Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 16: Night Walks


I should have said no. No to this dinner, no to coming back with Daniel in California, no to my mother telling my father who I was. No to it all. And above all things I should have said no to this walk on the beach after dinner. But I did none of these things and here I am, walking barefoot in the sand, my boots in hand. With Vik by my side.

It was a nice dinner. After a long, steamy pause, Vik found his usual easy-going self and started small talk, sharing vague childhood memories and when Alice joined us, it was cute to see him embarrassed by her stories about him. The food was amazing the second cocktail I got was even better – Vik drunk nothing but water for the rest of the night – and I found myself laughing at some point. Really, actually laughing.

When we were ready to go, Alice pulled me in for a hug to which I didn’t know how to respond and we left. How exactly did we end up at the beach, eludes me. It was as if, without saying something, we decided to simply walk into the same direction, wishing to stay away from the world for a while. Be just me and him. Not the Rider, not the daughter. Not the trainer, not the fighter. Us. Just us.

“Thanks for dinner,” I have to say something.

“Glad you liked it. Didn’t know whether that would be your thing. I’ve never brought a girl here before, so...”

My heart tightens and explodes at the same time upon hearing that confession. Does that mean something more than a casual dinner? Is this a date? Do I want this to be a date? Is this one of his usual pick-up lines, a way to get into women’s pants? I would have about a thousand more questions coming in hard, but Vik stops beside him and forces me to look at him.

“You doubting me, Lys? Cause you know what happens when you do,” Vik’s voice deepens.

The kiss. I called bullshit on him this morning and his response was to blow my mind with an earth-shuttering kiss. If I did so again, what would happen? Will he do the same, grab me and kiss my lights out? I want him to. God, I want this so bad I don’t even bother to pretend I don’t. If there was a fight in me, he won it one breathtaking smile and one lingering look at a time. I have never met a man like Vik before. Light and dark, fun and dead serious, laid-back and dominating all at the same time in a whirlwind that sweeps me off my feet.

But deep down I know he told me the truth and I believe him. And though I am disappointed on not provoking him into another kiss, I feel flattered and cherished. He brought me here to meet Alice. I can tell she means a lot to him and I am glad he decided to share that part of him with me. Glad and terrified at the same time.

“Hm,” Vik chuckles. “I liked it better when you were calling me a liar.”

“I liked it better too,” I blurt out without thinking.

Had I been in my right mind, I would admire how swiftly Vik moved. But I am not in my right mind. Instead, I am in his arms, pressed against him, his scent making me dizzy. We are alone on the beach, no lights nearby. Only the moon shines on his face and my lips part at this breathtaking spectacle. He says nothing, just pulls gently on my hair so that I am looking up to him. His other hand cups my neck, his thumb going over my lips. Yes, please, yes, I beg silently. Pride, self-preservation, fear it all goes out the window as he lowers himself to me.

“Fucking perfect,” he murmurs.

Vik’s lips crush against mine and he demands entrance. I grip his shoulders to steady myself as his tongue goes softly over mine. This is not the same kiss I got this morning. This one is meant to kill me softly, slowly, irrevocably. I am never going to recover it, nothing will ever top Vik kissing me, the softness of his lips, the tenderness of his tongue, the warmth of his arms. I get lost in the moment and I lean in to give him more access, to deepen the sensation.

He feels it too, this shift of mood and his hands stop resting on my hips and explore more as he presses me to his chest. One hand goes up my side, his thumb caressing the side of my breast in slow, teasing circles. His other snakes up my back and he lets his fingers get lost in my hair.

I do the same, feeling the body I’ve known well during our training sessions, finally touching all that I dreamt. I let my hand drop on his hip and the other travels all the way up his torso till I decide to let it rest on his chest. When he lets out a low moan, I dig my fingers in his flesh to help me down to Earth and I rub against him.

“Lys,” he pants exhausted, “stop that or I’ll won’t be able to control myself any longer.”

“Don’t,” I whisper.

“You want this?”

I say nothing, just pull him by the cut down to my mouth. He gathers me impossibly near and I feel his hardness against me, making me more wet than I’ve ever been in my life. His touch and kiss are desperate this time, urgent, impatient. For the ladies’ killer he is rumored to be, he sure acts like a man that has never touched a woman before and makes up for lost time all at once. I do this to him, it’s me.

More, my body orders and I obey. I cup his face and the kiss turns frantic, sloppy, wet. Vik moans again and he takes my leg over his waist and presses my core to him. I feel him even harder, longer, stiffer and it’s my turn to moan. Clothes seem like the worst idea ever invented by man right now and I want them off. I want to feel him in me desperately.

“Not here!” Vik breaks the kiss and drags me behind him.

I sigh in disappointment and though I would do anything to feel him closer, the idea of doing this at the clubhouse, around Daniel’s friends, on the bed he has fucked so many women on, makes me falter. It lasts only for a moment and then I follow him willingly. I am past logic right now. His taste dominates me and I still feel his fingers on me. I let my body take the lead and think about the consequences tomorrow.

We go up his bike and he hands me the helmet. I put it on and climb behind him shivering at the thought of feeling the engine vibrate between my thighs, excited and bothered as I am now. I pull close, the friction bringing me to the brink of pleasure and I wrap my arms around him.

“Definitely going to kill me,” I hear him mutter and then rides off.

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