Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 25: Hungarian Beast


Lysa is losing her shit, hitting the glass and yelling the same name over and over again. “Salome”. I try to talk to her but she is beyond logic. Something has her going ballistic and she is crying frantically. When the fight outside starts, she storms to the door and pounds.

“Kenny, open the fuck up!” but there is no answer. “Open the fucking door! You fucking little shit.”

She keeps pounding on the door till I decide to draw her away. All the mellow easiness she had moments ago is gone and her body is like a steel spiral. I twist her so she faces me and I hold her face still to make her focus.

“What the fuck is wrong, Lys? You are acting as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

At that she slides down and crumbles to the floor laughing manically. I go down with her and I keep trying to get through to her.

“Princess? Who the fuck is Salome?”

“She...she is... I killed her. In the cage. I killed her. I did it,” she sobs hysterically. “She asked me to and I did. I had to. I killed her.”

I pull her to my chest and shush her as one would a baby. She doesn’t fight it and I caress her shoulders to release the tension. She melts into my arms and shags like a lifeless doll. Fuck, it pains me so much to see her like that. My warrior, my beautiful warrior. I kiss the top of her head and I roam her body to keep her from shivering. It works and I am damn proud I can be there for her, that she responds to my touch, to the feelings I pour on her.

“Something is wrong,” she comes back to life. “This is not right.”

She gets up and stands before the glass. The crowd is wild outside, screaming and yelling loudly. There is a loud thud, the sound of a body thrown on the mat. And the then the cage rattles. When the shrills threaten to tear the roof down, I know the fight is over. Lysa is standing, her whole body waiting.

“And the winner,” the MC announces, “is Magdalene.”

Lysa growls and tightens her jaw. She is next. It’s the last of the first round of fights. But I can tell her mind is elsewhere. She is right. Something is wrong. Someone is fucking with her head and if I had to guess I would say that there’s a lot of cash on the Cold Bitch winning this thing. If one was to mess with her and make her weak, that one would make a shitload of money.

The music stops and the MC is back on, welcoming everyone for the next fight.

“This first round will end with a treat for you all. An epic fight between two fierce fighters.”

I go behind Lysa and stand my ground. I will be there for her for whatever she needs. I will not let her down. She is mine and I intend to fucking keep her. Whatever is in that cage will better know that.

“The first contestant. The 6′2″ fighter from Eastern Europe. Please welcome, the Hungarian Beast.”

A song blasts in the arena but all my focus is on her face. If she knows that fighter, she doesn’t let it show. Emotionless and taciturn she bounces on the balls of her feet and warms her shoulders.

“Against her, the one and only undefeated champion of the tournament. The infamous Coooold Bitch.”

The curtain is raised and the door opens with an electric click. All that accompanies Lysa as she walks out are the shouts coming from the balcony. I turn to her opponent and my eyes widen. That is indeed one fucking beast in there. She is the ugliest woman I have ever seen, with pulped earlobes and scars on her body. She weighs twice as much as Lysa and her arms are like two heavy hammers. She eyes Lysa with bad intent and I am not liking this.

Lysa is not worried though. She throws just one glance at the Hungarian Beast as if she is not there and then turns to the balcony where Jack is standing. Now emotions flood in her. She is furious, her nostrils flared, her whole body coiled. Jack looks down at her with a broken smile and beckons at the other side of the arena. Daniel. Daniel is there on the other side of the balcony, the guards in place and a gun on his head. A clear message. Lysa growls loudly and Jack takes one step away from the balcony.

“Lysa. Keep your head leveled,” I make her focus. “This is Ironhand.”

Lysa doesn’t even glance my way before going up the stairs to the cage. There is an electric buzz and Lysa pushes the door open. The moment she steps in, the guests all but hang from the balcony, asking for blood. The Hungarian Beast yells and hits her big chest, challenging her opponent. Lysa jumps on her feet and waits. The MC raises his hand.

I grab the metal on the cage and watch, my insides clenched. I am one step from killing everyone in this place before I let anything happen to her. I feel like an asshole sitting back and watching her be put in harm’s way. And then Lysa attacks. And I stop thinking.

Swift as thought, she charges at the huge woman as she throws her hammers at her. But Lysa is goddamn quick. She moves swiftly to her left and the Hungarian leaves her head wide open.

“Get in!” I yell as the Beast’s trainer screams something.

Lysa doesn’t need to be told twice. As the Hungarian loses momentum by Lysa’s dodge, my girl lifts her elbow and aligns it perfectly with her opponent’s jaw. The Beast seems dazed as she takes one step back but Lysa is not done. She twirls her body and with all her force, flies and brings her knee down on the Hungarian. There’s a loud crack that fills the area and blood flies in air.

I see the Beast losing her focus as her nose is more pulped than before. The giant falters for a few seconds and then falls with a thud on the mat, blood spattering over Lysa’s face. Lysa goes around her opponent’s body and all clatter is stopped. Goddamn. The Beast is out cold.

Lysa is already walking away. And when she stops before the locked door, she turns her look on Jack. His face is distorted, filled with malice. He doesn’t like this. If he was expecting Lysa to be softer than before, that the worry over her father would weaken her, that me being here would trouble her, that the song of the fighter she killed would shake her, he made the wrong fucking bet. All he did was give her more ammo.

The door buzzes and Lysa is out walking to me the same time the Beast’s trainer rushes in. Her look is cold but the ice breaks when she looks at me. Unharmed. My girl got out of it unscathed and fuck am I relieved. She raises her hand and tries to take her opponent’s blood off but all she manages to do is smear it on her face and she comes up to me like a true Valkyrie.

“One down. Two to go,” she stands before me.

I smirk and I wrap my arm over her shoulder. As we walk to our cell, I throw one glance at Jack. I am sure Lysa and Daniel would want a piece of that asshole, but I sure as hell am getting in line.

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