Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 3: Rider Party


“I hope Daniel comes back soon or I am strangling you,” Ava hisses.

“Calm down, mommy.”

“Keep your shit in order, Vik.”

“Hey, I am more of the creative manager here, woman. Daniel takes care of these boring stuff and Stig the technical shit.”

I am proud of my innovations to our porn studio. I have kept and renovated the actual stables in the back of the studio and turned the stalls in cowboy fantasy land, having girls live ready to obey orders and do shit through the Internet. It’s making us a shitload of money.

“Vik, I swear...”

“Don’t worry, sugar. Daniel is coming home. Runner called. Daniel asked to prep for a party tonight. Party!” I get up excited and dance to her.

“Like you have any other mode, you whore,” she smiles.

“I am living life, Ava!” I take her hand and twirl her around.

She grabs her growing belly and laughs as she follows my lead. I have no idea why Daniel asked for the party but I don’t really care. A full- blown Friday night Rider party means that there will be new blood pouring through the door at the bar. And when I say new blood, I mean new pussy.

“Vik!” Bjorn’s voice booms in the room.

I roll my eyes and twirl Ava his way. She steps to her man and throws her arms over his neck. Bjorn still eyes me in a hands-off-my-woman look before taking Ava’s lips. Those goddamn lovesick puppies are getting on my nerves. First Bjorn, now Rage. Sure, I hit on their women but that was before I knew that they were theirs. I am a whore but I am not touching Rider property. Plenty of pussy out there and I don’t need the drama.

“See you tonight, Vik,” Ava winks and they both walk away.

Leave it to Runner to make a party fucking amazing. We are out on the street that we practically own with loud speakers blasting music, fridges with ice, fire barrels and a crowd. Bikes are revving and make the earth shake, chicks sway in flimsy dresses, grinding against my brothers and booze is flowing. A Rider party, baby!

I am sitting with Runner and I am scanning the area trying to spot who will have the honor of sucking my dick this glorious evening. So far, I see a few of the rotters, club whores I have already fucked more than once, a few newcomers but nothing worth my while yet and that’s that. Bjorn and Ava are here, sitting with Daniel at a table closer to the garage. Rage has Iris on his lap next to Runner and they talk in their own world.

I spot Tor across the street and he is talking to some new, fresh faces. Students, I know instantly. I can tell a girl that wants to walk on the dark side when I see it. And I might be 26 with no other degree than my driving license but I can tell a college girl from miles. There are many of those, drawn by the rumor of the Riders and they come in for a taste. I am always glad to give them the full, awe-inspiring, panty-dropping, pussy-dripping experience. I get off my chair to go help Tor out, relieving him of at least one of the potential girls. I gulp my beer and run my fingers through my hair. Fuck this, I always look good! I smile and walk across.

I am half way there when I sense the door of the clubhouse open. I casually glance at it. And pause. Out comes a girl that walks confidently amongst the crowd. She wears a pair of tight jeans and an even tighter black crop top that wraps a pair of luscious breasts and lets her belly show. Her flat, firm, defined belly. I look up at her and I see a perfect sculptured face. Straight nose, bee-stung, fleshy lips, large brown eyes with mile long lashes. And a fucking beauty mark in the middle of her cheek that makes me swallow hard. I stand there like an idiot ogling her as she walks. And then she looks at me. Straight into my eyes. Fuck me bloody.

Her look is cold, ruthless in complete contrast with her cute face. She presses her lips together when she catches me watching. Get a grip, asshole, I come to and I give her my trademark, side smile. Magnetism guaranteed. This chick will walk up to me in 3...2... What? Instead of smiling back and coming up hot and ready, she looks at me up and down and raises her brow. And not in a “I will fuck your brains out” kind of way. More in the area of “somebody left the trash out”. That has never happened before. Like never. OK, Iris run scared into Rage’s arm when I gave her that smile but other than that it works like a charm.

I stay put and I watch her pass me by without even a side glance. What the fuck? I am still eyeing her like an imbecile, unable to even form a cheesy pick-up line. Her body is strong and lean, her back well defined, her shoulders round. I hiss audibly when my eyes drop on her firm, perfect ass in those jeans. It should be illegal for an ass too look that fucking good.

I follow her with my look and I see her go up straight to Daniel. No way. Daniel gets up and introduces her to Bjorn and Ava. The girl sits next to him and I don’t miss how Daniel looks at her, with a stupid grin on his face. That was the personal business he left for? No wonder he didn’t want me to come along. Third time the new hot girl comes in and she is goddamn taken. My wretched luck I guess. Well, if she is into old guys, fine!

I shake my head and finally stand before Tor and his company. The girls turn to me and I try my smile once more. Boom! There’s the effect I was going for. Thank Tyr, it’s not broken. Both of them flash me a knowing smile and invite me closer. Tor grabs a cute blonde by the waist to let me know I can have the willowy brunette and I am fine with it.

She is a good-looking girl with the tiniest dress in existence that can’t hide her long legs. Normally, I would be thrilled with the prospect of having those legs wrapped around me while I pound hard in that. Still, while I try to focus on her, my eyes dart to the newcomer. I mean, the girl across my lap is fine but compared to the one sitting next to Daniel, she pales seriously. I lean over to Tor.

“What the fuck, man?” I point at Daniel. “That girl is half his age.”

“Don’t let Daniel hear you say that,” Tor leers.

“Why? Doesn’t he know he’s fucking a girl that could be his daughter?”

“You fucking asshole,” Tor throws his head back and laughs. “That is his daughter.”

What? I swing so quickly to look at her that I am surprised my head doesn’t fall off. I take a closer look and I gasp. What a fucking asshole, indeed. Seeing them two sit close to each other, I can see it. Daniel is round and older but there is no mistaking it. That is his daughter. Same huge eyes, same bone structure, same lips. At that moment, she turns her head and glances at the crowd. Our eyes meet once more and I tense by the force of her gaze. Those fucking, bottomless eyes threaten to suck me in and for those few seconds I wouldn’t mind.

“Hey,” I have forgotten the girl in my arms.

“Sorry, babe,” I loosen my grip around her arm.

When I look up to her again, she is back talking with Daniel. Fuck, I suddenly feel bad that she saw me with a girl across my lap but why? There is no reason to feel bad. It’s not like we have spoken or anything. I gave her the smile and she gave me a cold shoulder so that’s a river crossed and done with or whatever the saying is. Plus, she is Daniel’s girl. Off limits. Period. While I have here, in my arms, a perfectly nice girl, that sits graciously on my lap, wiggling just enough to tease me, offering a good night. And I’d like to think that the fact my dick is hard as nothing to do with a pair of huge, deep eyes and an ass to die for.

“Let’s take this in my room, baby,” I drag the brunette behind me.

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