The Hellhound (Riders of Tyr #2)

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Chapter 16: Rough Interrogation


With one deep breath, I wake up and my body wakes up with me in one painful surge. My head is heavy but the main cause for pain is coming from my hands. They are in plastic handcuffs and tied to a hook from the ceiling. They bear most of my body’s weight as I am kneeling on the floor, my knees scuffed by the hard surface. I look around but the motion makes me dizzy. I close my eyes and try again. I am in the middle of a vast, empty warehouse with dim lights.

“No!” I groan.

“Oh, yes.” a voice echoes somewhere behind me.

A shiver goes down my spine as the voice reaches me. The chilling fear that has accompanied me all my life wraps me once more and my weak mind repeats the same thought over and over again: I am never getting away. Never. Desperation comes over me and tears well up and run down my cheeks uncontrollably. I hear the man’s steps coming nearer and my body stiffens in its own accord.

“Iris, did you really think you could escape me?”

I did. I thought I had escaped him. Being with the Riders made me forget my fear. Being around Rage... More tears come down my cheeks as I think of him. I will never see him again, his blue eyes, his broad shoulders, the sturdy body that could have sheltered me. I wish with all my soul for him to come to me but two rough hands grab my chin and yank my head up. I keep my eyes shut. I can’t face him.

“Look at me, Iris!” he demands.

I keep my eyes shut and my head down feeling the tears rolling down my chin. I hear his clothes rustle and then the sharp pain of his palm against my cheek. I know that he is going to hurt me no matter what I do. Before escaping him, I did his bidding all the time obediently and he took great pleasure in my fear. I am not the same girl now. So I keep my eyes shut.

“You fucking little whore!” he walks away “You are lucky I like your face.”

After a few seconds the sound of the whip hisses in the air. I can’t help but whimper and regret it instantly.

“I see you remember your old friend, Iris. He has missed you and your silky skin.”

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