Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 26: Plans Uncovered


One down, two to go. If Jack thought that putting me against the Beast would be enough, he is a greater fool than I had pegged him to be. And I am sure he is quite pissed I ended the fun quicker than a boy jerking off for the first time. There was a good reason to it. And the reason is using the damn card key to come in.

“Lysandra, that was bad sport,” Jack walks in.

My first reaction is grab Vik’s arm to stop him from launching on Jack. After all, three masked, armed guards come in behind Jack.

“And letting someone use Salome’s song was bad taste,” I seethe.

“Bad taste?” Jack chuckles. “You know me, Lysandra. I have good taste if anything. I couldn’t stop Magdalene from using her sister’s song as a tribute.”

Sister? All the cold act I had going on crumbles down. A sister. The sister of a dead fighter, one that died by my hand, enters the tournament. A realization hits me like a hammer right in the guts. This is a fucking trap. This isn’t about Jong and it isn’t about Daniel. It’s about me. I brought this shit down on me. And to everyone around me.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I demand.

“Haven’t your good friend Salome spoken about her sister? The one she freed from their father?” Jack lights a cigar. “Well, I guess she hasn’t. Not so close friends after all. Guess that’s why you so easily killed her.”

That’s it. I run up to him and I punch him straight in the face and no one in the room is fast enough to stop it from happening. The guards turn to me but I am lounging at one and I sense Vik going for the second guard. The man raises his gun but he is not quick enough. I grab his arm and I pull him to me to meet my elbow and crumble to the floor. I turn in time to see the second guard fall after Vik’s choke-hold. The third one turns his gun on me but Vik is even quicker. He grabs his hand, jumps and lands with his elbow on the man’s arm and the room echoes the guard’s scream. Then I see Vik bend down and grab a gun off a guard and point it on Jack.

“No, no, no,” Jack is up on his feet and waves his fingers.

The curtain is pulled and Daniel is standing outside. I yell but one of his guards lifts a gun and puts a bullet in his calf, blood soiling the floor with blood. A grimace of pain comes over Daniel’s face and he falls on his knees.

“NO!” I rush but the curtain is pulled down.

“That was just a warning shot, Lysandra,” Jack, wipes the blood from his torn lip. “Now, you are going to play along like a good little girl. My Magda has been waiting for this for so long.”

“Your Magda?” I ask as Jack walks out, more guards coming in to gather those we kicked down.

“Oh, yes. Magda is my wife,” Jack throws and the door closes behind him.

No, no, no. This is all me, all me. This was a trap. Daniel was taken because of me, he is held like an animal, shot to teach me a lesson. The one way to get me back to fight. I was wrong. I was fucking wrong. I was stronger alone, they couldn’t get me to agree to this without leverage. Jong could be in on it, the perfect set up, a way to cover up their real intentions. They took Daniel and they knew I would come back in to get him out. This is revenge. Revenge for Salome’s death.

No, not revenge. This is penance. I killed her and I have to pay. That doesn’t mean Daniel has to suffer for me. I walk to the glass and I look at the blood splutter. It should have been me. I should have died that night in the cage. I should have dropped my arms and died. I was dead anyway so why did I cling on?

“Don’t even fucking think about it,” Vik demands. “Not for one motherfucking second. I know it fucking hurts and I know you blame yourself but you are not giving up.”

Once more, he reads me so precisely. It’s like he is in my head but it’s an ugly place to be. I look up to him and he is so savagely beautiful I want to cry. His thick, straight eyebrows are knit and his eyes are glistening with passion. I raise one hand and trail the angular jawline, the one I love so much to feel with my tongue. He catches my hand and presses it against his fleshy mouth.

“Fucking listen to me, Lys,” his warmth breath is on my face.

But I am drifting away, sinking deep in a cold ocean of oblivion. I was a fool to believe I could keep all I wanted. All that my heart desired. All I did is bring pain and trouble to those around me. I am cold, cold as a corpse and I have always been. It was about time till someone decided to make a true corpse out of me.

“Lys, goddamn it. You will fight. You will fucking fight and you will win and you will come back to me.”

“I am not getting out of here alive, either way,” I say and I cup his handsome face. “Jack isn’t letting me leave here. Especially if I take down his precious wife. Make sure you take Daniel out and don’t look back.”

Vik pulls me in his arms and he holds me so close I fear I might stop breathing, here in his arms, smothered by his love.

“Not a fucking chance, princess. I am not leaving you behind. Kick some ass and then we are walking. You are coming home with me,” he pulls my head and leaves a soft kiss on my lips. “You’ll be mine, my Valkyrie. You’ll have a ring on your finger, the tatt on your skin and my fucking baby in you.”

I wail and try to tear away. It is so beautiful this picture he is painting for me. Him and me together on his bike, sharing life, sleeping together every night and waking up with him every morning. Looking upon his beautiful face, making love to him. A future with him. But it is slipping away from me, unattainable, a dream.

“Lysa,” Vik pleads and I respond turning to him, “I love you. I love you so fucking much and I am not losing you.”

I look up into his eyes and I am floored by the utter emotion in his eyes. Warmth is poured in me from where he touches me. And when he pulls me in for a smothering kiss of passion, I am ignited. There is no denying what I feel for him, not anymore. This magnificent man, this warrior laid his heart out without fear, he claimed me, he is fucking alive. And I am alive with him, too. This is why I survived. This is why I stayed alive. It was to meet him, to be with him. To love him.

“I love you, too,” I sigh between kisses.

“I know, princess,” he kisses my nose with a smile. “I am fucking adorable.”

I shake my head and smirk. Hell is being brought upon our head, Daniel was shot, I am brought here to die in a revenge plan, I am to face some of the deadliest women in the cage and he still has it in him to make jokes. He is fucking adorable.

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