My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Seven

Hailey’s POV

It hurt. My heart. I never thought that it could. And it did. All I could think about was that kiss. It left me thinking about so much that I never realized that I’d be thinking about. Link? Really?

I’ve been sitting here listening to them all out in the living room having fun and laughing together. Every time I hear him laugh my heart aches. Almost instantaneously after I hear that amazing sound, up comes the wine bottle and down come the tears. I’ve gone through almost the entire bottle. I’ve never been the one to drink away my feelings. But here I am chugging wine straight from the bottle.
It was around 2am before I heard the laughter and music die off. Great this way the time that those girls either left, or made their way to the guys rooms. And now it’s the time for me to fall asleep before the outcome that I’m dreading happens.
I finished off the bottle of wine, and decided to go wash my face and brush my teeth before I crawl into bed.

I padded over to the bathroom. Flicking on the light I took in my appearance. Wow. I looked like shit, lovely. My face was stained with tears, my eyes puffy and my lips swollen. My hair was a literal rats nest. Fuck it, i ran the brush through it, not feeling any pain from the tangles that were woven through my blonde mess of hair. Eventually I tamed my golden hair and just left it hanging around my shoulders. It’ll do until I can drag my lazy ass out of bed in the morning and into the shower. Stripping down out of my clothe I just throw on a baggy shirt and walk back into my room, turning off the big light and turning on the small lamp beside my bed to light the way around my room.
Just as I’m about to crawl into my bed and sleep away the rest of the night I hear a soft knocking on my door. What the hell? Groaning really. Why. go away. I walked over to the door with an annoyed face. I swung open the door.
“No Chase I don’t have any condoms that you can borrow I’m not a slut like you-” my eyes took in the figure standing in front of me. No, not Chase, but Link standing in all of his glory. Those god damn grey sweatpants hugging his hips a little too low for my sanity, nothing covering up his godly chest. My heart clenched my breath leaving my body. I was not ready for this, my drunken self could not handle this right now. Without saying a word i started to close the door not wanting to hear what he has to say. God help me if he came to ask for a condom i would die. Just keel over dead on the floor.

His hand extended stopping the door from closing. He looked down at me, our eyes met.
“Hailey.. Please” he whispered and I almost cried. He sounded so hurt, I could see the pain written across his face. I couldn’t shut him out. I couldn’t. I didn’t have it in me.
I opened the door to let him in. he came in and sat on the bed. The dim light from the lamp illuminating his features. I just looked at him for a few seconds, he looked absolutely beautiful.

“Link you know you can’t be in here.. What is Chase finds out?” I said softly, I closed the door and walked over and sat beside him on the bed.
“Chase, is uh- occupied to say the least.. He won’t be bothering us anytime soon.” He chuckled to himself smiling down at the floor.
“And you? Why aren’t you occupied Link?” i looked over at him, he was fiddling with his hands in his lap looking at the floor.

“I uh- i tried Hails. I tried I really did, but every time i wanted to kiss her, I just thought of you. And when I did kiss her..” my heart sunk, I did not want to hear this. Why was he telling me this? Does he think that I actually want to hear this? Cause i didn’t, i really didn’t.
“When her and I kissed, i just kept picturing you, and how i felt when i kissed you. The kiss with her was forced and not at all what i wanted. I want to kiss you and only you. that’s what i’m trying to say Hailey. There is a hot girl in my bed right now all alone and all i can think about if the beautiful girl across the hall lying in her bed drinking an entire bottle of wine to herself.” he motioned to the empty bottle laying on the ground. A tear dropped down my cheek.
“No, no no no, no tears Hailey please no tears. You’re going to break my heart please don’t cry.” he took my face in his hands and wiped the tear away from my face. We just stared at each other. Looking into one another’s eyes.

Link’s POV

God i wanted to kiss her. I wanted to hold her in my arms all night and kiss her until she cant breath. I want to run my hands through that long blonde hair and hold her close to me. I want to whisper sweet nothings into her ear as she falls asleep in my arms. I want to wake up with her in my arms, her scent on my body. I want to kiss her swollen lips and take away all the pain.
I watched as she took her bottom lip into her mouth. Fuck that kills me. Her soft, tiny hands resting on my chest and her deep blue eyes staring into mine. I could feel myself growing in my sweats. Fuck. i didn’t come in here to hook up with her. I just wanted to talk but my god she makes it hard for me to be around her and not take her. I could she’s innocent, i don’t know exactly how far she has gone but i know that i want to be with her in every way that i can be.

She started moving her hands across my chest, her face was still between my hands. I couldn’t take it anymore. My sobriety has left. I’m drunk, and i know she is too. She might regret this in the morning but i know that i won’t. I have to kiss her. I have to feel her lips against mine, taste her on my tongue, i can’t take it anymore i’ll go crazy if i don’t have her. My eyes roam around her face seeking some sort of answer to how she was feeling. Before i could open my mouth to ask her, she brought our lips together. Mashing our lips together pushing me back against the bed, positioning herself on my lap as she kissed me. I was in awe, she tasted so good, felt so good against my body. My hands slipped under the shirt she was wearing and roamed around her back holding her against my body.
I heard her moan into my mouth, felt her grind her hips against mine and almost went insane. God this girl was going to kill me. I wanted all of her. She broke our kiss and started to kiss my jaw and neck sucking on the soft spot where my shoulders met my neck. God it felt heavenly. My hands went up her back. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Fuck me. I wanted to feel her lush breasts, put them in my mouth and make her moan my name. Just the thought of her moaning my name made my member twitch.
She was slowly making her way down my chest. Kissing me ever so slowly. It was torture at its finest. Her hands gripped the waistband on my sweat pants. I knew where she was going with this. But the question is, do i have it in me to stop her? I wanted to feel her soft lips around my c0ck god did i ever. But she wasn’t ready. If anyone was going to be pleasured tonight it was going to be her.

I reached down and grabbed her hand, she looked up at me with a sad face.
“Not yet Hails, lay on your back for me” she looked saddened but did as I said. She lay down, placing her head on the pillow, crossing her arms across her chest. I knelt beside her. I don’t think she realised that the shirt she was wearing pulled up a little showing me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked down and her exposed flesh and gulped. She looked down to wear my eyes were and her hands were there covering herself within seconds, her cheeks flushing a rosy pink colour.
“Don’t be shy love, your body.. Every part of it is.. Wow, stunning.” she slowly moved her hands away. My eyes glued to her. I gripped her wrists and put them above her head.
“Don’t move them from there ok. The stay there” I said sternly to her. She whimpered and nodded her head in understanding.

Hailey’s POV

Her fingers ran under the hem of the shirt i was wearing, ever so lightly tickling my skin. I squirmed under his touch. It was so foreign. He gripped my hips causing a small gasp from my mouth and my back to arch up in a small spasm. He continued running his hands up the length of my waist, pushing the shirt up with it as he went.

“Do you trust me..” he whispered. I was at a loss for words. I just nodded again. He smiled devilishly continuing his tour of my body. His fingers were just under my breasts, the pool of wetness that was gathering between my legs was growing. I couldn’t take the slowness of it anymore.
“Link... please.. I need it” moaning out with a gasp. His eyes whipped up to my face, his eyes darkening with lust as we made eye contact. Without a second to waste his hands were on my breasts massaging them. Fuck that felt nice. I started moaning and writhing under him. I opened my legs and did something i never thought i would ever do. My right hand made its way between my legs to touch the tender spot between my legs to ease some of the built up tension. Link’s eyes watched me. One of his hands joined me, he guided my fingers with such precaution. Never breaking eye contact. His other hand went to my neck as his lips connected to mine, slipping his tongue into my mouth, my hand stopped but his continued. Slipping his fingers in and out of my wetness. I’ve never felt this before, i found myself moaning into his mouth as he quickened his assault gradually getting fast and fast.

An unfamiliar heat crept through my stomach. He continued to kiss me, his fingers pulsing in and out of me. It all made sense now, why people do things like this. It felt fucking awesome.

The burning in my stomach grew, peaking to the point of where I felt my breath leave my body.
Just when i thought i couldn’t take it anymore i heard voices in the hallway. Shit! It was my brother? What the fuck is he doing? Shit shit.
Before I could fully process what was happening I heard a knock on the door.
My eyes flew up to Link’s, his on mine. Neither of us moving or making a sound. The knocking sounded bringing me back to reality, I squirmed off the bed away from Link, throwing on my robe that was hanging off the chair nearby, I shoved Link towards the closet.

“Get in! Shhh be quiet!” i whisper yelled at him. He stumbled back and fell into the closet. I shut the door on him hoping to god that Chase didn’t hear anything. I walked over to the door opening in slowly.

“Chase! What do you want? It’s like 3am!?” I sternly spoke to him, he didn’t have a shirt on and his lips were all swollen and puffy. God that girl must be like a sucker fish or something.

“Well, i uh. I kinda don’t have any condoms right now.. I went to ask Link but I guess they’re sleeping cause no one answered the door.. So, I was uh, wondering if you had one I could use..” He spoke awkwardly.
“My god Chase, you’re an idiot.You’re lucky mom gave me some cause if she hadn’t I wouldn’t have any. Wait here!” I said to him closing the door in his face, I walked over to the dresser and opened the underwear drawer where my mom had stashed the condoms she had given me this afternoon. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Link poke his head out of the closet looking at me. I placed my finger to my lips telling him to be quiet and signalled to the door to tell him that Chase was just standing outside waiting for me to return. I grabbed a condom and walked back to my door opening it again. I saw Chase still standing there awkwardly.

“Here! Now go away, and be more prepared next time idiot!” I threw the condom at him and closed the door. I listened to his foot steps basically run down the hallway back to his room and I walked back to my bed and just flopped down on it. Sleep taking over me slowly. I didn’t notice how tired I was until now. All I wanted was to go to sleep.

I felt the bed dip beside me, I looked to my side and saw Link sitting there, he was looking at me intently.
“What did he want?” he asked, he layed down on the bed beside me. I shifted over giving his some room. We were facing one another, he tucked a piece of hair behind my ear.
“He wanted a condom.. I guess foreplay lasted for awhile..” He chuckled. I felt my heart tighten.
“I think we should go to bed now Hails.. It’s late..” he whispered.

Link’s POV

God is she ever beautiful. I could stare at her all day. I didn’t want to ever look away.
“I think we should go to bed now Hails.. It’s late..” I whispered to her. I started to get up off the bed, i turned around to look at her and my heart nearly broke, she looked so sad.

“Do you already regret this..? She whispered as she sat up on the bed facing away from me.
Fuck, that’s not at all what I was thinking.
“Hailey, no I don’t. I will never regret this. Ever” i said to her, she still faced away from me. Damnit. I walked over to the other side of the bed and stood in front of her. Her head was down her eyes looking at the floor. I took her hands in mine and made her stand up, she still didn’t look at at me.
“Hailey, please look at me.”
Her head slowly came up and her eyes looked into mine, a small tear fell from her eye and she looked at me. I didn’t know what to do. So i did the only thing i could think of. I hugged her, her face buried in my chest as my arms wrapped around her tiny frame. My one hand resting on the back of her head. I kissed the top of her head.
“Will you stay with me.. Please” I heard her tiny voice plead up to me. She pulled her head away and looked up at me. Those eyes could kill me.
“Of course I will.. I doubt you’re brother will wake up before 2pm, and besides Sienna’s going to cover for me in the morning. Get into bed, i’m just going to the bathroom and I’ll be back in a second.” I said kissing her forehead. I walked over to the bathroom turning on the light and closing the door behind me.

I wet the facecloth with cold water and just pressed it to my face. My hard on was seriously starting to bother me. It’s making it so hard to think around her. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked exhausted. Soon I walked back into the bedroom, Hailey was curled up in the bed, I couldn’t help but notice that the robe she was wearing before was now hanging off the back of the chair. What is she wearing right now.. God help me if she’s not wearing anything because if she’s not. Well lets just say I probably won’t be getting any sleep. It’ll take everything in me not to touch her. I was still buzzing from the amount of alcohol that I had consumed earlier tonight.

I walked over to the empty side of the bed and pulled the covers aside. I slowly laid down in the bed beside her, she rolled over to face me. She looked so cute with only half of her face visible from under the sheets. She looked up at me and i could tell that she was smiling at me from the crinkles that formed beside her eyes. I smiled back at her and turned the lamp off and settled lower in the bed, i felt her tiny body skoot closer to mine, she rested her head on my shoulder and curled up against me. Hesitantly my arms wrapped around her torso. She was wearing a shirt. Thank god!
I just laid with her in my arms. Trying to remember a time when i felt this relaxed and content. I couldn’t.
Soon her breathing slowed down, her heart beating at a steady pace. She was asleep, her head resting on my chest. I kissed the top of her head. Her hair smelled like strawberries. I soon too fell asleep. Getting one of the best sleeps of my life. And it was all thanks to this beautiful girl curled up against my body, her one leg draped over my body. This must be what heaven feels like.. I don’t ever want to wake up.

Authors Note:
Ouuuuuuu a little more steamy action in this chapter! Some filler chapters are coming up and some more character development. But stay tuned! Some stuffs about to go down break soon!! And don’t forget! Vote and comment please and thanks guys!!


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