Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 33: Hard Presents


“You done in there?” Tor is pounding on my door. “It’s time, man. The men are getting agitated.”

I curl my fingers over Lysa’s shoulders and I feel her shift in my arms. She is frowning as she props on her elbow.

“What does Tor want?” Lysa complains. “I want to spend the rest of the night here with you. I just got better and I’ve missed you.”

I smile and place one kiss on her nose. I still can’t believe how that cold-hearted girl has turned to that sweet woman. As sweet as a certified warrior with a bloody streak can be, anyway.

“I know, princess. But the guys got a present for you.”


“Yeah,” I get up and slip into my jeans. “I think you are going to like it.”

Lysa gets dressed as well and we go together out in the bar. First one to meet my gaze is Daniel and he is not liking me and Lysa coming out of my room one little bit. We had a truce while she was recovering but now he is back to his usual you-are-not-good-enough-for-my-girl attitude. The rest of the brothers are in, no women but Iris and Ava and they are all sitting expectantly.

“There’s the honored guest,” Tor comes close and pats Lysa on her back.

I lift my chin to warn him off once again. This is my woman he has his filthy hands on. Tor flips me and keeps smiling eerily at Lysa.

“What the hell is going on and why are you all acting so weird?”

“We all got something for you, a gift for your recovery.”

“OK,” Lysa looks around.

“Follow me,” Tor beckons and goes down the hall.

Lysa makes no move, just turns to me and my heart tightens at that open display of trust. I take her hand and I guide her after Tor and down the stairs. Tor stops outside the room right next to the gym and Lysa stiffens. She is not stupid, she knows this is not some girly gift. I squeeze her hand to let her know I am here.

“Now, this is from all of us but you need to thank Rage for managing his anger and letting you play first. And Ironhand for keeping an eye on them.”

Lysa turns, lifts her chin to Rage and he gives her a crazy grin. She then offers a smile to Ironhand that raises his hand in a swift greet. The fact that Lysa is getting along with Rage and Ironhand is enough to make her scarier than half the brothers in here. Tor opens the door and steps aside letting the rattling of chains fill the hallway. Lysa takes one step forward keeping her hand in mine. As we stand at the door, Lysa takes one sharp breath.

There, tied to the wall with chains are Jack and Magdalene, gagged and restrained on the floor. Tor spoke the truth when he said we had to literally drag Rage away from Jack the moment we got him in and Jack has been scared shitless ever since. The fact that Ironhand was keeping guard most of the time didn’t help. The gigantic Native American is a scary motherfucker and both these assholes learned to be still in his presence.

“They are yours to do as you please,” Tor announces as if he is giving her a car.

I glance over Tor and his eyes are glinting with a hint of mischief. Three Valkyries so far and he has tested the limits of each and every one of them in his own unique way, driving a wedge between his brothers and their women. Does he do it to prove that this love thing is as bullshit as he has convinced himself to be or to make sure that the ones entering the inner circle of the Riders are worth it? I don’t know and I don’t get the chance to find out ’cause Lysa speaks.

“Does this affect the club?”

All eyes fall on her and mine as well. Damn that woman, I gaze proudly upon her. There are her arch-enemies tied in that room, the man that took her father and put a bullet in her, the woman bound in revenge and she thinks of the club first. Give her a fucking cut now. I look around and everyone has the same look. If anyone had a doubt if Lysa was one of us, there is none now. Even Tor looks at her with admiration before talking.

“We took care of that. The Mexicans and the Chinese were not happy he tried to pull that shit in their turf without permission. Plus, when he shot you, he fucked the tournament up, had the wrath of his esteemed guests, lost all his money along with the loyalty of his hired guns. No one will miss them.”

“Family? Associates. He was well-connected back in Vegas.” Lysa is still at the threshold not moving a muscle.

“No other family but that bitch here. I am talking with his partners. We came to an understanding. They are not going to miss him,” Tor moves to her and takes out his gun and gives it to her.

“Not going to need that,” she lets go of my hand and takes one step in.

The brothers gather behind my back to see how that shit will go down. All I care is Lysa being safe so I move, ready to kill any of the two even attempting to look her way in a bad manner.

Tor said she had to thank Rage for keeping his cool. It’s me she should be thanking. Knowing that the motherfucker who shot my woman is held right under my nose took all I got. I wanted to come in and torture him for putting her in such a pain, for almost taking her away from me.

The chains rattle as Lysa stands before Jack and the man sweats meeting her cold eyes. Lysa studies him and then exhales.

“I warned you, Jack. Do not fuck with me. Do not fuck with the Riders.”

Jack whimpers through his gag and Lysa shakes her head with a soft smile on her lips that makes him shake more violently.

“You are so fond of fights, Jack. Seeing people bleed in the cage,” Lysa squats to meet his eye. “Let’s see how you will like it when it’s you in the ring.”

Jack muffled mouth screams “no” but Lysa is not backing down. Her eyes glint with malice and her lips are in a cold smile. It’s scary to see her like that but all I am is fucking hot. If I wanted some nice, little girl I would have gotten one. What I want is my ruthless warrior.

“Now, I get to organize a tournament of my own,” Lysa’s eyes narrow. “And I know a few Riders that want the chance to dance with you in the ring.”

A loud growl is heard and Rage pushes everyone aside to get to the door. The moment he appears, Jack screams and he tries to move away from the Hellhound.

“I got you Rage,” Lysa beckons. “But you get to be the last in line or else you won’t give the others a chance.”

Rage nods still growling and glances at Jack that downright pisses his pants. Literally. Lysa chuckles cruelly as the front of Jack’s pants darkens.

“You took Daniel away and fucking shot him so it’s only fair he has his chance,” Lysa announces “As for me...” Lysa turns to me. “I think I am going to let my man do the job.”

“Fuck yes,” I smirk clenching my fists.

“Rage will be the last one. Three fights, Jack. Survive them and you are free.”

Rage’s laugh bellows as if the idea of Jack getting out of the ring alive after facing him is amusing. He should be scared whether I will let anything for him to play with.

Lysa moves and stands before Magda. To her compliment, our prisoner is staring back coldly, not crying, not moving, not begging. Lysa nods in approval and clenches her jaw.

“You blame me for killing your sister but you married the man responsible,” Lysa points at Jack and Magda turns to him frowning.

Magda’s eyes search those of Jack’s in disbelief. It’s obvious that it’s sick thing they got going on. Madga married him to have access to the means of her revenge and he married her probably because she is hot and he fell for her.

Another thing is obvious. She didn’t know! Lysa catches on quickly as well as she sees Magda is fighting between her hatred for Lysa and her shattered beliefs. The guilty look on Jack’s face says it all.

“He is the one that ordered me to take your sister down to entertain his guest that requested a fight to the end.” Lysa continues. “Salome...” Magda turns back to Lysa with a venomous look, “Salome was my friend. She has talked to me about the shit you’ve been through. I know your father...”

That’s the first time Magda reacts lunging at Lysa, threatening to tear the chains off the wall. Behind me, a brother moves closer and curses under his breath but I don’t look away. Lysa remains cool, looking in Magda’s eyes before kneeling down before her.

“Magdalene, I am sorry for what happened to you and I am sorry your sister is dead. If I could go back...” Lysa’s voice hitches. “But I understand you need closure. I will grant you that.”

Lysa removes the gag from Magda’s mouth and I take one step closer, ready to protect my woman. Magda says nothing and doesn’t move a muscle.

“We will go in the ring again. You and me. End this,” Lysa announces. “You are Salome’s sister, the only friend I had. Jack or no, it was my hands that... I understand how you feel. You need a chance to make things right. You deserve as much.”

“Fuck no!” I yell and Lysa turns to me.

I take her in my arms and wrap myself around her, sheltering her. I just got her back after seeing her slip through my fingers. I am not letting her step into a fucking ring with a woman determined to kill her. I have put Magda on her ass before and I won’t hesitate to do it again.

“It’s OK, Vik,” she reassures me. “It needs to be done.”

“No, Lys. I am not fucking letting you back in with her. I am not losing you ever again.”

“Babe, I need to do this. Me, it’s my need as well.”

“What about me, princess?” I cup her face. “How will I ever...? No, not again, never again. You are mine. I will die first.”

“Vik, it’s OK. I can’t go on with this weight in my soul. I have to do this.”

“Yes,” it’s Magda’s turn to talk and we both turn to her, “we will fight one last time. Not to the death but to honor my sister.”

Magda’s limbs are loose as if the power that held her together was revenge and now she doesn’t have basic motor skills. All that she believed is shattered, the one goal in her life taken. She looks up at Lysa with sheer determination but without hate. Lysa nods and I see her inner fight, a lump in her throat making speech impossible. This is her chance to lift the guilt that plagues her soul and rips the joy from her life. I hold her tighter and kiss her shoulder. This is her closure too and I can’t take that away from her. Not if I want her close to me, whole and happy. I understand that.

“You win, I get the Riders to set you free. I win, you promise to make your life better than that psycho of a father meant you to.”

Magda’s face melts into surrender. There is pain in those big eyes of hers. Pain and confusion. When she finally looks up, she seems more determined.

“OK. Three taps,” Magda agrees to a fight till surrender.

“Three taps, Magdalene,” Lysa gets up and we move to the door. “Oh, I forgot,” Lysa turns to Magda. “Do you want to throw Jack in the deal? Free him too if you win or something?”

No fucking way he is getting out alive, I moan and Rage follows suit. He’s been craving for blood for so long, he is going to snap.

“No,” Madga pins Jack with a dagger look. “Let him try his luck in the ring.”

Lysa smiles and goes out the room. Tor looks at her proudly and Daniel stands before her with a loving look in his eyes. Rage howls as if it’s Christmas and the rest of the brothers hit their patches.

“Five days,” Lysa looks at Tor. “Get Magdalene in a room, cleaned up, rested, fed. And protected,” she addresses all of the Riders. “Anyone touches a finger on her, I will break that finger and shove it up his ass. Clear?”

The brothers mutter something avoiding Lysa’s hard look and I chuckle. Ava eyes Lysa with a wide smile and I am starting to think that between the two of them, the Valkyries are getting formidable. Only one Rider looks elsewhere. Runner.

I follow his look back into the room, on the chained woman. His look is intense, his body corded as if barely holding back from whatever he has his mind set on doing. He eyes Magda passionately, with pain in his eyes. What the fuck...?

“Five days.” Lysa talks and I give her my attention. “Then we can have our little tournament. Leave Jack here to rot.”

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