Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 29: Sacred Promises


First, I hear the gunshot and then I see it. A stream of blood. Down from Lysa’s side. Shot. Lysa. My Lysa. The world goes slow and I get dizzy. Lysa’s limbs loosen and she turns to me with a sad look on her face. Her long eyelashes flutter over her big eyes and there is a smile on her bruised lips. She is saying goodbye.

“LYSA!” I lose it altogether.

There isn’t a logical thing in my mind now. All I see is my woman on the mat, bleeding, shot and that fucking door is in the way. I pull with all that I have and the lock gives. I rip the thing open and I run to her. Magdalene crawls away, struggling to take a breath but all I care about is Lysa. There is a wound on her right side and blood flows, pooling under her.

“Lysa, no, no!” I take off my t-shirt and press it on the wound.

“Vik,” she struggles.

“Sh, sh, sh,” I swallow to keep from crying out.

I apply more pressure and I caress her face. Lysa lifts her arm and touches my jaw, smearing my face with blood but I don’t care. I grab her hand and press it against my mouth to tell her I need her, that she can’t go, I won’t have it, I can’t live without her. When I look back to her, she is crying. Tears run down her cheeks, mixing with her blood.

“I am so sorry,” she whispers.

“It’s OK, princess. You’ll be OK,” I lean in and let my forehead touch hers.

“What have you done?” I hear Magdalene behind me. “She was mine. Mine!”

I look up and I follow her look. Jack holds a gun in his hand, still pointing it to Lysa. Motherfucking...! The urge to hunt him down and kill him comes over me but I am not leaving Lysa alone.

And I am not the only angry at him. His “guests” didn’t take his little intervention lightly and move to him aggressively. Some are pissed that the show was so blatantly interrupted and some cause the absolute favorite was shot, rendering all bets off the table. Some of them yell at him and others order their bodyguards to seize Jack. Jack’s guards move in and then two gunshots are heard. Everyone ducks and takes cover but the shots didn’t come from that side of the balcony.

It’s Daniel. He is standing with two guns in his hands, one of the guards hanging over the balcony, half his head missing. His look is pinned on Jack as are both his guns. What happens in the next seconds is in fast forward. A guard aims at Daniel but Daniel shoots him down and the rest open fire. The commotion is not enough for me not to sense movement behind me. Magdalene. Determined to finish Lysa off with her own hands. But she has to go through me. And at this point I am not beneath kicking a bitch’s ass.

“Fucking psycho,” I swipe her off her feet.

Before she lands, I lock her down and I use my knee to hit her left arm. I jump up with her with me and I land my elbow on her head with all my force. She falls unconscious but I don’t have time to gloat.

Three guards enter the cage with guns raised. Two one me, one on Lysa. Not so fast! I run to the first, snap his neck before he can tell what’s going on. I push and throw his lifeless body on the second guard. The third is too confused for a few seconds to do anything but it’s enough for me. I kick him right the neck with plenty of force to take him down as my leg lands, knocked out cold. The second comes to and points his gun to me but I run in, grab his hand and break his fingers as I push the gun up. I twirl and an elbow in his throat is enough to take him down.

“Maybe they don’t need help after all,” a voice booms over the balcony.

Tor? I look up and I see Tor smiling down on me. Rage comes by his side, with blood on his face and a wide smile on his lips. Bjorn’s voice booms and I hear more of my brothers. Wood is here ordering Riders around to clear the area in full-SEAL mode. They are here. They found us and came to our aide. I nod at them and they lift their chins. They got my back. Always.

“Lysa!” I kneel to her.

Cold. I press against the wound once more but there is so much blood. Her eyes are closed and her breaths come in shallow. I cradle her head in my lap and I kiss her to make her wake up and make fun of me for crying like a pussy. But she doesn’t. My Lysa. My warrior. My everything.

“Help!” I yell frantically. “Help!”

I sense movement behind me and I snarl looking over my shoulder, ready to take on an army. Daniel is the first one in, supported by a brother from an eastern chapter. His whole soul is on Lysa’s face and he lets out a blood-chilling cry when he sees her unconscious. He stoops down next to me and takes her hand in his.

“Come on, girl,” he pleads trembling, “don’t fucking die on me.”

I clench my jaw as he looks up to me and we are both crushed under our mutual fear. Next one in is Tom that rushes to Lysa. I sigh in relief. Doc is in. I will owe eternal gratitude for the one thinking to call Tom though I am pretty sure is scout-ready Wood. Tom will patch Lysa up. She will be fine and as soon her hands stop looking like a mass of torn skin I will put a fucking ring on her finger ’cause I am not living without her.

“This fucking tradition with your Valkyries has to stop,” Tom murmurs and goes to work.

I still hold Lysa’s head in my hands. All the chaos around me fades to insignificance. The building could be coming down on us and all I would do is bend over to protect her.

All that I am, all that I have in this pathetic soul, is poured into that one wish. I close my eyes and pray. I pray to all the gods and making promises I know I can’t keep. I pray to Tyr to protect her, to bring her back to me. I promise it all, my body, my soul, my mind. All to have her life spared. For Lysa to live.

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