Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 34: Viking Justice


I go down the stairs to Magdalene’s room. The moment I step down, I frown. There’s supposed to be a Rider on duty at all times, mostly for her protection. But I see no one. If one of the Riders thinks I am going to let Magdalene be hurt, he sure signed his death certificate. I rush to the door and flung it open. And I pause.

Runner is in and he is sitting on a chair across Magdalene. His elbows are on the table and his body leans to her. Magdalene has her head down and looks at her twined hands, looking like a freaking angel with her long, golden hair falling down her shoulders. Angel? Of death, maybe.

“Runner?” I am still not sure what is going on.

He gets up awkwardly and meets my eye. And all doubt is gone. His look is lost, tense, heavy. And hot. Runner throws one last, lingering look on Magdalene that dares one quick glance and then walks out.

“I’ll be right outside,” he says in an almost warning tone and closes the door.

Did that fucker just threaten me? I frown and I glance between the closed door and Magdalene a few times. But she is giving me nothing. What is going on between them and do I like it? I decide to let it go and I sit on the chair Runner just got up from.

“I see you haven’t eaten,” I say to Magdalene.

“I was waiting for you,” she replies but her eyes fall on the door for a second.

We just look at each other for a while. To say that this is awkward is an understatement. This is a woman that planned to punch me to death and I killed her sister. I still don’t know why I am doing it, eating with her for these past days but it doesn’t feel wrong. It it should be. And I am not even mentioning this Runner thing that is thrown in this weird mix.

“If my sister could see us now,” Magdalene changes the subject she must have seen brewing in my head.

“She’d be happy,” I dare. “She did everything to keep you away from this life but maybe it was in vain.”

“She really never told you about me?”

I shake my head. I know Salome kept this from me to keep Magdalene away from this world, to keep Jack from having another fighter in his clasps. The irony! After her death, Magdalene ran straight into Jack’s arms. And the bastard had no qualms marrying a girl thirty years younger than him after having ordered her sister to be pulped to death. I tighten my jaw and fist my fork. Maybe I was too hasty leaving Jack to the Riders. I will kill him myself.

“I feel you,” Magdalene looks at me with a cruel look. “It should be us.”

I pin her and I breathe heavily through my nostrils. And then I smile. Magdalene has a long way to go, getting over her father’s abuse, her sister coming for her, Salome’s death. But she is going to be fine.

“Well, I promised Rage a piece of him. We can watch,” I shrug. “Watch like he watched us getting hurt for his profit. Plus, Vik wants his chance and he won’t like any change in plans.”

“Vik is your man, right?”

“He is.”

“The motherfucker kicked my ass,” Magdalene says in a light tone. “But he is too good-looking to hold any hard feelings. Most Riders are if I’m honest,” another glance at the door.

“They do make an impressive bunch.”

“You are lucky. You got a family, a man, the club to protect you, friends,” Magdalene lowers her head.

“You’ll be fine.”

“I was caught up in revenge for so long. And all this time I let that creep touch me. All I had to do to get my revenge was snap his neck as he put his little prick in me.”

I watch as her eyes get hazy. She is not talking just about Jack. This rage she has inside, it’s more. And deep down, I know she blames herself for everything. I know cause I did the same.

“Magdalene,” I try.

Magdalene heaves brutally and gets up. She is lost, I can see as much. Her path, bloody as it may have been, gave her purpose. The idea of dragging me into the ring and kill me as I did Salome was the only reason she kept going. Now, she is confused. For the past days, we have talked a lot, about Salome most of it, mourning for her finally. Magdalene should be hating me. It was my hands that killed her sister. And I know I should be hating Magdalene for being the reason Daniel was dragged into this. But neither of us can. Maybe Salome is watching over us.

“What are you going to do after all this?” I follow her with my eyes as she is pacing in the room.

“Don’t know,” she chuckles. “Never bothered imagining my life after...”

“After you’ve killed me,” I finish her sentence.

“Or after you’ve killed me,” she shrugs.

She is exactly like me before...Before Daniel, the Riders. Before Vik. Life held no importance, my life was insignificant. I survived, I wasn’t living. She needs to find her way back.

“You’ll get there,” I beckon at her. “I was the same. Now, I have Vik. I live for him.”

“Sure!” she chuckles cruelly. “Not all of us can find a smoking hot biker.”

I think one is delivered at your doorstep, I smile softly but I keep it to myself. That doesn’t mean that I don’t steal a glance at the door. Magdalene’s face lightens with a faint smile. She’ll be fine. No matter what happens today, Salome’s sister will be just fine.

There is not the frenzy I was expecting from the Riders as Jack is pushed into the ring where Daniel, Vik and Rage await. Everyone is silent, sullen and they all look at Jack with a murdering intent. For them, it is not sport, not a cause for entertainment. This is an execution of one of their enemies. The ROT California chapter is the mother one and Daniel is not only the Earl of it but to the Riders in the U.S he is so much more. He has set up a few chapters himself, he has recruited two of the current Kings in the eastern shore and he is considered a father figure for all Riders. The one that dared to take him, threaten his daughter and put a bullet in us both deserves to die by Rider code.

“Please,” Jack’s pleads echo in the ring.

“Pathetic,” Magdalene murmurs by my side.

“Magda, I did it all for you. I love you.”

Magda looks at him tightening her fists. She has asked to see this and I granted her that. I study her as she eyes Jack, barely holding back. And then her look travels somewhere off the ring.

I follow it and I see Runner looking straight at her. His usually relaxed face is frowning and he is breathing heavily as he openly takes Magdalene in. Needless to say, Runner was on guard duty every day. OK, we got some real Romeo and Juliet shit right here. Magdalene’s eyes lower and it’s the first time I’ve seen her scared. But Runner is still watching her like a hawk before returning to the ring. She may have found a hot biker after all.

I do the same, pretending I did not just see that exchange and I study the men in the ring. Daniel is in his usual attire and wears the cut as well. He may be the older of the three and the heaviest but I am sure he can do some damage with his fists. Vik is in his drawstrings and his body is coiled as if he is barely holding back. But it’s Rage that has Jack’s undivided attention. Angry and furious as Daniel and Vik might be, both lethal and dangerous, they are still functioning in the realm of humans. Rage is an animal. The motherfucker got it just right when he designed the tatt for Iris. He is a goddamn hungry, raging wolf. Jack will be slaughtered.

“Please,” Jack tries one more time.

In response, Daniel moves and his look is dripping blood. Jack raises his hands in surrender but Daniel advances till he is standing before him.

“You shot my daughter!” Daniel snarls.

My heart tightens. He was kidnapped, mistreated, shot in the leg and all he seems to hate Jack for is me getting shot. I still remember how Daniel behaved back when I was in the hospital. He barely left my side and he was constantly touching me.

“You,” Daniel punches Jack right in the jaw. “Shot,” another punch. “My,” another “Daughter!”

The last one sends Jack on the mat wailing while Daniel stands over him still heaving. But it’s Vik’s turn and he moves to Jack with slow strides. He picks him up and then he turns to me. Our eyes lock and I nod in understanding. This is for me.

“You motherfucking idiot!” Vik hisses. “You dared hurt my woman. Shoot her like the coward you fucking are.”

“I am sorry,” Jack pleads. “I am so sorry, please, please.”

Instead of an answer, Vik pushes the man away and then lifts his leg in a devastating kick that hurls Jack against the ropes and on his knees. Jack yells in pain and I am certain a rib is broken. But Vik isn’t done yet. He approaches Jack, grabs him by the few hair he has and hits him with bare knuckles again and again. Jack’s head spins and I see teeth spilled on the mat.

"Bror,” Rage is pacing behind Vik.

It’s not compassion for Jack. It’s agitation that there’ll be nothing left by the time Vik is done. I feel Iris shift right next to me and I look down. She is not scared of anything happening to Rage. Even if this was a real fight, I doubt anyone could hurt that beast of a man. She is scared of Rage spiraling down to the abyss she fights so hard to keep him out of. Before I get the chance to talk to her, I hear Vik’s voice.

“For you, Lysa,” his voice booms over the solemn silence in the room.

I turn to him and he is standing over Jack with torn knuckles and blood dripping on his chest. Any other woman that isn’t borderline sociopath, would have flinched at the sight. I am not any other woman. I look at Vik with a hungry look and warn him to not wash off the blood of my enemy till after he has buried his cock deep inside me and fucked me hard. He smiles and backs away from Jack, his heavy eyes still in mine.

And I keep them there while Rage moves. I can’t look away from my man, brutal and fierce as he is. Jack is of no importance anymore, Vik is. He is my whole being, I am given to him completely and I don’t regret a moment of it.

“Shit,” Magdalene takes one light step back and I know Rage is doing his worst.

But I am still pinned on Vik, his eyes, the strong jawline, the perfect body, the sword tattoo. He returns the look in equal fervor, barely holding back from dragging me in the ring and fucking me in front of everyone, even Daniel. And I want him to. My lusty path is interrupted by the Riders. They repeat in unison the same thing again and again.

“Feed the Eagles! Feed the Eagles! Feed the Eagles!”

I turn and I see Jack barely conscious in Rage’s arms, on his knees, the gigantic man behind him with a brutal expression on his face. Jack’s face is barely recognizable, he’s wheezing, his body twisted. I look up and Rage is looking at me drawing deep breaths. Man, he gives me the creeps. His eyes stray to Iris and for a moment he hesitates. I follow his look too and I see Iris with her hands twined looking at him trembling.

“Do you love him?” I ask simply.

“With all that I am,” she doesn’t miss a breath.

“Then you love him all of him. This is who he is too, Iris. He needs it. Jack is a bad man, a murderer, our enemy. He took Daniel and shot him and he wanted me dead. He threatened you.”

“He has promised me,” Iris says lightly. “He has promised to hurt anyone threatening me.”

I shiver. This kind, soft girl is probably the most dangerous person in here, the one Rage values more than his own life. He will kill us all in a heartbeat if we even tell her that her jeans make her look fat.

“That’s right, Iris,” I focus back on her. “Rage...He needs to spill the blood, Iris. It is who he is. If you say you love him, you will love him exactly how he is.”

Iris nods without ever breaking contact with Rage. There is nothing but utter love and understanding in her eyes and I hear Rage moan satisfied. I turn to the Hellhound and he lifts his chin to me. It’s his way of asking me if I want to do the honors. I killed once. I will probably fight more in my life but killing...I just don’t have it in me. He does. So, all I do is shake my head lightly and lift my hand in leave.

“M...Magda,” Jack tries.

Magdalene’s face is cold and emotionless. She grinds her jaw and takes one step to be right next to the ring.

“You had my sister killed, you motherfucking fat pig. And then you made me marry you and let you fuck me in order to help me with my revenge. What the fuck did Salome do? Turn down your sorry little dick? That’s why you picked her?”

“Magda, please.”

“Rot. In. Hell.”

Rage needs nothing else. He puts his hands on Jack’s head and with one swift move, breaks his neck and lets his lifeless body fall howling loudly. It is done. Jack is dead. Rage scoops down and carries the body off the ring and out of the room while the Riders make way for him. Rage will take care of the corpse and I for one don’t want to know how. Once Rage is out the room, all eyes fall on me. All but for Runner’s that are pinned on Magdalene.

“Are you ready?” I ask Magdalene.

“Let’s do this,” she takes one deep breath. “For Salome.”

“For Salome.”

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