Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 30: Silent Farewells


Haze, cloudy thoughts, darkness. That is all I am now and I let go, my body spiraling down in a dark abyss.

“Lysa, please, please,” I hear Vik’s voice from somewhere far beyond.

There’s heart-breaking pain in his voice that crushes my soul. But I can’t. I am drifting away, further away. I want to tell him how much I love him, look at him one last time but I have no strength for that.

“Come on, brother,” Tor’s voice. “Let go!”

He has his brothers, the MC. He will be fine. Fine without me. He will find another and he will show her that incredible big heart of his. Sorrow fills me but I pray deep in my heart that Vik will be happy.

“Let me go, Tor!” Vik is crying. “I love you, Lysa. I love you. Please, open your eyes, princess. Please! Do it for me. I love you so much.”

I feel the warmth of his touch on me but it’s not enough. I have no strength to do as he asks. I keep those last words in my mind and I plunge into nothingness. I love you, too, I send a last farewell.

Good god, dying hurts! I cringe as a rush of pain surges through my body and I whimper through dry lips.

“Lys,” there is a voice coming from my right side.

I know that voice. It’s Vik. But how can he be here with me? I was shot, I saw the bullet come for me, pierce my body and I felt the blood drained. I was engulfed in darkness and I welcomed death.

Is Vik...? No, not him. Not because of me. I fight with myself to get my motor functions going and I open my eyes. Goddamn! It’s so fucking bright, I could be as good as blind.

“Lys, take it easy,” I feel Vik’s touch on my hand.

I try once more, slowly this time. And I hear other sounds along with Vik’s voice. A constant beeping, people outside the room, traffic. This Hell sounds a lot like...a hospital. I can’t move my head but all I can see with my eyes bring me to the same conclusion. I am in a hospital. I feel a shift on the bed and Vik’s face comes into view.

“You are up, princess. Thank Tyr,” he caresses my cheek slowly.

“What...?” I try but my throat is too dry.

“Slow down, Lys!” Vik smiles and I see the lines around his eyes. “You’ve been out for three days straight.”

I frown, but that simple move makes the pain on my face sharper. I lift my arm and there are tubes coming out. OK, I am not dead, that’s one. I am in a hospital. What the hell happened?

“The Riders came,” Vik answers. “Stig pulled out the big guns and tracked us down via satellite. They came in just in time. Tom, our Doc, patched you up till you got to the hospital.”

“Daniel,” I try to get up.

“Down,” he barks and then gets out of bed.

He goes to the door and talks to same men standing there. I can’t see them but I see the patch. Riders.

“Go get Daniel,” Vik orders.

He is alive! Daniel is alive. I fall back on the pillows and I close my eyes, exhausted by the sheer effort of staying conscious. Vik is back on the bed, takes my hand and I squeeze it. He pulls it to his lips and kisses it and my hazy mind can’t focus on anything right now but this touch that I feel deep in my soul.

After a while, I hear the door open and I turn. Daniel. He walks with crutches and the support of a brother and has his eyes pinned on me. A big, wide, genuine smile blooms on his face and my heart tightens. Apart from his hurt calf he seems fine. He got out alive. I am so relieved I let out a puffed sigh and tears run down my cheeks.

“No, no, girl,” he comes to me as quickly as his foot allows. “You don’t get to cry ever again.”

Vik gets up and lets him to come to me. Daniel cups my face and wipes the tears off as softly as he can. His eyes roam my body and I must be in bad shape cause a shadow covers them before he goes back to his mild look.

“You are so brave, girl. So fucking brave and badass. My girl is a badass,” he whispers and keeps caressing my face. “And lucky. Tyr was watching over you.”

“I am...” I croak, “...sorry.”

It’s his turn to break down in tears.

“Nothing to be sorry about, girl. You took a fucking bullet to save your old man. Tor was right. If we were patching women in, you’d be a Rider by now. Now, all you have to do is get well and be up on your feet.”

I nod swallowing hard. And in a gesture I’ve never had in my whole life, Daniel stoops down and leaves a light peck on my forehead. Suddenly, getting shot was totally worth it just to know how it feels to be cherished by a parent.

I swallow my newly-found tears and I muster a faint smile, biting through the pain I feel. Daniel gets up and faces Vik that hasn’t left my bedside.

“You staying?” Daniel asks.

Vik looks down at me and nods.

“You sure, brother? You haven’t left for three days.”

“I’m good, brother,” Vik doesn’t leave my eyes. “Right where I need to be.”

Daniel leaves the room and suddenly the atmosphere around us changes. It gets heavy, vibrant, crackling. Vik’s look shifts as well and goes from sweetly worrisome to undeniably ravishing.

“Vik?” I swallow to wet my even drier throat.

“Lys,” he comes closer.

“Vik, I am shot, hurt, probably look like mangled prey and we are in a hospital.”

“I know, princess,” he sits on the bed.

Upon seeing him so close, so perfect, so sexy, I let out a whimper and lick my lips. I know my face is a mess, I know I am hurt, swollen, shot and tubes come out of my body. But the way he looks at me is as if I am the most beautiful thing in the world.

“You got me worried, Lys,” Vik leans in and kisses my neck. “I thought I lost you. I can’t lose you, princess. Not now, not ever.”

I close my eyes and my head falls deeper in the pillow. I love what his kisses do to me and I am this close to begging him not to stop. God, he doesn’t. I lift my left arm - still not fully functional on my right side - and I run my fingers through his hair.

“I want to kiss your lips so bad, but you are hurt,” his hot breath is making my toes curl. “But there is so much more of you I can kiss,” he takes my earlobe in his mouth, “and lick,” he flicks his tongue over my sensitive skin.

He moves and pulls the sheets down and I know he can see my nipples hard under my hospital gown. It might be the drugs that keep me from crying out in pain but I am too horny to stop him. Deep down I know it’s not the drugs. It’s the notion that I am here, alive. And nothing makes me feel more alive than Vik.

Vik’s hand goes over my breast, palming it, teasing me and the other pulls the gown over my thighs and even further up. His look falls on the bandages and his eyes harden. His whole body goes stiff, his breath hitches, his hand falls from my body. No, baby, please.

“Don’t you dare stop,” I order.

His eyes snap back in mine and though I am not sure how enticing I can be, battered and bruised, but I encourage him. He chuckles and continues to pull the gown up and reveal my breasts. He comes closer and sucks one nipple between his lips as I hiss exhilarated. His thumb goes over the other nipple as he nibbles, laps and bites me lightly.

“I thought you had slipped away from me, Lys,” he says and caresses my body with fervor.

“I’m here,” I answer and run my fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, you fucking are here,” he growls. “I would come to Valhalla to claim you back.”

He shifts on the bed and goes south, placing kisses on my belly, soft ones around my bandages. With one gentle move, he rests down between my thighs. He grazes the soft skin on the inside of my thighs and I shudder uncontrollably. He lingers on the birthmark on my thigh as his kisses come closer and closer to my core and I stay perfectly still, waiting for more. I want more, I want it all. I am fucking alive and Vik is still here, with me.

When he pulls my panties down, I lose all ability to form coherent thoughts. I feel I am drenched, wet and ready and when he curses under his breath I know he likes what he sees. He uses his finger, first running it over my core wetting it and then rubbing my clit softly. My thighs clench under his touch but he gently pushes them open. He goes over my clit again and again, each time putting on more pressure, keeping a slow rhythm, feasting on my body quaking with each gentle stroke.

“God!” I let out.

“Nope, just me, princess,” he smirks.

He gets even closer and his tongue takes over, licking me, dipping in my core and ending up circling my clit. I sigh heavily and grab the bedsheets. He keeps at it quickening his pace, going deeper, sucking and biting me, drinking my juices and eating me like a starved man. I moan and I fist his hair holding him in place. Vik focuses all his skill on my swollen bud and I swear through my teeth. When he slips a finger in me, I fall apart in a thousand pieces.

He slowly unwinds me, kissing my thighs, caressing my waist, murmuring softly. When I come to, I look down at him and smile as much as my hurt face allows.

“I think I am going to love getting shot.”

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