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The Hidden Truth

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Knowing You

As they pull up to the modern house. Walls made out of glass, a clear view to the entry way. Lights illuminating outside as a man stands waiting for them. Once the suburban pulls up to the door, the man steps out and reaches to open the door for Clara. He helps her off the suburban and Clara takes off her mask. She opens the back side door to reveal the two men to him. She turn to look at him, “Kastian, help me take them to the bathroom. We need to wash off all the blood and change their clothes. They won’t be conscious until later in the afternoon or late at night. They dosed them too much.” Without a word, Kastian picks up the black haired up with the help with another guard. Other guards pick up the blond one up and follow her inside. None of the maids would be up at this hour and Clara didn’t want to interrupt their sleep. She guides them to the guest room beside her own bedroom.

They rush inside, Clara heading to the bathroom. She starts a bath and pulls out the medicine kit from under the bathroom sink. She brings it out to the bedroom, “Please wash all the blood off. I will get the clothes ready and take care of their wounds once you’re done.” She orders Kastian. He takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves. He carries the black haired man first

“Is this one of your ‘I felt bad’ rescue again?” Kastian asks as he finishes up drying his hands.

“Unfortunately, no.” Clara answers with a whisper. As she stares at the man in bed, his sun kissed tan skin full of bruises and cuts, she moves a strand of his hair out of his face. Then she runs her fingers along his jaw. “His name is Noah and the other one is his brother, Tristan. They used to live in my hometown and that’s where I met them but they moved to Texas. I never heard from them again. I guess I never wanted to hear from them again but here we are.” Clara sighs and stands up, leaving the room and Kastian following her footstep. She goes into her bedroom, sitting down in front of her vanity mirror. Her reflection staring back at her. She grabs a makeup wipe and removes her make up. Her small blemishes on her cheek showing and her blue under eyes from the stress of the night she went through. Just the normal girl she is under all the makeup.

She used to hate her blemishes and thought they were ugly but she learned to love her imperfect skin because to her, it is perfect. Well, she had a confidence boost when she was younger and learned to love herself getting far in life but it was a lonely road.

“Why did you have that look of sadness when you looked at him? Were you more than someone you just knew?” Kastian distracted her from her thoughts. Clara forgot Kastian was still in the room sitting on her bed. She looks at his reflection and gives him a small smile. “You know me to well. I can’t hide anything from you, right?”

“You know damn right I am! I’m not talking to you anymore as your employee but as your best friend. I care about you a lot and I know this takes a toll on you. Now tell me what’s really wrong.”

“I...I used to date Noah and I was really happy with him but he just...left me...Let’s just leave it at that okay? We can talk about this later. Right now I just want a hot shower and a good night sleep. It was a long night.”

“I suppose it was but what are you going to do about Jasper? From what the men informed me, he wants something more from you than just an alliance.”

“I haven’t seen his face or him mine but I guess you could say he is falling for someone who isn’t me. He is pushing me more and more to reveal more about myself. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. This is just getting more difficult as it goes on.” Clara sighs as Kastian put his hand on her shoulder.

“We will figure this tomorrow. Now get some rest.” Kastian squeezes her shoulder, a sign of comfort.

“Can you tell Abi in the morning about Noah and Tristan?” Clara says right before Kastian closes the door. He nods and closes the door leaving Clara alone. A night she thought could not get any worse just did. How is she going to keep them from the danger she is in? How is she going to be able to face him after all those years?

She has grown building her own tech company, making a name for herself in a male dominated industry. She erased everyone from her past and forgot all those horrible memories of not always being believed that she will do something great. Now all those people wished they were still in contact with her, that she would help them get out from where they are but who helped her? Her family was the only one who believed and helped her. She owes so much to them and she has already repaid her debt.

Her past, or more specifically him, is back to haunt her but she just wants to leave it in the past. But now that he is back in front of her just a few doors down, will she let him go one more time?

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep, Clara washed her face and changed into shorts and a tank top. For the rest of the night she went into the rooms of Noah and Tristan, washing their faces of the cold sweat and taking care of the bodies. Sleep didn’t hit Clara until she saw the sun rise in the room of Noah and knew she would have to get a few hours of sleep and she did, beside the bed of Noah.

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