me a questionable look. I lightly put my hand on his chest and pushed him a bit, biting my lip i looked up at his. He let out a low growl. Its working. I turn us around and pushed him down on the bed, he was sitting their looking at me. His hands on my hips. I moved myself closer to him so i was now standing between his legs. I lifted one knee and then the other and straddle him. I slowly lowered myself onto him never letting our eyes break contact. I grabbed his hands and moved them to the hem of my shirt giving him permission. He looked hesitant for a moment but i just nodded. He slowly lifted my shirt up over my head. He threw it onto the floor. He sat there and looked at me. I was wearing a lacy black bra that complimented my breasts nicely. I wasn’t small chested either.

“Jesus christ..” was all he said. I pushed his sounders down so he was now laying on his back as i straddled him. I could feel him beneath me, i moved my hips a little, he lay back and closed his eyes. I took this time to let my hands explore his body. Running the tips of my fingers over his abs, was tickling him i could tell my the little smiles he was trying to hid and his small jerking movements. His eyes were still closed. He was letting me be in control. His hands lay by his side. I slowly pulled them up, and placed his hands on my chest. Once they made contact his eyes flew open and he stared at me. His hands didn’t move. I just looked at him. His eyes were glued to my chest. About a minute passed and he started to squeeze. I moaned. I never knew why girls liked having their breasts played with but just this little gesture sent butterflies through my stomach. He kept doing it, squeezing harder and massaging them. It felt so good i wanted more.

I leaned down and connected our lips again. Slipping our tongues together moaning into his mouth, grinding against him. His hands gripped my ass, we continued to make out.

“We need to stop, Hailey, i can’t.. ” he whispered. This hit me. He didn’t want me. He just wanted a quick fix. I quickly got up off of him and threw on the nearest shirt covering up my exposed chest. I refused to look at him, i felt like an idiot. How could i ever think that he actually wanted something more from me? God i’m such an idiot.
He just sad there and looked at me. I could feel him looking at me. I walked over the the pile of clothes on the floor and started to pick them up off the ground.

“I’m just gonna go now, I think Chase is done in the shower. I need to have one now. Preferably a cold shower..” I heard him say, I just ignored him and continued to hang up clothes. He stood up and walked over to me, he leaned down and picked up his shirt. I could feel him standing behind me. Looking at me.

“Hailey, it’s not what you think.. I want to-”
“You don’t have to explain yourself.. Just leave please Link” i said to him, turning around to look at him. Tears were threatening to leave my eyes. He could tell. He looked sad, pained almost.
“Hails, please let me explain..” he pleaded
“I said leave!” I whisper shouted.
And he did. He walked away.

Authors Note:

Hi guys! Things got a little steamy in this chapter! What do you guys think about Hailey and Link?!
Keep reading, voting and commenting! It means so much to me! Love you guys!!!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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