Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 21: Good Jabs


The gym is turned into a big circus. Somehow word got out that Lysa and Rage are in the ring and all the brothers came down, making the place a chaotic box of whistles and yells. I block all this, focus on Lysa and I am glad to see that she hasn’t even glanced out the ring at the fucking pandemonium.

Both fighters are concentrated on each other and though they are in there for 7 minutes, they are sweating. I watch Lysa and her technique is impeccable. She keeps her guard up more than she did with the rest of my brothers but, let’s be honest, it’s Rage she’s fighting. Others would run and cower than fight him. But my girl is facing him head on.

She has yet to use any of the moves I showed her, resorting to the safety of the mastery of Muay Thai. Quick as thought and vigilant, she has avoided each and every punch Rage has tried to land upon her and she evades him successfully. I see Rage is fuming. Fights with him usually last less. He is strong and quick, the ultimate killing machine but he is pure rage, a locomotive. Lysa is playing him openly.

“Come on, Lysa!” I hear a voice next to me.

It’s Ava with Iris next to her. Ava has raised both hands on her mouth and supports Lysa over the chaos in the gym. Iris is smiling proudly. Rage has yet to break in full killer mode, keeping it clean so far. Even Tor is in and eyes Lysa with interest, impressed.

“Don’t!” Ava makes me turn to the ring.

Lysa has taken one soft hit. Soft related to whom delivered it. Lysa is still alive. Part is because Rage was not coming on her full throttle and part because Lysa leaned back in time. Her jaw clenches and she goes in with quick jabs that are barely seen. Rage is momentarily stunned by her swift attack and doesn’t see Lysa’s elbow coming to him. Lysa keeps it clean as well, but she got the hit through. The two fighters step away bouncing for a few seconds. Rage’s eyes narrow in appreciation and Lysa lifts her chin to him. Tor was dead-on about her having balls.

“Keep your guard up!” I yell at her and she does as told, covering her face.

She goes in again and this time she tries her kicks. One goes through and hits Rage in his ribs. The brothers shake the fucking gym with howling but Rage strikes back with a hammering cross that would have send Lysa to the hospital.

“Get that elbow in!”

Jab, jab, cross, Now! I count with her and I see her jump a little coming on Rage’s face with her elbow stopping inches from his face. She is fucking good. She pulls back and she tries another kick on Rage’s ribs. Rage is quicker this time. He blocks the hit and at the same he swipes her other leg and Lysa is on the mat.

“Good move, man!” I got to give him that.

But as I turn to him, I see the look on his face. He went in the zone. He may have started this cooly but Lysa’s competence built his killing instinct up. My brother is not in there anymore, only the Hellhound. Fuck no, I push the people next to me to climb in the cage but I am not fast enough. Rage falls on Lysa and his fist flies.

“Lysa!” I yell.

My girl moves like a fucking lightning and rolls away. Rage’s hit shakes the ring and I jump in.

“No,” Lysa warns me away.

Like Hell, I turn to face Rage. I am not going to sit back and see my girl get butchered by the Hellhound. Rage is on his feet and eyes Lysa not minding me. When he gets the scent of a target, nothing can stop him from getting it. He smells blood and he wants the kill. I will bury him before that.

“Step the fuck away, Vik,” Lysa yells. “This is my fucking fight.”

“I am ending this.”

“Vik!” I focus on her. “If you can’t stand this, step the fuck down. I will face worse in the cage. I need this. I need you to let me do this alone.”

I frown and I read her face. This is her fucking fight alright, she is used to do this alone, relying on her own self. But I am here for her, I will always be here. Lysa shakes her head one last time and eyes Rage.

“Come on!” She challenges him.

My brothers go ballistic outside the ring. Lysa just defied Rage and provoked him. The Hound passes by me and lunges at her. His size is his enemy once more and Lysa easily steps out of the way and hits Rage hard in his ribs. The only effect was Rage hissing with joy from the pain and growling loudly. He moves fast and surgically and catches her in his arms. I clench my fists but I respect her wish. Stepping down from the ring is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

I take my place next to Ava and a nail-biting Iris and focus on the fight. Rage has lifted Lysa over his head and he throws her across the ring. Motherfucking psycho, I will gut you. Lysa is on her feet in no time and eyes Rage taking in deep breaths. I can’t read her. I usually know what her body will do before it does but right now nothing comes off. The Cold Bitch in in the house! I can see why others gave her that nickname. Her tense face becomes a mask and her eyes don’t betray her next move. Her body is coiling ready to strike on every direction.

She attacks Rage with a masterful flying knee with the full force of her kick but she doesn’t land. With one rapid move she is on Rage’s shoulders and she holds him on a choke. The yells are deafening to the point of hysteria. Rage drives her back to the ropes but this is what Lysa was waiting for. Using the momentum and her own body, she twirls, pulls Rage down and traps his head between her thighs.

“That’s my girl!” Ava shouts and hits the mat.

My breaths come in overwhelming waves and my heartbeat is pounding in my ears. One wrong move and Rage will break her in half. Only he can’t make a motherfucking move. Lysa has him locked good. He writhes and shakes, but Lysa steadily chokes him.

“Rage!” Iris yells and gets both fighters’ attention.

Lysa releases Rage and she gets up. She even extends her hand to him. I tense and get in the ring once more. Rage doesn’t take shit lightly and he wouldn’t hesitate breaking that peace-offering hand. My fists form and in the back of my mind I am contemplating the fact that I am going to hit a brother for a woman. I laughed at Bjorn when he did that over Ava and when Rage punched Bjorn when he put Iris in danger. I am in their freaking shoes now and I am not laughing. If he touches a hair of her head, I’ll bury him.

“Rage, please,” Iris pleads.

The irises of his blue eyes have widened to the point they look black but when Iris’s voice hits him, they turn to their usual sky blue. His heavy breaths calm and he keeps the connection with Iris. When his Valkyrie nods lightly, he looks up and takes Lysa’s hand. It’s not that Lysa can help that behemoth of a man up but the gesture is clear.

“Fuck... I... I fucking lost it. You good?” Rage is almost ashamed.

“Yeah, man. Nothing like a good fight to keep the blood pumping, right?”

“Right,” Rage turns to Iris as if she is his salvation – which she probably is. “Nice move,” he says finally and smirks in a way that makes him scarier.

“Learnt from the best,” Lysa points at me.

“Brother,” I get in Rage’s face.

A few weeks back I would have stepped away slowly from Rage’s toes. But he has threatened my woman and I won’t have it. I meet his eyes and see that he is a mess. He still fights the goddamn demon that demands Lysa’s blood and every other second he eyes Iris to anchor himself to the now.

“Brother,” I demand his attention. “Touch her again and I will kill you. Got me?”

“I... Fuck, I get you brother,” he hits his head with his palm. “You told me. You said she is to you what Iris is to me and I fucked up. I am a mess, it gets bad in here sometimes,” he pins me with a hurt look. “Bad in here, dark, cold,” he trails off.

“Rage?” Iris has climbed in the ring.

Rage folds himself and lets go against her tiny frame, her arms his only refuge. Iris tightens her arms around him and though she can’t fully protect that gigantic man, he feels safe. I nod and turn to Lysa.

At this moment, Tor comes in the ring and claps frantically. He eyes Lysa and nods approvingly as I read his face with tension. But Tor isn’t coming onto her, which is a bigger feat than someone taking Rage down.

“Fuck, Lysa,” Tor shakes his head, “the Riders don’t patch in women but damn me if I wouldn’t give you a cut right now.”

“Thanks,” Lysa tightens her jaw.

The Cold Bitch has left the building and my girl is back. Lysa was always alone, ever alone, fending for herself, no family, no friends. And now, in such short time she got it all. A father, family, friends, appreciation, admiration, respect. And me. She fucking has me. I am hers as much as she is mine.

“We got you, Lysa. We got your back,” Tor opens his arms to include all the brothers present.

A loud howl raises and fills the place. All the brothers hit their patches showing that Lysa is one of us. I look down at her and she leans to me, her eyes watering and her throat working hard. I don’t hold back, I pull her to me and I kiss her lips tasting her sweat. She responds and wraps her arms around my neck.

“Fuck yeah!” Ava’s voice raises higher than the catcalling.

I grip Lysa with want and she deepens the kiss. I want everyone gone now so I can be buried deep in her. And since the brothers make no move, I take Lysa in my arms and I go straight to my room. Lysa giggles in my mouth but doesn’t protest. I barely make it to the room and I close the door behind me bee-lining for the bed. I throw her on it and Lysa lets out a little yell.

“I stink, Vik,” she tries to get up.

I say nothing, just bury myself in her neck and lick her salty sweat off her skin. Fuck, I love everything about her, every little thing. I can’t get enough of her, I will never get enough of her. I pull her up and with one quick move relieve her off the rest of her clothes. I push her thighs open then slide my hand between them. I let out an incoherent roar when I meet her drenched core and I don’t hold back anymore. I make quick work of releasing my cock and I position myself right where I need to be and I bury myself to the hilt with one powerful thrust. I cry out unable to stop, disregarding who is listening outside the door. She anchors to me and I get lost on the sensation she draws me into, the way we move together, our breaths mixed as we keep our faces close, our eyes onto each other.

“Oh, fuck...” she strains.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I urge her.

She loses it completely and grips my hips to drive me further in. I pound into her with reckless abandon. Her thighs press around my waist and she pushes against me. I give myself up to the way her face melts with each thrust, the moans she lets out. And soon all she can repeat is my name under her breath. I keep a relentless rhythm and her climax comes over her in overwhelming ripples, making her muscles clench around me.

“Shit, Lysa,” I let go and come, her orgasm still milking me.

We wind down and then I pick her up and take her to the shower. It is a quick shower, playful and silly, just to get the sweat off but still, cleaning each other makes it a hot, intimate ritual. She smiles softly as I kneel down to clean her legs while I place kisses along the way. When I reach her core, she draws in a sharp breath and gives in to my kisses. I am getting more and more addicted to her and I won’t let her go.

I can’t let her go. For the first time today, seeing her really fight for her fucking life against my brother, I realized the danger she is putting herself in. And though I admire her more for her fearlessness, I am scared fucking shitless. I can’t see her harmed, I won’t survive it.

And I won’t have to. I kissed her in front of my brothers, openly claiming her. She may not know it yet, but she is my Valkyrie. Now and forever. I will protect her with my own life.

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