Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 11: Revealed Past


What the fuck is going on? Who the hell is that fucker and how does he know Lysa? And what is this deal they are talking about? I watch them shake hands and I feel fear come over me. I dread even thinking that Lysa put herself in harm’s way to keep shit away. If what Jong said is true, he is one sadistic bastard. If he thinks that I am going to sit back and watch him hurt my woman, he is out of his mind. And yes, I called Lysa my woman but right now I have more important things to panic over.

“Great then. I’ll send you the details,” Jack waves and his goons put their guns away.

All but the one that’s with Daniel. He pulls Daniel on his feet and pushes him to the door.

“Jack!” Lysa demands.

“Insurance,” Jack smiles.

I want to kill him. It would be so easy, one right handle and his neck will snap like a twig. But his men are armed and they look pro. The fucker paid a little army to come at us. My eyes dart to Ava as she holds the pin in her hand sullenly. I have seen exactly what she can do with that innocent-looking pin. Only then she didn’t have one big, round belly with Bjorn’s kid in it. No, I can’t risk it.

“No need, Jack. You know my word is good,” Lysa gets in Jack’s face. “Let him go!”

For a fleeting second, the fucker shits his pants forgetting that he is protected by ten fully armed, trained professional killers and cowers before an unarmed girl with a freaking bathing suit on. Who the hell is Lysa and how does she know him? I scowl. Still, seeing a ruthless man like that Jack fellow cower before Lysa’s look

“Just making sure you will keep your end of the deal,” Jack says.

Lysa shakes her head and purses her lips. When she talks, her voice is even, clear, unemotional.

“I am doing this so we can resolve this nicely. If you fuck this up, it’s war. That,” Lysa points at Ava, “is a Rider Valkyrie. To the guy being the explosives expert in the club. Plus, she is the only niece of Radomir Vasiliev.”

Jack frowns and glances at Ava. Between Lysa’s cold look and Ava’s murderous one, he is caught in a bad place and he swallows hard. Lysa isn’t finished.

“As for her,” she points at Iris, “she is the Hellhound’s Valkyrie. Frankly, I can’t guarantee that he won’t come after you either way and gut you slowly just for upsetting her. So you see, Jack, I am the one doing you a favor here. Fuck this up and you’ll have nowhere to hide,” she pulls closer. “Least of all by me.”

“I see,” Jack gulps hard and I chuckle.

“You said three,” Lysa growls, her whole body shaking. “I win all of them, you forget Jong ever existed, you let Daniel go and we put this shit behind us.”

Jack nods.

“Good. Now, let me talk to Daniel.”

She walks up to her father and they speak whispering. Daniel is going crazy, shaking his head but Lysa reassures him. Then he throws his arms around her and pulls her in a crashing hug. I notice Lysa doesn’t return the favor but she lets her body be dragged in her father’s arms. Jack and his goons walk away in a perfect retreat formation and the room breathes again.

I rush up to Lysa that is standing pinned on the floor her eyes on the door. She looks so vulnerable and lost that I want to wrap my arms around her and shield her from the world. But something tells me she can do the whole shielding on her own.

“Lys?” I demand.

“Vik, it’s done so don’t. Just don’t,” she looks in my eyes.

Scratch that shielding-on-her-own bullshit. She is so broken that I stop thinking and I pull her in my arms. She rests her head on my chest but her arms lie lifeless on her sides. I run my hand up her back and to the nape of her neck. Fuck, this must be the first time I hold a woman like this, not feeling a cup or grinding against her. And as I feel her relax, I am filled with an emotion I can’t name.

“Lys, talk to me.” I leave a soft kiss on the top of her hair.

“Cage fights?” Tor hits his hand on the table.

We are at the Thing* and Lysa is present. We rode straight back and the room is filled with brothers. Even Vince and Wood are riding in and someone called Erik to drag his ass back. Tor has called the Kings in the eastern chapter as well. This is some serious shit and everyone needs to report in, all hands on deck. But I can’t concentrate on anything but what Lysa has just told us.

“Yes. Illegal underground fights. Jack has an esteemed clientele, the fights are invitation only and lots of money change hands. Private fights with no rules, shit like that.”

“How do you know all this shit?”

Lysa looks at me straight in the eye hesitating and then turns back to Tor.

“I was a fighter. Three years.”

What? I know Lysa is tough and I have seen her fight but this is some serious shit. People die in those cages.

“There is no fucking way you are going in,” I stand up. “We will handle this shit the Rider way. You stay out of it.”

“Do what?” Lysa challenges me. “Go in guns blazing? Get Daniel killed in the process?”

“That’s not going to happen,” I am standing before her.

“Cause I am going to make this go away,” she stands up too. “Three fights, one night. I’ve had worst.”

“What the fuck?” I run my fingers through my hair in anger. “You’ll stay here even if I have to lock you up in my room.”

“I would love to see you try.”

“I got no problem showing you,” I make a move to grab her.

“Enough!” Tor demands attention. “Can we talk, if you are done with the dick-measuring?” Tor is frowning. “Sorry, Lysa, but you do have some balls so I am guessing a dick is next.”

Everyone laughs but her and me that we are locked in a stare. I feel the need to do exactly as I threatened. Throw her over my shoulder, bring her to my room, lock her in, deal with this shit and come back to fuck her into oblivion. And keep her there.

“The guy is Jack Pattinson, big-time fish in Vegas,” Stig has his head behind his lap-top’s screen. “Has paid more cops than the actual police department. He mostly deals on bets. Cage fights for the elite is his main income.”

“Why is he crossing borders?” Tor squints his eyes and I know he is laying a plan. “Where is he keeping Daniel? Can you get me that info?”

“Doing exactly that, bror,” Stig hasn’t lifted his head.

The whole room holds its breath and Stig’s fingers on the keypad is the only thing that is heard. Lysa has released my eyes and has taken her seat back on the table. I can’t sit down and instinctively I stand over Lysa ready to rip the throat of anyone coming for her. No one will take her away from me. No one! My move doesn’t go unnoticed by my brothers and Tor throws a glance my way, his eyes filled with questions.

“FUCK!” Rage saves me from Tor’s Holy Inquisition. “Tell me where he is and they are all dead. If he wants a goddamn killer, I’ll give him one.”

Runner is the one to go to him and Rage calms down, which is more like he isn’t going to tear down the walls.

“Let me go!” Rage growls. “If that fucker wants a fighter, he’ll get the worse of them all.”

Rage takes out his knives and fists them purposefully. Lysa was dead on that Rage cannot be controlled. Despite the deal, that Jack fucker might find himself kept alive, gutted and tortured for Rage’s sole pleasure. The last guy that hurt Iris was waterboarded till he shat his pants. My look shifts to Bjorn that sits silently and with a heavy look in his eyes. He was out of his mind when we got back. He held Ava and kissed her lights out. And now I know that he is ready to kill, maim and blast his way to the one that dared point a gun at his Valkyrie.

And for the first time in my life I am right there with my brothers. The same ones I mocked for settling with one woman, for claiming her and naming her a Valkyrie, their one. Fuck me but I am sharing the same sentiment just by thinking Lysa would be harmed. Tor starts talking but these thoughts dominate me and I can’t do anything but be scared shitless.

Without thinking I place one hand on Lysa’s shoulder and squeeze to let her know that I got her back. When she raises her hand and puts it over mine, my heart expands threatening to burst out of my chest. It lasts for one second and is nothing more than a reassuring pat but I grin like an idiot.

“These fuckers are good. Went under the radar,” Stig shakes his head in frustration. “We are dealing with some serious pros. I’ll ask Ava’s help and we’ll work on this.”

“If we get Daniel back, we can go in and take care of this,” Tor says. “But we can’t risk it before that.”

All eyes turn to Lysa and I dig my fingers in her shoulder pulling her to me. She is not going anywhere, I am not letting her go fight in a fucking cage. No way!

“There is no other way,” Lysa gets up. “Three fights. Daniel will be back and we put this shit behind us.”

She waits to hear nothing more and walks out the bar. I follow her as she is met by Iris and Ava. They pour questions on her and Lysa explains. Iris gasps and hugs her, begging her to be careful. Ava measures Lysa and nods before touching her on the arm. She is perfectly fitted here, beautiful and sexy as she is, ready to fall in the fire for the club, bold and fearless, a true warrior. A Valkyrie. The thought grips my intestines and almost brings me to my knees.

“Two weeks,” I hear Lysa say. “I got time to prepare.”

“I would spar with you but...” Ava smiles showing her belly. “Try Rage. If you manage to survive a light sparring session with him, there’s nothing worse they can throw at you.”

“I’ll train you,” I state simply.

Lysa turns to me with a you-must-kidding-me look in her eyes. One thing this woman needs to be taught is do as she is told. My look tells her I am not fucking around and that there is no space for negotiations.

“No need,” she avoids my eyes.

“Did I ask for your permission?” I snap. “I am training you. Period.”

“You mean you are on your period, perhaps,” Lysa bites her jaw down. “Get your head out of your ass, Vik. I don’t need your help.”

“Lys!” I grab her by the wrist her and twist her flush against me. “That fucker has seen you fight, he knows you. You are good, I give you that. Throw a bit of BJJ in it and you’ll be unstoppable.”

Lysa stops fighting me and there is a flash of something else in her eyes as she pressed against me. Something that makes me stir in my jeans despite the shitty situation we are in. Something that makes me want to bend her over a table and fuck her hard, own her, mark her.

“Hm,” Ava coughs lightly.

The spell is broken and Lysa wiggles away from me. She looks around confused and I know she felt it too, perhaps even wanted me to make true my fantasies. But as always, she finds herself quickly and locks up all the doors firmly.

My brothers pour out of the Thing and Rage rushes to Iris, closing her in his arms while she whispers reassuringly at him. Bjorn does the same though him and Ava don’t talk, just look into each other’s eyes and speak volumes, both their hands on her belly. I want to do the same. Grab Lysa and hold her, tell her that I am here, that no harm will come to her. But I don’t.

*Thing is what the Viking called their assembly for lawmaking and decision-making

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