Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 37: Final Round


I said it and I fucking meant it. Lysa is my woman and I am hers. Now, all she needs to do is say the fucking word, let me slip the ring on her finger and kiss me to end this torment. But she does none of these things. I search her face and she is still in shock. Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

I used to be scared to death of marriage and now I am pissing myself thinking she might turn me down. Of all the things that I thought would happen to me in my life “down on your knees proposing by the sea” wasn’t even in the first thousand guesses. I am a goddamn Viking but here I am, on my knees with the freaking ring I ordered to be custom made for her when she was still in the hospital, waiting like an idiot.

She’ll say no, I dread and I barely contain myself. The fights are over, Daniel is safely back, the excitement is gone. And all she’s left with is me. I know I come across as an easy-going, a clown of a man and maybe nothing more but I want to be more for her. I was a whore, worse than that maybe. I have fucked countless women and scorned them just as easy. And I thought I was going to go through life unpunished. I was a goddamn fool. This is my punishment, my sentence to eternal pain. Lysa knows who I was before her and she doesn’t trust me.

But I have changed. I am changed for her. I had no purpose before but she gives me purpose. Damn, she is my purpose. I want to make her smile and happy, I want to be with her till we are old and wrinkled, I want to have babies with her. How will I live without her now? Was this whole thing a mistake? I rushed in like the impulsive asshole I am and I ruined everything?

“Princess?” I nervously ask once more.

She looks into my eyes and lets the tears roll. Happy tears? You-are-fucking-crazy tears? The candles-are-making-me-hot tears? I am dying by the second and I clench my jaw.

“Yes,” she whispers.

What? Did she say what I think she did? Was that...? I get up without releasing her eyes and I tug a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

“Lysa?” I want to be sure.

“Yes,” she smiles.

“You’re going to be my wife, Lys? My woman, my Valkyrie?”

“Yes! Yes, Vik, yes!” Lysa falls in my arms.

Thank the fucking God! I look at the sky in relief and the blood comes back to my face and warms my limps that have gone icy cold. With a trembling hand, I take hers and look her in the eyes still searching any inkling of doubt. I am floored when all I see is utter love. My warrior woman has thrown all her defenses, her walls are crumbled down and she bares her heart and soul to me. I nod to let her know I will cherish her love and trust and I slip the ring on her finger. Perfect match. She is perfect.

I lean down and take her lips in a crushing kiss, ravaging her, showing her how happy she just made me. I have her and I am whole. My tongue goes over the seam of her lips and she promptly gives me access. If one day passes when I don’t taste her lips, I will starve. It is fucking scary how much I need her but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“I love you so much, Lys. I am going to make you so happy,” I promise.

Lysa says nothing, just caresses my face and then looks at the ring on her finger. She was still unconscious in the hospital when I made up my mind. A few calls and I had that made for her, waiting for the right time, for Lysa to heal.

“I love you, Vik. God, I love you,” she looks up and more tears run.

“Princess, that’s the last time I want to see you cry,” I wipe them off.

“Only happy tears,” she pulls closer and leans against me.


Fuck yeah happy! Only happy. Always happy. I take her in my arms and carry her all the way to the table. But Lysa has eyes only for me. Not for the cocktails waiting, not the Edelweiss flowers I ordered just for her, not for the food under the metal covers. And I only have eyes for her.

I push her against the wooden rail and she lets out a little cry. I’ve played romantic boyfriend for too long. Now it’s time for horny fiancé. Fiancé. I am her fiancé and she is mine. I am going to marry her. She said yes. Yes to being my Valkyrie, my wife till the end. The thought ignites me and I cup her face with both hands. My lips come down on hers with force and I claim her whole.

“Vik,” she sighs between kisses.

“I wanted to fuck you here that night so bad I could barely concentrate.”

“Alice wouldn’t like that,” she raises her brow while spreading wet kisses across my jaw.

“Alice is not here now.”

“No, she isn’t,” Lysa smiles, sits on the rail and opens her legs to invite me in.

I love my fucking life.

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