Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 36: Curious Nights


Vik is acting weird. First of all, I was eager and ready for a good time and he left the bed. Then he watched me dressing as if he anticipated for me to do it as soon as possible. Usually, it’s the other way around, impatient to see me undress. His leg was twitching, he bit his lip all the time, his jaw was clenching. He never answered my question. And now he drives like a maniac through the streets.



“Is everything OK?” I ask suddenly terrified.

What’s going on? The fights are over, Daniel is back, the excitement is dropped. All that is left Has he changed his mind? Is he going to tell me to end this? Vik is always so easy-going and determined. What has him acting like this? Fear is creeping up on me. Fear that I will lose him.

I chuckle. It wasn’t so long ago when I was planning on disappearing on everyone and most of all on Vik. And here I am, drenched in cold sweat, fearing that he will ask me to go.

“Everything is perfect, Lys,” Vik interrupts my spiraling in the abyss.

All I can do is hold on and keep from screaming in the night sky. After a while, it’s clear we are heading for “Freya”. Our first date. The night we kissed, the night we made love on this very bike.

An explosive cocktail of emotions fills me. I am scared, agitated, touched, excited, all at the same time. When the restaurant appears up ahead, I am downright shaking with anticipation. Is he going to be that heartless and break up with me in the very place everything started? Well, I guess I should at least be glad he is not doing it in front of everyone.

Vik parks the bike and I get off hoping I won’t collapse and make a fool of myself. I am a fighter, I am the Cold Bitch. I was alone before and I can do it again. No, my mind simply decides. I can’t do it again. Simple reason for that? I love Vik far too fucking much to live without him. He has become everything to me, the reason to be better, to be more, to live, to laugh, to fucking feel like a human being. My whole being is his. This one fight I lost and I will pay the price.

“Princess?” Vik extends his hand.

“What are we doing here?” I frown.

“Just...Just getting a bite.”

OK, he stuttered. Vik never, never stutters. He thinks something, he says it. Shit, shit, shit. I swallow hard and I follow him while he goes up the stairs. As he has done the last time we were here, he gets the door for me. I throw one long, hard look at him and go in.

The place is empty. Absolute silence reigns and I feel my heartbeat accelerating. What the hell is going on? I glance at the kitchen waiting at least Alice to come out and meet us but the kitchen is as good as closed. I turn to Vik and he looks down at me with a tense face while biting the inside of his cheek. He never, never does that either. I was beat close to death in the cage and he never did that. Did Daniel get to him? Did he make Vik break up with me? Is there a code amongst the brothers and Vik has to abide by it now that Daniel is back and I am better?

Curiouser and curiouser and no Alice around.

“Uhm...To our table,” Vik motions placing his hand around my waist.

I try to control my wobbly knees and head for the balcony. My head is hanging low and I twine my fingers before me. I step out the balcony and I take one deep breath to face whatever Vik is preparing to throw at me. And I gasp!

The balcony has one single table by the wooden rail. The rest of the area is filled with candles in glass jars illuminating the place magically. There are white flowers in big vases everywhere and the table is set. The only sound that is heard is the soft murmuring of the sea and the night noises. And my freaking heartbeat hammering in my ears that is so loud I think I am going to faint. What...?

I turn to face Vik and ask him what is going on only to find him on his knee. I gasp once more and I dive into his look. He is looking up with his perfect eyes filled with emotion. Love, agitation, passion. It’s all there. I am pinned on the floor, my heart caught, my mouth dry. I was always one to anticipate the other’s moves, that’s what made me lethal. This one has caught me off guard.

“Lysa?” Vik tries.

I take him in once more, knelt among a hundred candles and with...With a little velvet box in his hand. Is this...? Will he...? Oh, God! I swing violently from panicked to overwhelmed like a pendulum on cocaine.

“My princess,” Vik’s voice is strained but calm, “I know it’s too soon and too much but you’re it for me. Have been since the first time I laid my eyes on you. You brought fucking life in me, Lys, and I am not going to live without you one more minute. I made you a promise back in the cage. You’ll have a ring on your finger, the tatt on your skin and my fucking baby in you.”

He opens the box and I gulp. Resting on its dark velvet cushion is a ring. A diamond ring shaped like a snowflake. My breath hitches, my blood is frantic, drained and rushing at the same time and my head is spinning. Of all the things that I was expecting to happen to me in my life, “proposed, surrounded by candles, with a diamond ring by the most breathtaking man I have ever seen” was not the highest thing on my list. Actually, that spot was always taken by “dead in the cage”.

“Lysa,” Vik takes my hand softly, “will you marry me?”

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