Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 32: Dirty Girl


I am glad Vik shuts me up with a kiss ’cause I was ready to break down crying like a girl dumped on prom night. But this is all so overwhelming. Everyone treats me like a hero, a decorated member of the family. Daniel never accused me of his ordeal. On the contrary, he brags to everyone that his “girl” took a bullet for him. Tor patted my back as if I was a brother-in-arms instead of pointing the finger for bringing in all that trouble. Ava and Iris came every day at the hospital and stayed for hours to keep me company. And then there’s Vik.

I break the kiss and I caress his perfectly boyish, brutal face and all he does is smile wickedly and place one kiss on my nose. He saw me. He saw the Cold Bitch in action, he saw my knuckles torn on flesh, he witnessed the brutality I hide underneath and he is still here. Still keeping me close, still kissing me so deeply, still whispering in my ear.

When he slides down my neck, I stop thinking and I let myself only to feel. There may come a time when his touch won’t ignite me beyond reason but I doubt if this day is anywhere close. He moans near my ear and I pull my thighs together to relieve the sudden need I feel but he doesn’t stop.

He promised nice and slow and he is delivering just that. He takes his time tasting every little bit of my skin with his tongue and lips. But his hands don’t stay idle. They move up and down my body, in soft, light, feather touches. It’s enough for my body to come alive and I press against him. He moves closer to me, his whole side against me and I feel his delicious body, his hard cock pressing between us.

“Vik,” I writhe with want.

“Slowly, princess,” he whispers and his tongue is to my ear.

His hand moves over my breast and he catches my nipple with his fingers and rolls it softly. I cry out and my body arcs under his touch. I am so wet, I am dripping on the bed and the need is so bad, it hurts.

“Please,” I look in his eyes.

I am begging to be fucked and I don’t give a shit. I am beyond pride and dignity. I am a mass of lust and he is my salvation. He leans in for a kiss and then it’s his lips where his fingers were. He takes my nipple in his mouth and sucks before biting me softly. For the love of God! I will come undone just like that.

“So fucking sweet, Lysa,” Vik moans and moves to my other nipple. “I’ll never have enough of your sweet body.”

He keeps tormenting me, lapping my breasts, caressing me lightly, grinding slowly against me, letting moans on my skin. He is driving me insane and I suffer as I rub my thighs together to get some friction. Not enough, I curse. His fingers are everywhere but where I need them. He chuckles cruelly over my skin and I am frustrated, mad with want. And then I give him one wicked smile. Does he want to torture me, play me, torment me? Two can play that game.

With my eyes pinned in his, I spread my legs and expose my aching core. He chuckles and cups my neck to gain more access there and keep his torment. You insolent brat, I smile back and I slide my hand slowly over my breasts. Vik catches the motion and follows it with his eyes. I take my time, circling my nipple before pinching hard. First one to react? His thick cock jerks against me and Vik stays still watching me press against the pillow. But I am not nearly done yet. I drive my hand down, between my breast, my belly and with one flowing move, I let it slide over my folds.

“Fuck,” his voice is hoarse.

I look up at him but his eyes are between my thighs, his throat working hard, his lips apart. Hot, are we? I drive one finger deeper between my folds. I have never been so wet in my life and I can’t stop now. This is so fucking erotic I feel my body shake while I use my moist fingers to rub my swollen clit.

“Fuck, Lys,” Vik hisses and I hear his voice thick with lust.

I still keep my eyes on him and he turns slowly to me. I whimper when I face his heavy eyes as he looks ready to devour me. And I’ll let him even if the last thing I’ll do. I keep working my clit in slow, circular motions my eyes in his.

“Dirty, dirty girl,” he leans in and takes my mouth in his.

His kiss is slow, sensual and it’s more stimulating than even my fingers. I close my eyes and groan in his mouth, tasting his tongue. Then I feel his hand over my core and his finger slides in.

“Vik!” I let out.

“Don’t stop, princess,” he urges me.

I don’t. My eyes find his and my fingers keep adding delicious pressure on my clit. He curses under his breath and adds one more finger and pumps them in me. He isn’t done. He leans in and catches a nipple in his mouth. Fuck, it’s good. I squirm, my body barely able to register all the sensations assaulting me. His fingers go in and out faster and I follow his pace. I want to throw my head back and scream but his eyes have captivated me.

“Look at me, Lys. Look at me and come with my fingers in your sweet, tight pussy,” he orders and I surrender.

When he curls his fingers just right in me, I come harder than ever, panting his name over and over again to keep my sanity as my soul rejoices. And I don’t close my eyes one second.

“Lys,” is all he’s able to say.

He rolls on top of me and I drive my hands up his back caressing him across his spine, right where the great arrow is. He says nothing just looks at me deeply and rolls his hips, slowly, sweetly and I feel him spreading me so deliciously. My tongue hits my palate but no sound comes out as he fills me so fully. This is sublime, our bodies telling more than words ever could after they were apart for so long. I love that perfect man, my man. Mine.

He keeps rolling in and out and his arms go under my back to keep me close. He makes good on his word, he never picks up speed, he just slides leisurely, slowly revering the moment. His whole body is on mine, our eyes locked, our mouths so close we breathe each other’s breath. I love you, I let my body tell him and I get the same message back.

Vik takes my mouth mellowly and caresses me with his tongue and I go to a place where only he exists, his body, his scent and my love for him. Warmth fills me and I come silently around him, shuddering at the devastating sweetness I feel. Vik buries his face at the base of my neck and throbs in me as he comes right after me.

We have fucked a lot, me and him. Tonight, just now, we made love for the first time. And as he looks at me, putting strands of hair behind my ear I know he gets the same feeling. I smile a wide genuine smile. I belong to him. He belongs to me.

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