Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 12: Battling Needs


I have never been so sore in my whole life and never thought I would. Vik is exactly as I thought he would be. Hard, relentless, pounding. A steady stream of swear runs down my body as I stand up.

“Good,” he says as he gets up himself.

I try not to look but...he’s right there, again suffering from t-shirt allergy and looking fucking edible. I follow a rivulet down his torso and hard as I might to stop myself, my tongue darts out and licks my lips.

“Stop that!” Vik orders and I am startled.

“W...What?” I look away.

Vik pulls closer and presses me against the ropes of the ring. This is not how I imagined our training session would end. This is the way I dreamt it would go but I rarely trust my dreams to come true. As his head drops a few inches closer to my face, I think that I might have to revise that attitude.

“Stop licking your fucking lips,” Vik’s voice is hoarse. “You do that shit all the time when you work out. And then there is that little cry you let when throwing a punch. It’s torture just being near you in those fucking shorts, I don’t need the damn licking and sighing.”


I may not talk a lot but I am never speechless. Never. But with him is like my brain decides to go for a vacation in hotter climates and relax on a sunbed, leaving me defenseless. I turn and slide away through the ropes as fast as I can.

It’s been three days since we started training with Vik and he doesn’t have to tell me how hard this is. He comes in in the freaking sweatpants I’ve grown to hate loving and that pant-dropping smile on his face. And since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact martial art, I end up entangled with his firm body all the time. Daniel is being held somewhere and I am fussing over Vik. Daughter of the year, I shake my head.

“Good,” he says. “You up for some light sparring with someone else other than me?”

“You got me partners?”

“I have asked a few of the brothers.”

Not Rage, not Rage, not Rage, I plead silently. That fucker scares the shit out of me. Ever since the incident at the escort he has gotten worst, needing to feel blood. The others tell me that he’s better, Iris keeping him calm but calm for Rage is a whole new level of erratic. I breathe freely when Runner walks in the gym.

I like Runner. He is easy to be around, he laughs a lot and though he is ten years older than me, he moves lighter than men my age. And he has all that exotic charm, with his chocolate skin, the deep, black eyes, the sharp cheekbones.

“Come in, Runner,” Vik waves to him and then turns to me. “Runner is the swiftest motherfucker I know. Guns, knives, punches, bike. You name it. He is quick. Bet he comes in seconds.”

“Nice one, Vik,” Runner puts on his wraps. “Like we haven’t tag-teamed bitches together.”

I flinch in irritation. There hasn’t been one single soul in here - but sweet Iris, of course - that hasn’t commented on Vik’s sex life. This is becoming annoying, hearing how many women he has been with. And though I shouldn’t care, I fucking do. I eye Vik but he has pinned Runner with a killer look and Runner raises his hands in surrender. Then Vik turns to me and gives me a few instructions.

“You OK?” Vik asks when we are done.

I try to breathe casually but I pant, struggling for oxygen. When Vik said Runner was fast, he wasn’t kidding. I have lost count on how many times he had me thrown down in swift handles.

“You did well,” Vik lifts his chin. “You caught the bastard a few times and you got punches through. I’m impressed. But if your opponent relies on his speed, you seem to lose it. You rely on those hammering kicks of yours too much. Be light on your feet, Lys.”

I nod. Hot, sexy, irritating, arrogant, ladies’ man as Vik may be, he is a goddamn good trainer. He reads me well and has made it his point to find my weaknesses. The ones that aren’t his deep eyes, that fucking perfect jaw and a pair of full lips that is. Stop this! He just called you slow!

“So, what are you doing today?” he asks.

“Nothing much,” I exhale. “I have to pack my things. I was told that a nomad is coming in from the east chapters I got the only fully equipped room so I am moving to the basement. I don’t want to stay in Daniel’s. It’d be...weird,” I start picking my things up. “Though more Riders are being called in from the eastern chapters so I might just go to Ava’s. Or the escort.”

I hate the last two options. I like Ava enough but she and Bjorn and unbearably cute – in a badass, biker-mafia kind of way – and I don’t need being near that now. As for the escort, the girls are great and they took me in with enthusiasm but it’s not the best environment to be, really.

“To Hell with all that,” Vik snarls demanding attention. “Take your shit and come to my room.”

What? No way he just said that.

“What?” I ask.

“You heard me, Lys. Your shit. My room.”

Worse idea ever. How on Earth did he think that I was going to go with it? And in that tone above all things. I don’t even want to contemplate on his motives and most of all I try to control the stupid enthusiasm that makes my knees shake at the thought of sharing the room with him. And bed...No, no, bad girl! Steer away from the bed! Away from the freaking bed! I steel my resolve and face him.

“Since I am neither in the habit of watching other people fuck nor in the mood of catching an STD off your sheets, I think I will refrain from staying in your 24-hour whoring house you call room,” I point a finger at him.

Vik says nothing, just yanks me to him and commands my eyes in his. His look is serious and for an easy-going man like him, this is rare.

“You are staying in my room, Lys. I am not letting you out of my sight. Clear?”

“I...” I try.

“Good. Now, as for the witty comments on my sex life,” he leans in closer, “I haven’t fucked anyone since I saw you.”

Bullshit, the look on my face is so clear that Vik tightens his grip on me. I don’t know what the deal between us is but I saw him walk away with that girl at my party. Not that I was watching or anything.

“Are you calling me a liar, princess?” he glances down my lips.

“I didn’t say a word,” I try to concentrate.

“No need. Those eyes say it all.”

He closes the gap between us and takes my lips into his with force. Sweet Jesus, I fight to stand still. I want this. Damn me, but I want this. I need this. I didn’t even know how much till I felt him on me. He grunts loudly against my lips and it vibrates between my thighs.

For a few seconds, I just let him taste me, fearing it will be over soon and that he will walk away in doubt. When his lips mold against mine, logic has decided to join my brains in that exotic vacation spot and share cocktails, leaving me deal with Vik kissing me. Fuck this, I throw caution out the window and join him, tasting him greedily. And he tastes divine, damn him.

He slides his tongue over my lips lazily and both his hands cup my face, cradling me and locking me in the position he wants me. I want it too so I knit my arms over his neck to get closer, deeper, nearer and I let him in. I was never big on kissing, the boys I have kissed so far had a tongue that resembled slugs having a seizure in my mouth.

But Vik’s velvety tongue knows exactly what to do, give the perfect pressure, move like a smooth dancer. His musk, a potent virile smell, takes over me and I glue myself more to him. He never picks up his pace, just keeps leisurely tasting me till he pulls back and kisses the corners of my mouth several times.

“That’s better,” he breaks the kiss. “Now, get your ass up and gather your stuff. I’ll be up to help you.”

There has never been a man to dare order me without witnessing firsthand what a dislocated jaw feels like. I open my mouth to protest but Vik beats me to it catching my jaw in his hand pinning me with those demanding eyes. What was I thinking again? What year is this? And what is my name exactly?

“Don’t fight me over this, Lys,” his voice is menacing and soft at the same time. “I almost lost it back at the escort at the thought of something happening to you.”

If I was walking, I would stumble on my own two feet hearing him say that. My mind goes back to those seconds when Jack and his men barged in. Vik run to me and shielded me. Of all the women in there, Galina and two Valkyries included, he came for me, putting his own body up to protect me. No one has ever done that before. No one.

“ sorry. I think,” I whisper.

“Well, fuck. I wasn’t ready to lose you,” he hasn’t released me yet. “At least not till I know what your pussy tastes like,” he gives me a wide smile.

Aaaand it’s gone! I take one step back and smack him on the shoulder. He laughs hard, his head thrown back. He is so easy to laugh, the first to crack a joke even in the grimmest of situations. And damn him he looks magnificent when he laughs.

“You should see your face, Lys,” he points at me.

“Asshole,” I gather my things and walk out the gym with his laughter still ringing in my ears.

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