Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 31: Ready Questions


Hell has frozen over, that’s for sure. ’Cause there a raging Rider party out on the street and instead of doing the happy dance, I want it to be the fuck over like an hour ago. But it’s Lysa’s welcome-home party and I know the brothers need to release the tension. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to take Lysa in my room, lock her there and keep her till the season changes.

I watch Lysa like a hawk as she moves around the crowd, everyone talking to her, congratulating her and raise their drinks to toast for her good health. She’s back on her feet quicker than anticipated but I am not surprised. My girl is a warrior. And she is so fucking beautiful, it hurts. I am not letting her out of my sight again, I won’t let anything happen to her ever again. I will keep her safe.

And I will keep her. My hand goes in my pocket and I toy with the little velvet box I got there. Not yet. Oh, god, I am turning into a fucking bitch cause I am dreaming of the perfect moment to pop the question.

“It’s good to have her back,” Tor is by my side.

“It fucking is,” I smile.

“That girl has the Rider genes more than me, you and Bjorn combined. I wasn’t fucking around when I said I would have patched her in. True warrior, that one.”

“That she is, Tor,” I wrap her with a hot look and as if she feels it, she turns to me and smiles. “Fuck, she is so goddamn beautiful,” I stiffen in my jeans.

“Shit, brother, you in that deep?” Tor searches my face.

“Deeper than that, brother,” I admit. “And I hope it happens to you fucking soon.”

“Not going to, brother,” Tor booms a loud laughter. “There is no woman on Earth that can take me down. I’m immune to this bullshit.”

“Brother, you are so fucking arrogant that when it does happen, you will be wailing like a little bitch. And I’ll be fucking laughing.”

Tor hits me on my shoulder then goes and grabs two new rotters brought in by an eastern chapter just to prove his point. And speaking of proving points, I’ve been quite generous with sharing my woman on the first day she is fully recovered.

I unglue myself from where I am and head straight for her. She is talking with Alice and both women hold hands sharing a laugh. Alice has not been back to the Riders after she left the life but I know he wanted to be here for Lysa ’cause she saw what she meant to me even before I knew it. I come to them, leave a peck on Alice’s cheeks and then lift Lysa in my arms. She squeals but makes no attempt to free herself.

“If I don’t fuck you now, I’ll explode,” I whisper in her ear and goosebumps go over her body.

“We don’t want that, do we?” she teases.

I carry her off while my brothers cheer for us and I smile as I feel her warmth in my arms. She fits right in here, in my arms, in my heart, in my club, in my life. She is perfect. I look down at her face as I kick the door to my bedroom and I groan. Her look is so hungry that I go rock hard just by looking at her.

“First, I am going to fuck you hard and quick, just to get the edge off. And then, princess, I’ll take my time, torture that sweet pussy of yours till you beg.”

And I am not even joking. I close the door and I throw her against it. I tangle my fingers in her hair and take her mouth in mine. Lysa is quicker than me, tearing my tee and going for my belt. Fuck yeah. I relieve her of her clothes with haste and I pin her once more against the door.

“God, fuck me, Vik,” she begs.

“Yes,” I hiss and I am inside her with one thrust.

I am home. My soul settles as soon as I am in her familiar depths, squeezed by her pussy, wrapped by her scent. I have fucking missed her and all the anguish of losing her pours into my limbs. I pull back and sheath in brutally but Lysa moans in pleasure.

And I keep at it. I fuck her with all I’ve got, the door creaking at the force of my body, my hips pushing deeper and faster, harder and tougher. Lysa responds fervently, twining her ankles behind my waist and digging her nails in my flesh.

“More!” she pleads.

“Fuck, princess. You’ll kill me.”

“Harder! Now!” she is out of her mind.

I chuckle and I deliver. I pull her away, twirl and throw her on the bed, propping her on her knees. If she wants more, I’ll give more. Without warning I go right back in her wet core and she lets out a cry.

“Hard enough?” I snarl.

She just whimpers and with one loud moan her body shakes and I feel her pussy tighten around me deliciously. Guess the answer is yes. I don’t stop, I just push inside her, holding her by her hips to enforce the contact. She whimpers and mutters unintelligibly and she pushes back to meet me thrust for thrust. I grab her by shoulders and I drive in her frantically, bodies slamming, slick running down her thighs. Her body arcs, her skin prickles and her breaths come in shallow pants. She is there, I feel it and I intend to make it memorable so I fuck her relentlessly.

“Vik, yes! Goddamn!” she screams and she rides her orgasm.

That’s it for me. I haven’t fucked her for so long and I wasn’t going to waste it on jerking-off. For me holding out this long must be a fucking record or something. As she tightens around me like a fist, I boil inside, my eyes go hazy. I roll my hips one last time.

“Fuck, Lys. I’m coming.”

I let go and my cum feels her up to the brim. Fuck, I missed her. No other woman has ever made me feel this way. All the other fucks in my life simply wither in insignificance. It is as if it has only been her and no one else. I collapse over her and roll us over so she is lying on my chest.

“Missed you so fucking much,” Lysa smiles up to me.

“I missed you too, princess.”

My hand goes instinctively over her belly till I meet the scar on her right side. I swallow hard when I feel the round, bullet hole. My body stiffens upon impact but I keep caressing the scar thanking god it’s not oozing blood anymore. All that blood draining from inside her through that tiny hole. It was a close call. I almost lost her, the one person to make me whole.

“I’m here, Vik,” she caresses my face. “I’m not going anywhere.”

My arms tighten around her to let her know that even if she wanted to go, I wouldn’t let her. No fucking way. It’s one thing to go on in life feeling the void and not knowing how to fill it up. I survived that, I lived and kept on. But now...My soul knows how it is to be complete and I can’t go on without her anymore. She is the reason I breathe, my woman, my Valkyrie, my brave warrior.

I lean in and kiss her on the top of the head. She cozies even closer, and a wide smile adorns her face. God, she’s gorgeous. Her smile is the single most breathtaking thing I’ve ever seen and I am so glad she drops her tough mask and lets her beautiful lips beam more and more.

“Lysa,” I roll her till she is under me, “I love you so much.”

Her breath hitches and her cheeks blush. There’s a sparkle in her eyes and almost-ready tears well in them. But I do not let them drop. I promised her nice and slow and I am a man of my word. Especially when it comes to sex.

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