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The Hidden Truth

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“You never seem stop amazing me, darling. You pay random peoples debts and for what cost? You never do tell me. What’s the reason? Do you keep them as slaves, sex toys, or do you personally kill them? Sometimes you never forget your first real love and just wished it worked out. They creep into your mind when you least expect it, the memories you shared together, and wish they were by your side. But you learn to move on and they become a distant memory... until one day they show up in front of you. That's what happened to Clara but she wish it was never at that time or certain place. Clara became a successful businesswoman with her own tech company and only wants to concentrate in her work. She knew she would be meeting dangerous people but never thought she would get involved. With power comes dangers she never knew she had to deal with. Now when her love life becomes intertwined with her work and dangers she faces. How will she protect the people she loves or the person she loved the most is back in her life?

Romance / Thriller
Karla N.
Age Rating:

Seeing You Again

“Stop.” The woman sitting at one end of the table in the room orders. Her face is covered with a mask, hiding her identity. The mask white masked carved to fit her face decorated with a black line pattern. Her mask cut diagonal only showing part of her cheek and the corner of her mouth. In a stunning cream colored gown, blood red roses decorate her gown. The roses cross from her ribs to her hips and then the roses goes to the train of her dress. The roses drag as her black high heels click as she nears the two men kneeling, her golden-blonde ironed hair swayed as she walked. She nears the first man and bends down to get a closer look at him. She grabs his chin in-between her fingers. A familiar face she knows she has seen somewhere but can’t remember. She lets his head drop and moves onto the next man. For a brief moment her hand shakes but fixes her composer. She grabs his chin too and looks into his eyes, a shine showing she knows who he is. “What is their debt to you?” She asks without breaking eye contact. Any emotion she feels, eliminating them from her voice.

“Darling, there is no need for you to know that but if you’re really curious, they owe me now one hundred twenty-thousand dollars.” A deep voice answers behind her. She stands upright again, curling her hand into a fist. She turns around to face the man she calls her ally. He sits at the other end of the table in a red suit with a black button shirt, complimenting her dress. His black silk hair brushed to the side and his mask covering his face.

“Why did they need the money?” She asks having an idea why but wanting to confirm it.

“You know most people want it to have lifestyle they can’t have, drugs, medical purposes, you know how it is. People get desperate but these two...these two are something else. They wanted it to further their music career but haven’t made a profit and haven’t been able to pay me back. Thats a little pathetic isn’t it? A career that seems that will never come true.” He chuckles at the thought of the two men being musicians. He grabs his wine glass for a drink.

She glances back at the two men. The first one, his amber blond hair draped in front of his face. His body limp from exhaustion, barely being able to keep his body up. The second man is in the same position. His jet black hair messy from being grabbed from the other men. Her reaction would be to kneel down and check on them but she can’t do that. Not now at least. Not while there are too many eyes watching. She turn her attention back to ally. “Their debt is paid to you. You will have your money tomorrow morning and you know I always keep my word, Jasper.” Directing her attention to the men standing by the wall, keeping guard, “Have them in my car when I leave.” She walks back to her seat at the table.

“You never seem stop amazing me, darling. You pay random peoples debts and for what cost? You never do tell me. What’s the reason? Do you keep them as slaves, sex toys, or do you personally kill them?” his smile is the same as the cherries cat. Thinking dirty thoughts. She smirks, the right side of her lips showing.

As she sits down, she picks up her wine glass and answers his question. “I guess I will keep you guessing. I know you like a woman who are mysterious, Jasper. Now their debt is to me so I know what I will do to them.”

The night continued like any other night they spent together. Jasper telling her all he has done and the businesses he has while she only listens. Giving him all her attention, but not revealing anything about herself. The night dragged on. The laughter of only them in the room while everyone listened to them. The two men she saved, knocked out on the cold tile floor. Their bodies unconsciously shivering from the cold. Their blood on their faces drying up and the bruises on their body getting worst as the time passes on.

Her eyes drifted very so often to make sure they were still okay. The worry that flashed before her eyes every time she saw them, she hid it quickly. Showing emotion in a place like that, is dangerous. Any connection to her can be used against her and as she has always believed, Even walls have ears.′ She never wanted to be in this business. But as you climb the ladder, becoming more powerful, you need allies. With no allies, you are vulnerable and its easier for others to bring you down.

The night dragged on until it was time for her to leave. “You know you can always stay the night the with me, darling. My invitation is still standing.” Jasper pointed out as he walks towards her. Every night they would meet, he would never forget to ask. Once he reachers her, he extends his hand. She wraps her small hand around his and he guides her arm, wrapping it around his. They slowly walk to the door.

“As much as I would like to take you on that offer, I have business I need to attend to and I assume you do as well.” She answers as they reach the door. Her guards followed her every step and stayed by her side.

Jasper turns to face her and grabs her hand brining it up to his lips. He kisses the top of her hand softly then drops her hand but not letting go. “I will wait for you until the day you say yes. We should not speed things up as you said. Thank you anyways darling for having dinner with me today. I cherish the moments you spend with me. When will I see you again?”

“I will send you message when we can meet again.” with her free hand, she reaches up to cup his cheek and leans in to give him a kiss. “Goodnight.” As she turns to leave, Jasper pulls her back preventing her from leaving.

“I gave you my name today. I think I should know yours too. Its only fair as we are more closer and our trust is stronger.” Jasper declared. Their relationship has been getting more close every time they have been together. She could tell and he could be of help in the future more as she knew she had to play her cards right. There is no space for mistakes or enemies, she knew that and she didn’t need Jasper as an enemy.

“Clara.” and with that, she left but not before seeing Jasper give her the biggest smile he has ever done. With her men behind her, she walks down the dark hallway leading to the outside. Everyone walks in silence as they watch out for any threat.

When they finally reach the exit, two black suburbans pull up to greet them. Clara turns to look at the men beside her and if reading her mind, he responds “They are in the first suburban.” She nods walks toward the passenger door in the front. Her guard rushes to her side and opens it for her. He helps her on and picks up her dress so it wont get caught by the door. Before he closes the door he informs her, “We will be right behind you.” Clara nod one more time and he closes the door and the car takes off. She rests her head on the seat closing her eyes. Exhaustion from the day and then going there with Jasper has drained her.

“You should sleep ma’am. Its still a way until we get home and I will wake you up if anything happens.” The man beside her driving says.

She opens her eyes slightly and glances at him. A small smile appears on her face, “I’m okay, James. Just a little tired that’s all.” She turns around to look at the two men at the backseat. Both of them leaning against the window, unconscious. Clara sighs as she looks at them. Their bodies bruised and maybe a few broken bones. Clara knows she cant take them to the hospital or she can be tracked and there will be a lot of questions. The good thing, she thought, Kasper had them drugged and won’t wake up for a while. They are going to be in a lot of pain when they wake up.

“If you don’t mind me asking ma’am. Do you know who they are?” James ask with curiosity.

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t know them, James. But I couldn’t leave them there knowing they would die. The guilt would eat me alive.” Clara admitted. She turns back to look forward. “I wish they hadn’t come back into my life. Not in a time like this at least.” She whispers more to herself than to James. She closes her eyes to rest a little before she got home.

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