My Brothers Best Friend

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Chapter Nine

Links POV

The meal that Hailey had made for us was unbelievable. Probably the best one she’s made in a long time. I knew the other’s really enjoyed their dinner too because no one spoke throughout the entire time we ate. We were all stuffing our faces full of the delicious food and drinks that Hailey had made for us.

As we agreed, after dinner Chase and I cleared the table and put off the dishes into the dishwasher, the girls helps us wash and put away the rest of the bigger dishes that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher. Once we were all done we retired to the living room to watch a movie together. Taylor decided on the movie scream 4, one of her favourites. She loved scary movies.
We made some more drinks and started the movie. Chase and Taylor cuddled up to one another on the one end of the couch whereas Sienna and I just sat there. The others knew that we weren’t romantically together, but they knew that we were really good friends. I didn’t mind hanging around with the two of them as long as Sienna was there for me to talk to.
I can’t lie, i really would have preferred that it was Hailey sitting beside me and not Sienna. She had only been gone for little under and hour and I was already missing her like crazy.

“Just text her, Chase won’t notice” I heard Sienna whisper to me. She was right, I hadn’t thought of just texting her. But what if she didn’t answer me. Then I would feel even worse. My mind was doing flips and spins. I didn’t even notice that Sienna had grabbed my phone off of the table.

‘Hey, did you get home ok?’

I didn’t even have a chance to read over the message before she sent it. Well it was too late now, I just hope that she answers.

Hailey’s POV

My drive back home was quiet, the radio was playing softly in the background. Mostly the drive consisted of my thoughts consuming me. Once I finally reached the house I saw my mom sitting out on the deck drinking out of a steamy mug. It was probably her after dinner coffee that she always liked to enjoy while sitting on the deck just looking out at the small forest that was behind our house. There was a swing she normally sat on but she had just taken a cushion off of one of the patio chairs and was sitting with her feet on the stairs. When I pulled in she looked up from where she was sitting, I could see the tears on her face, the streams that had been falling. My heart instantly broke. I got out of the car without even turning it off and ran to her. My mother never cried ever, that’s how I knew that something was seriously wrong. I sat down beside her on the deck and wrapped my arms around her. She started sobbing into my shoulder right away. Her weeps came out strong and deep from her belly. My heart was slowly shattering.

“Mom, please calm down. What happened! Talk to me please!” i begged her. Holding her tight she continued to sob and shake. I continued to rub her back and comfort her as best as i could.
“Come on mom, let’s go inside please. Warm you up.” i pulled away as she slowly began to stand up. She walked slowly back to the door to the house, i kept my arms wrapped around her, I didn’t think she was stable enough to walk on her own. I brought her into the living room and sat her down on the couch, and wrapped the throw blanket around her shoulders.

’I’m going to get you some water, I’ll be right back ok..” I whispered to mom, she slowly nodded her head and sniffled again, blowing her nose into the tissue that I had just given her. I walked out of the room and towards the kitchen, I passed by my dad’s office on the way and noticed the door was open, but that wasn’t the weird part. His computer and all of his papers and files were gone too. The room looked as if no one had been in there for weeks. I went into the kitchen and filled up a glass with some water and walked back to the living room.
Mom looked as if she had calmed down a little, I handed her the glass of water and she took a few small sips from it and placed it on the coffee table in front of her. She took a few deeps breaths but didn’t say anything.
“Mom, please. Tell me what’s going on!” I pleaded to her. She took a few minutes but she finally spoke up.
“Your father.. He .. he left me baby.. Hes gone.. ” se began to sob again, this time even worse than before. I hated to admit it but I kinda figured that from seeing his office empty. But hearing her say it just made it 100x worse.
" Oh mom, I’m so sorry.. Why didn’t you call me? When did he leave? Why did he leave?” i was starting to cry now, this couldn’t be happening why was this happening?!

“He left a few days ago after he came home drunk and told me he had been having an affair with Julia, his secretary. He’s gone to live with her. Hes gone baby, he’s gone” she said again reaching for the water.
My mind was running a mile a minute. I knew my parents weren’t on the best of terms but I had no idea that it was this bad.

“Mom, I ugh. I don’t know what to say. I’m going to stay with you for as long as you need to” it was the only thing I could. I didn’t want for her to be alone right now. She needed someone here to comfort her.


I left mom in the living room after I tucked her in on the couch and put on a movie for her. She was exhausted I could tell. I went out to the front porch to call Chase to let him know what’s going on with mom and that I wouldn’t be home for a few days. And of course he sends my call straight to voicemail. When the beep goes I make a good point of leaving him a not so nice message.
“What the fuck Chase! I could be dying but you’re too focused on getting pussy that you could care less! Call me back as soon as you get this! It’s extremely important!”

The sun was setting now. I watch it set behind the forest like I had done so many times before. It was so calming and almost made me forget about the bombshell that my mom had just dropped on me. The wind was warm. There was a light breeze that tickled at my exposed arms. A thought crossed my mind. I could call Link, I think he is more likely to answer my call than Chase.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Links number. Thankfully he picked up on the second ring.

“Hey Hailey, you ok?” I heard him whispering into the phone. I could hear giggles and voices in the background. I could feel my body shaking.

“I uh.. I’m .. no Link I’m not.. I need to speak with Chase please. Can you give him the phone?” My voice was even shakier than my body. I was holding back tears. I hadn’t cried yet but I was on the verge.
“Hailey, what’s wrong? Are you ok? What’s going on?” Link sounded very distraught worry filled his voice. The voices in the background subdued and I could hear Chase talking to Link. Their voices were muffled so I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. A few moments passed when I finally heard voices again.

“Hey Hailey it’s Chase, what’s going on? Can’t this wait?” He sounded kind of pissed off. Which just pissed me off even more.

“Are you serious right now Chase! I never ask you for anything or expect anything from you and you can’t even pretend to be conceded about me for once?” I yelled into the phone. Anger rushed through my body and I had to clench my fists and start pacing back and forth on the deck.

“Calm down Hailey, I’m sorry ok. I didn’t know it was something serious. What’s happening? Just tell me” he sounded sorry. I stopped for a second and let a cool breeze pass by. It calmed me down. Taking a deep breath I continued.

“Dad left mom.. he has been having an affair with Julia and he’s gone to live with her. Moms a mess.. Chase, I need you. Please come home”

Authors Note:
Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I kinda lost motivation with the book. Been dealing with a lot lately and haven’t had time to myself to sit down and write. But I promise I’m going to try and keep going!
It would really mean a lot if you guys could show some support and vote and comment on my book! Give me some motivation! I have so many ideas I want to share with you guys!
Let me know what you think!
-PrettyLittleVixen :)

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