The Hellhound (Riders of Tyr #2)

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Chapter 19: Eternal Questions


As soon as I am in an open space my eyes shoot around looking for Iris. Instead, there is a chair in the lit area where a man is strapped and beaten badly. Where the fuck is she? Two of Daultrey’s goons are there as well and reach for their guns as soon as they see me.

Everything happens in a matter of seconds but adrenaline makes me see things slower than they actually take place. The knife leaves my hand swiftly and finds its target, right between one goon’s eyes. The other shoots at me but I stoop as all my concentration is fixed on Daultrey that is looking at me perplexed rather than surprised. I have to trust Bjorn to take care of the other goon. And Bjorn delivers. A bullet flies silently and the man falls on the cement, shot in the neck. I throw myself at Daultrey and pin him on the floor, punching him hard in the face, hard enough to make him lose focus for a while. Bjorn is over me scanning the area, the gun held up his line of sight.

“What the fuck?” Daultrey says only to feel my knuckles against his jaw.

“Where the fuck is she?” I ask.

A flicker of recognition goes through his eyes. He is not denying he knows who I am talking about. And then he smiles. He curls his torn lips and smiles with his crooked teeth, bloodied by my punches.

“Where?” I seem to be asking the same question for an eternity since Iris was gone.

“You like that piece of ass?” Daultrey says.

I push him up and then hit him on the concrete. Bjorn talks to someone and I know my brothers are near.

“Fuck. He is dead!” Vik swears talking about the man tied to the chair “Call Tor!” he adds “That fucker has Chuen Yat tatts.”

Bjorn walks away grabbing his phone and Runner talks with Vik but none of it matters to me. My eyes are focused on the man pinned on the floor under me. His look is even and he is eyeing me amused.

“So, you’re the one fucking that little whore. When I found out that she was hiding with the Riders I thought that Tor would be the one sticking it to her.”

Punching isn’t enough for that fucker so I swiftly get up, grabbing his hand and twisting it till it reaches an impossible angle. I push some more with my boot pressed against his armpit and then a chilling cracking sound fills the room. Daultrey screams loudly and when I let the arm drop.

“Fucking psycho. I should have known that bitch would fall for a filth like you. Bastard!” he goes on and I kick him in the belly as he is laying down.

“Where is Iris?” I yell going completely insane with worry.

He looks up at me and his look is a mixture of hate and satisfaction. If he is afraid of me, he doesn’t show it. If he isn’t, he will be soon enough. My fists are clenched and I am breathing heavily.

“Iris is my property.” he throws in my face.

I lunge at him, placing my knee on his chest. He gasps for air and fear flickers in his eyes but still doesn’t answer the question. I lean closed and I growl in his face. If a look can suck the soul out of a body with the greatest of pains, that is the look I have.

“Iris is mine!” I say with unshakeable certainty.

I thought that looking in the mirror has given me a glimpse of how true evil looks like. But the look Daultrey gives me as I lay my claim over Iris is dripping malice and cruelty. His bloodied lips curl into a twisted smile and his eyes narrow as he lifts his head to me.

“If I can’t have her, no one will.”

His words have a finality that chills my soul. He isn’t going to talk. He is going to leave Iris to die. The rage ignites inside me but the flames don’t break the surface for they meet with a wall. A wall made of fear. Fear cripples me. I am going to lose her. I budge relaxing the grip I have on him and my whole body stiffens. Iris is held somewhere and she is wallowing in despair. Is she wondering where I am and why am I not coming for her?

The vision of Iris tied like the dead Asian in the warehouse spurs me into action. The wall crumbles and fury is unleashed in my veins. If I can’t help Iris, the Hellhound for sure can. And the Hellhound can make this fucker talk. And since I don’t have time for maiming and scarring torments, I know exactly what to do.

“Keep an eye on the fucker. Don’t kill him!” I bark at Runner and make for a stack of crates.

I move purposefully and there is a faint smile on my lips. I may not be good enough to live, not good enough for a girl like Iris but I am good in one thing. And that is exactly what I am going to do. Minutes after, I set the top of a crate inclined into a few degrees with the help of some bricks I found. I take my cut off and give it to Runner. I drag Daultrey to the crate and place him on it with his head down. I tie him down with my belt.

“I won’t talk, you fucker!” he yells as I prep him “She will rot in there!”

I say nothing just finish tying him down. I hold a filthy bottle filled with water and I tower over him. Daultrey’s resolve falters and I groan with satisfaction. I rip off my t-shirt and kneel down beside him.

“Where is Iris?”

“Fuck you!”

I place the cloth over his face making sure it covers his mouth and nose. My brothers instinctively take a few steps back. I hold the cloth down and pour water over his face, wetting the cloth. Instantly Daultrey shakes violently trying to breath and the wood creaks by his effort. I keep pouring water for a few more seconds and then remove the cloth. Daultrey gasps desperately for air and he looks at me terrified.


He scowls and takes another deep breath. I repeat the same moves over again, making him think that he is drowning but without really dying. He squirms and struggles but he is bound tight and I am still pouring water down his covered head.

“Fuck!” Vik whispers as Daultrey pisses himself.

I remove the cloth and say nothing. Daultrey takes a few breaths, vomit tricking down his chin. Still the fucker says nothing. But this time, tears run down his fat cheeks, chilling fear in his small eyes. The fucking cunt has soiled himself. I chuckle.

“Seems to me you are thirsty.” I simply say.

“Pier 67. Building 34.” Daultrey screams at the top of his lungs.

I get up and throw the t-shirt away before asking Runner for my cut. All eyes are pinned on me and all are filled with dread.

“Runner, stay on him till I got Iris.”

“Sure thing, brother.”

“Tor wants me to stay behind, too.” Vik says.

I don’t give a fuck what Tor is planning. All I care about is to get Iris out of this mess alive and well. I throw the cut over my bare shoulders and then I lean down to Daultrey. He flinches and all the hatred is replaced with pure, downright fear. The look anyone that meets the Hellhound has. He was lucky I was out of time or I would have used more invasive methods on his worthless skin.

“If she is not there, I will come back and we will do this all over again. If anything has happened to her, I am dragging you back to my room and I will fucking enjoy drowning you every fucking day.”

His look averts and tears run down mixed with snot. I walk out the warehouse with Bjorn behind me and we go straight to Wood and our bikes. I want to relax, let hope shine through but I still need the Hellhound so I hold all feelings back and let the voices in my head do their job.

“Pier 67. Building 34. You are with us.” I throw at Wood that simply nods and get in the SUV.

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