My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Eight

Haileys POV

A few days later

Things had been going pretty normally around the apartment the past few days. Today I was going to the university to look around campus. Link and Chase are suppose to be taking me and showing me around but I highly doubt that’s going to happen.

I step out of the shower and wrap the warm towel around my body. I walk over to the morrow and wipe down the mirror so I can see myself. My hair was still dripping wet having around my waist. I take the towel off and start to dry my hair using it. I look at my body in the mirror. Overall I was happy with it. I was a medium build with good size breasts. My body was still pale due to lack of tanning this summer so far. But I planned to change that very soon.
I grabbed my lotion and began to apply it to my body. I love the smell of it so much I even had a perfume to match the scent of it.
After doing everything I needed to in the bathroom I headed out to my bedroom to pick out an outfit. I decided on a nice summer dress. It was a pale pink in colour and came just above my knees. I paired the dress with my white toms and my leather shoulder bag.
Walking into the kitchen I was greeted by the smell of bacon being cooked. I looked over to the robe where I saw Link cooking bacon and eggs. He was singing along to the music that was coming out of the speakers around the apartment. He was dancing to the loud music that was coming through the speakers, I took a seat at the island and took a bite of an apple. Smirking at his back. He was only wearing sweatpants and damn, did he ever look good.
Chase walked into the room, his hair was everywhere, disheveled. He had been spending the past few nights with Taylor, either at the apartment or at her place. Needless to say they were getting pretty close.
“Morning sunshine!” I said to him in my happiest voice that I could.]he just looked over at me and gave me one of those ‘shut the fuck up’ looks as he walks to the fridge pulling out the container of orange juice not bothering to get a cup. He chugged the entire container before belching and then going to throw out the container.
“God youre disgusting Chase” I scoffed to him as he walked away from the kitchen to the main hall where the recycling bin was.

“Breakfast is served love” Link said to me as he put a steaming plate of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. There was a heart on the plate made with ketchup. Link knew how much I loved ketchup. I smiled at the gesture, i looked up at him and he was smiling at me, those gorgeous green eyes of his sparkling.

“Hey Link, wheres my breakfast?” Chase said coming back into the room, i quickly messed up the ketchup drawn heart on the plate before Chase could see it. I looked at Link and he almost looked hurt by what I had done.
We all ate our breakfast in peace, none of us spoke to one another.

A few hours later the three of us were on our way to the university. The drive there was only a few minutes and according to Link the walk was about 5 minutes. The campus was beside the lake and was full of lush greenery. Gardens and trees covered the campus. Flowers were in full Bloom and the aroma that filled the air was intoxicating. I stared out the window and taking in my surroundings. Within a short few minutes we were pulling into the parking lot.

“Ok Hailey were here. The information building is just around the corner. There’s a sign that says ‘Information’ in the window you can’t miss it. Link and I are gonna go to the bookstore. Well see you back here in about an hour. Bye” Chase said while getting out of the car.
“You’re not going to show me around? Isn’t that what mom asked you to do?” I said questionably. I watched as Link watched me intently. Chase just rolled his eyes and walked away.
“Come in Link let’s go” Chase said barely looking back. Link gave me a saddened look and followed after Chase.

“Whatever” I muttered and shut the car door and walked away. The air was warm. I took a moment to close my eyes and just smell the air. I walked in the direction that Chase had pointed in. I saw a path that lead through a garden and decided to take that instead of the boring path that lead straight to the building.
There was a bench under a tree that was facing the water. I sat down and decided to text Megan and see how she was doing

‘Hey meg, how’s England? Miss you loads’
I hit send and just relaxed for awhile. It was around noon and the sun was at its peak. I don’t know how long I sat there but the buzzing from my phone brought me back to reality.

‘OMG HAILEY!!!!!!! I miss you so much!! England is so grey and pale I miss home! I can’t wait for the end of the summer to come home! How is everyone? Hows your mom doing? How’s the new apartment? TELL ME EVERYTHING’
I chuckled at what Megan had texted me. God how I missed her. I started to type my reply when I was interrupted by a male voice.

“Hi uhm, is this seat taken?” The male voice spoke. I looked up to see a blonde haired boy staring down at me intently. He had bright blue eyes and a dimple on either side of his mouth when he smiled.
“Oh uh no it’s not. Please join me in my office” I smiled at him opened my arms to show off my so called office, which was just the garden the bench just so happened to be located in.
He sat down but neither of us said anything. I could feel his gaze on me as I looked out on the water. I could see a few boats floating on the water. It reminded me of when we use to go out in the boat as a family when we were younger.. we sold that boat a few years back because dad got to busy with work and he was the only one who knew anything about how it worked. And he never had any time to take us out in it anymore.

“So uh. Are you new here? Haven’t seen you around before” I heard the male beside me ask. I turned my head to look at him. He was smiling making those dimples pop out.
“Kind of. I’m going to the university in the fall.. my brother was supposed to show me around campus but he kind of ditched me.. so here I am” I said shyly. He smiled at me and stood up from the bend. He walked over to a tulip plant and picked one of the red flowers. He walked back over to me and handed it to me giving me that smile again.
“Well if you’d like. I can show you around, I’m in second year and know the area pretty well. I’m Trey by the way. What’s your name?” Trey asked extending his hand to me. I took it and he helped me up from the bench.
“Thanks. That’d be great! I’m Hailey. It’s really nice to meet you” I said smiling up at him

“Well this is our last stop on the University tour. The book store. This is where you’ll buy your books and any other school supplies you may need at the time. There is a bunch of school clothing in there too if you wanna get a shirt or something. Then just a bunch of nicknacks with the schools name on it. Everything’s way to over priced but hey. They gotta make a living too right?” Trey laughed. I had noticed during our tour that he laughed a lot. It was one of those laughs that was intoxicating. You couldn’t help but laugh along with the person. He was a really great guy and I really enjoyed being with him today. He showed me all around campus and the different buildings and places to eat. The campus was huge but he showed me the quickest way to get to where you needed to go. I had learned that he was going to school to Become a lawyer, and that he was following his dads footsteps. I decided not to ask if he knew Link considering he too was studying to be a lawyer. I didn’t want to think of Link right now.

“Thanks for the tour Trey, I really needed that.. now hopefully I won’t get too lost in the fall” I giggled. We were back sitting on the bench where we first met.
We both sat there for a few minutes. Neither of us saying anything. I could feel Trey looking at me so I decided to look back. He was looking at me. Well it was more like gazing at me. I blushed and looked down at my lap where my hands were fiddling with one another.

“So, uhm if it’s not too much trouble.. do you think maybe I could get your number? I mean. In case you ever get lost on campus and need a rescuer that is..” Trey said awkwardly. I found him extremely adorable and was happy to give him my number. I really hoped we would see each other again. He is such a great guy.

Just as we were standing to say goodbye to one another I heard Chase’s voice.
“Hey Hailey you ready to go?”
I looked in the direction of his voice and saw him and Link walking towards Trey and I. I couldn’t quite decide what the look Link was giving me meant.

“Oh hey guys. This is Trey, he actually gave me a tour and showed me all around the campus buildings so I think i should be good for September” I said to the guys before turning to Trey and handed him my cell phone for him to input his number. Again Link was giving me a very odd look. What was his problem. Was he mad? Sad? No he kind of looked pissed. But he has no reason to be! He is not my boyfriend. I don’t know what he is, but he sure as hell isnt aloud to get mad over another guy! Jealous yes. But not mad.

“Thanks Hailey! I’ll see you round! Bye!” Trey said to me before giving me a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. I could feel the burning sensation where his lips had been and just knew that I was blushing like crazy.

“Oh calm down would ya? That guy seems like a tool. Now common. Taylor and Sienna are coming over and wanna go get some groceries” Chase said turning his back and walking back to the car. Link followed him not even glancing at me.
The entire car ride to the grocery store was filled with Chase going on about what he wanted me to cook for him. I had agreed to cook them all dinner as long as they did the dishes AND I got to use the car for the night. I desperately needed to go home to bring some stuff to the apartment. Link was dead quiet the whole time.

Once we finished up at the grocery store and I had picked up all the ingredients that I would be needing we went back to the apartment. It was 5pm now and the girls were due to arrive for about a half hour or so. They guys wanted to have a few drinks and talk before dinner so that gave me some extra time too for cooking.

I decided to make one of my favourite dishes that my mom had taught me how to make when I was younger. I knew that both Chase and Link loved it too. Pesto Pasta with Chicken, was even enough to make but oh so very delicious at the same time.
It only takes about 30-40 minutes to make so I started to prep the kitchen with the ingredients that I needed along with all the pots and pans. This flavorful, Italian-inspired pasta recipe combines sun-dried tomatoes and pesto sauce with sautéed garlic and red pepper flakes to create the perfect weeknight meal. I was also going to make an entree salad to go along with it and some garlic goat. I mixed up a cocktail for a before dinner drunk that paired nicely with the meal.

Links POV

I sat at the island in the kitchen just watching her cook. It smelled so good and my stomach was taking turns growling where as my mouth was salivating. I have had Haileys pesto chicken before and damn, was it ever fucking good. She had added her own little ingredients into it to make it a little spicier. Don’t get me wrong Carla’s was awesome good. But I loved spicy foods. It was until I heard the girls voices in the front hall did I finally look away from the goddess in the kitchen. I walked over to Taylor and Sienna and gave them both a hug. Sienna and I had before quite close. We hung out quite a bit and always talked about the most random stuff. There wasn’t anything romantic between us. She was still trying to get over Taylor and I was in a complicated.. i don’t even know what to call it. But neither of us were into any romantic stuff between us. She was like a younger sister. Or like a guy best friend to me. Hell she could out burp me any day. She was such a great person to be around and I loved spending time with her.

“Wow it smells awesome in here guys!” Taylor said while hanging her jacket up on the coat rack.
“You can thank Hailey for that, she has dinner cooking for us right now” Chase replied. He had calmed down about Hailey being around us when the girls were over. She usually just stayed quiet and didn’t say much unless someone spoke to her first. She usually left to go to her room most nights anyways. I really wish she didn’t. I loved having her around. Listening to her little giggle and seeing the twinkle in her eye when she smiled.

“I’ve made some drinks for you guys, they’re in dining room on the table. Dinner will be ready in 15 and I’ll bring out the salads in 10” Hailey said as we all walked into the kitchen.

“Smells great Hailey! What are you making us?” It was Sienna who spoke up this time. Hailey looked up from the stove with an awestruck look on her face. Her cheeks flushed and she looked back down at her food.
“Oh this, its uh, well it’s a past-”
“Hailey makes this awesome chicken with pesto sauce. It’s a little spicy but it’s so damn good! I know you’ll like it. You like spicy stuff like me” I smiled at Sienna and bumped her shoulder. I looked over at Hailey and could see her cheeks were still flushed as she stirred the sauces in with the noodles.

“Well! Let’s go see if her drinks are as good as your Si!” Taylor called taking Chases hand and pulled him to the dining room. Hailey briefly looked up at her but soon looked back down. I hated how awkward she felt around us. I wanted to tell her she didn’t need to be but I didn’t want to put her on the spot or make Chase suspicious.

Haileys POV

After I had all the dishes plated and everyone had finished their salads. I brought them out the plates to the dining room and sat them in front of everyone. I then returned to the kitchen to get the gravy bowl that was filled with extra sauce because I know how much the boys like the sauce. And then grabbed the plate that held the garlic bread and placed it in the middle of the table alongside a pitcher of water.

“Well guys! Enjoy dinner! I’m gonna head out now, Chase? Can I have the keys please?”
“You’re not eating with us?” It was Link who spoke up. I looked at him with confusion written across my face.
“Oh uh no.. I was just gonna grab something on the way. I’ll be back in a few hours so you guys have the place to yourselves.. please don’t break anything. I don’t want to explain anymore expensive glassware being broken ...” I signed. I caught the keys as Chase tossed them to me and headed for the door. Not bothering to look back.

Authors Note:
What are you guys thinking about this book so far?? I wanna hear your feedback! Please note that none of these chapters a edited and majority aren’t proof read either. Anyways! Attached to the chapter is who I envision Trey looking like! Austin Bulter😍 but again! Imagine him however you like! These next few chapters again are mostly just fillers and some more character development! But please let me know what you think! Vote and comment guys!!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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