Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 13: Fireman Carry


I am tidying my room. Me. Tidying my room. For a woman. Either this alien-abduction thing is true or I got hit in the head. Or...Nope, not going there. By the way, “there” is Lys’s soft lips and her lithe body on mine. So definitely not going there.

That kiss was stupid and dangerous and maybe that’s why I fucked the moment up with a crude joke. I laid too much out there. My want, my desire, my fears of losing her. For a guy that doesn’t mind being seen naked, it took a girl with big eyes and a set of titillating lips to make me feel really exposed.

I look around and my man-cave is decent. I go down the hall to Erik’s bedroom and I see the door is open. I walk in and I can tell the room is empty, no sign of Lysa. Damn that woman, I rush out through the bar. My eyes go straight to our garage across the street. Lysa is there, loading her car with her few belongings and Bjorn is helping her out.

“What the fuck did I tell you?” I yell crossing the street.

She looks up with that trademark cold expression on her face that can turn all that global warming shit around. Yeah, right! She closes the trunk of her car and turns to Bjorn pretending I am not even there.

“You sure this is OK?” she asks.

“Sure. You’re family. Our house is open for family,” Bjorn says.

“Lys!” I spin her around to me.

“What?” she glances lazily my way.

That woman can make me go from horny to homicidal in seconds. Her eyes are heavy as if I annoy her and she crosses her arms across her chest. Tough luck, princess. That is a nice act she has going on there but I know how she shivered when we kissed, how she jolts every time I touch her and how she eyes me fiercely with those chocolate eyes of hers.

“Goddamn it, woman! I said my room.”

“Did I ever agree? Or did you think your slutty comments were the perfect advertisement?”

“Get your sweet ass in my room! Now!”

She is shaken. She is a badass fighter, tough as a nail so her being shaken by my command is exhilarating. I feel the need to dominate her, own her, fucking protect her and not because she is my brother’s daughter but because she is fucking mine and she isn’t going anywhere. I don’t let her decide and I go for her things. I open the trunk and pick up her suitcase and bag and head back to the clubhouse without waiting to see if she is following me.

The moment I get in my room, I know she isn’t. If only it were that easy with her. I step out once more and I see that she is in her car ready to go, preferring to leave her shit behind than be with me. Not so fast. I go to her, open the driver’s door, grab the keys and undo her seatbelt.

“What the hell?” she protests.

I say nothing just pull her out and throw her over my shoulder. She screams and hits my back but I don’t let her down.

“Daniel will kill you, bror,” Bjorn only comments.

“She’ll kill me long before that,” I throw at him and go back inside.

We go past the bar where there are a few of my brothers catcalling and whistling but I don’t even look at them. Lysa is struggling to free herself but I just hold her tighter and head for my room locking the door behind me. Old-school caveman shit. And just to take it the whole nine yards, with one swift move I throw her on the bed.

“Let me the fuck out!” she gets up in a fighting position.

“Calm your perfect tits,” I shake my head.

“You think this is a joke? This how you get women in your room?”

“Nope. Usually they drag me back her, begging me to fuck them,” I smile wickedly.

“There are exceptions to every rule, you smug asshole! This has stopped being cute and verges on creepy. I don’t want you near me.”

I pull close and her resolve falters. I call bullshit, I smile knowingly and I see her struggle to pull herself back. I lean in and our faces are so close, I can smell that fucking lemony scent that has me hard even looking at a freaking lemon. I go behind her back and grab a set of beddings I have ready. I dive deep into her eyes and then drop my stuff on the couch I have in the room.

“I take the couch, you take the bed,” I announce.

I unlock and walk out leaving the door open. I am not going to keep her if she doesn’t want to. First time ever I let a woman in my room and she doesn’t do the happy dance. I usually have a hard time kicking them out, not keeping them in. I guess that’s fucking Lysa for you.

Without even looking back, I go straight to the bar and order a beer. For starters. I was never much for drinking. I need my wits about, bad for concentration, shitty the day after and does a real number on erection. And I happen to love my erection. I have a hunch that Lysa can turn me alcoholic in no time, though.

“That was quick, Vik,” Tor’s smug face is in mine.

“Fuck off, Tor.”

“Glad to, brother. In fact, I have fucked each and every night as per our usual habit.”

“Good for you,” I gulp the beer and pin my look on the corridor waiting to see her storm out any moment.

“Unlike you,” Tor continues to bug me. “I have happened to notice that ever since Lysa’s party you haven’t stuck your dick in anything.”

That’s right, Sherlock.

“Even that brunette at the party knocked on my door in the middle of the night telling me you sent her away when she went for your dick.”

I would have been angry or something at Tor but all I feel is relief for not seeing Lysa run out to her car. I got nothing to say to Tor anyway. I haven’t fucked anyone since Lysa got here ’cause I don’t feel like it. And yes, it’s because I want inside her so bad, I can’t think straight. And yes, ever since she came around, every other woman seems...less to me. But that’s just till I get Lysa. I just need to help her through this cage fight shit, get Daniel back and then take my sweet little time fucking her. When I do that, she’ll be out of my system and I will be back on the horse. I think.

“Vik?” Tor’s voice turns serious.

“What, bror?” I finally look at him.

“What’s the deal between you two? She ain’t no rotter, brother. She is Daniel’s girl.”

And my woman, I want to scream. The thought comes so easily it scares me. But I am sick of everyone thinking she is untouchable because she is Daniel’s daughter. No one will touch her cause she is mine, mine and mine alone.

“Vik, man. Don’t fuck this up. You can’t make that one choke on your dick then slap her on the ass and send her away.”

First, I bury a groan as the thought of Lysa’s lips around my cock hits me hard. Then, I want to laugh for even thinking about slapping her on her ass without losing use of my arm altogether. But it’s anger that prevails. I get up and I grab Tor in a choke handle he tries to get out of.

“Talk about her like that again and you’ll lose your precious dick!” I release him.

Tor’s eyes widen and a smile cracks his lips. He knows I love him like a blood brother and would never hurt him. He also reads me like an open book. The cost of living, riding, killing and fucking with your brothers. They get to know you well.

“Fuck me!” he chuckles rubbing his neck. “There has to be some contagious disease. Lovesick puppy flu or something. Thank God, I’m immune.”

That’s what I thought too, brother. I finish my beer and order a whiskey. Yep. Alcoholic in 12 steps, the Lysa Program.

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