Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 17: Night Rides


I am going to crash my bike. I have been riding since I was thirteen and it will be the first time I will crash. And it’ll be worth it. This woman has me stop thinking about anything else and be pure instinct and emotion. I do things with her I have never done before. I threw myself before her to protect her, dragged her in my room, brought her to meet Alice. She is not like any other woman I have met, not even close. And I will have her. She is for me. That is all I know, all I need to know. She is for me.

I go up through the hills sensing Lys agitated on my back. She knows by now that I am not heading for the clubhouse. There is one more place I need to take her. When she moves to pull even closer, I grip the handles. Her breasts are against my shoulder blades and on my lower back I feel the warmth between her thighs. Still not thinking, I put one hand over the one she has wrapped around my waist and twine my fingers in hers. I need to feel her close, closer, now.

“Where are we going?” she breathes against my neck and I groan.

“Somewhere where we can be alone.”

“Good,” she says and shifts closer.

We are out of the city, riding up through the valley, only us on the lonely road I know so well, up to the lake that I love. The moon shines on what would be green under broad daylight, with tall trees and grass. I feel her breath against me and then she plants a kiss on my neck. Don’t crash the freaking bike! I tighten my grip on the handles looking ahead. It’s a little further now. When her tongue darts out and slides on my skin, I lose it. I don’t care where we are, where we were going. I want her.

I turn the bike off the road and under a big, thick oak. Before she gets the chance, I turn around to face her. She has taken off her helmet already and looks at me surprised and needy at the same time. I throw my arms around her and pull her to me, straddling me with these firm legs of hers.

“Vik,” she sighs.

If I was planning on taking this nice and slow, it was a stupid plan. I take her lips into mine and plunge my tongue in her mouth only to find her more eager. My hands go behind her back under her top and I pull it over her head, breaking the kiss for a second before diving back into it. She is in a black, simple bra but who cares? They go down on her top in seconds. For a while I just hold her, kissing her frantically, caressing her back scared that if I cup her perfect breasts I will come instantly. But she sheds the cut off my shoulders, pulls my tee up and her nipples trace my chest.

“Fuck, Lys,” I growl.

“Yes,” she kisses my jawline.

I throw her back and I take one nipple in my mouth. Best fucking thing I have ever tasted. I could just stay here all night, licking and nibbling on her perky tits but she needs more and I want more. I go for her jeans, unbuttoning them. I stand and with one swift move I take them off. Kill me now! There, spread on my bike, her back on the passenger seat is Lys, my Lys, in a pair of hipster briefs.

My look travels all over her body and I take my time to savor the moment. Perfection, fucking perfection! She has one round beauty mark on her inner thigh- mirroring the one on her cheek that has me wild - and I am drawn to it like a hungry beast. I sit back down and I lower my head to it, licking and kissing. Lysa squirms upon contact and I smile. This is only the beginning, princess.

I keep kissing, pushing her legs over my shoulders. I flick my tongue over the curve of her thighs and it’s her turn to groan into the night. These fucking briefs are in the way so I tear them off. I am not going to survive the night, I look upon her glistering, wet pussy. She is hot and ready for me and I am ready for her. I will die if I taste her sweet pussy, I know it, and I will die if I don’t. I draw my tongue lazily, idly over her and she drives her fingers through my hair urging me. I do the same again and again, over and over, slowly torturing her to the point she cries out. Only then I focus on her clit while slipping one finger in her warm depths.

“God, Vik!” she pants uncontrollably.

More than her juices trickling down, the feel of her wet core, the sighs, it’s my name in her mouth while she is out of her mind with want that undoes me. I suck on her clit and I curve my finger hitting that spot and she falls apart. Her body arcs and her folds snare my finger in them. She tenses her thighs, trapping me between them while trying to control her frantic breaths and I let her down from her high slowly.

“You taste divine, princess,” I say looking into her eyes.

I slide up and I lick my finger. Her eyes widen and then narrow with lust. Her hands fall on my buckle and she undoes it swiftly. I am surprised that my rod-hard dick doesn’t rip the buttons open. I go for my pocket and take out a condom. She flinches and I know that she hates that I am always prepared to fuck any willing pussy coming my way.

I lower myself to her for a kiss. For some bizarre reason, probably cause all my blood is running to sustain my impossibly painful erection, I feel the need to apologize. I say nothing, I just kiss her tenderly, sucking her lower lip, licking her upper. Her momentarily stiff body relaxes once more and she pulls me to her. I put the condom on and I place myself between her ready folds. We stare into each other’s eyes, feeling the tension. I know it, she feels it. There is no turning back once we do this.

“Lys,” I ask her to be sure about this.

“Vik. Yes, yes, yes,” she pleads.

Fuck yes! I slide in giving her time to adjust and my jaw locks down. I am fucked. I am utterly, totally, irrevocably, permanently fucked. I will live in perpetual need for that tight pussy that is as if it was fitted for me, created only for my pleasure, for that face that makes me even harder, those eyes I can’t stop looking at, for those lips I will starve if I don’t taste daily.

“That’s so good, Vik,” she desperately touches me everywhere.

I can’t talk. I am usually quite verbal when I fuck, ordering, bragging, demanding all the time. But I can’t even think straight as I pull to be sheathed back in. All I can do is feel and don’t stop. I wouldn’t stop if war raged around us. Steadying myself and gripping her hip to usher her forward, I keep a sweet rhythm. She digs her fingers in my back, urging me more, her other hand extended to the back of my bike to give her friction.

I roll my hips trying to control myself but it’s an inhuman effort. My thrusts are hard, relentless and the whole bike shakes with me. There is a swell of sweetness in the back of my throat and I growl loudly at the feel of Lysa under me. I look at her and her parted lips, the shiver on her body, the tension of her thighs tell me she is close. I lick my thumb and then reach where we are joined finding her swollen clit.

“Fuck!” she lets out.

“That’s it, princess,” I urge her, “come for me.”

She does as told for once, writhing uncontrollably, the whole bike quivering with her, contracting around my dick to the point of strangulation and I lose my mind. I hiss through tight teeth and I pound in her wildly, fervently. I throw my head back and behind closed eyes I see stars. My dick swells in her, my balls tighten and I come crying her name in the night sky. Only when I come down from my high, I turn to her.

“Fuck, Lys,” I drive my thumb over her puffy lips.

“I fucking know,” she lets out.

Using her strong abs, she pushes up off the bike, finds my lips and leaves a light peck on them. I just went down on her and my dick is still in her in a semi-erection and it’s this light kiss that undoes me. She moves away as if she understood what that meant but I am quicker. I grab her by the neck and I ravage her lips, pulling her flush against me. When I break the kiss, we are breathless.

“We should go back,” I just say.

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