Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 5: Rider Princess


“Why the hell are you limping, brother? Rough night?” Runner chuckles when I walk in the bar a while after.

Try rough morning. Lysa has left me with a memento. If I wasn’t so confused by her swift reaction, I could have avoided the kick. Though I doubt I would be able to concentrate with her in shorts and that sports bra. The girl is a goddamn swift, able fighter. And seriously hot. Serious as death hot.

“Always, brother,” I smirk to Runner.

I have a reputation to uphold, after all and I would never hear the end of it if my brothers got wind that a girl had me bad.

I look around the bar and I spot Daniel and Lysa sitting at a table with Tor. As if sensing me, Lysa looks up straight into my eyes. Fuck! I never thought that a look could be so smothering hot and chilling cold at the same time. Lysa is clearly sending the message she wants me away, if possible out of the room, out of the country out of this planet. Well, tough luck, princess. I walk to the table and I sit across Tor right next to Daniel.

“Hey, Vik,” Daniel hits me on the back. “I want you to meet my daughter, Lysa.”

“We’ve met,” I rub my knee with innuendo and I look at her.

Lysa raises her eyebrow and tightens her lips but says nothing. Daniel doesn’t like any of this at all so he coughs to gain my attention. He says nothing but his look is eloquent. He is warning me off his daughter. I want to tell him that his daughter is quite capable of keeping anyone away but I shut my mouth.

“You coming back to work?” I ask.

“What did you do?” Daniel narrows his eyes.

“Nothing,” I smirk. “Like literally. There’s shit to be done and they bore me.”

“I am surprised Ava didn’t kill you.”

“You know me, old man,” I put my hands behind my neck and glance at Lysa. “I am adorable.”

“Yeah, right,” Tor chuckles. “So, Lysa, how do you like the club?”

I focus on her. She doesn’t like talking but who needs talking when they look that fucking good. She puckers her thick, bowlike brows, presses her lips and shrugs before looking at Tor.


Tor’s smile widens and I frown. I love Tor like a real brother. He is the same age as me and we share the same man-whore gene. Shit, there are probably a few dozen bitches we have shared through the years. He is a good-looking motherfucker with his blonde hair, blue eyes and fucking dimples. I never cared. I got my own charm, my way with women and it was always good to share the fun with Tor. But seeing him eye Lysa like that, makes me boil inside. What the fuck? I bite down my jaw, hit my hand on the table and I shoot a warning glance at Tor. He scowls and looks at me surprised. You and me both, brother.

I come to quickly and I look around. Lysa’s face is unmoved but her eyes are focused on me. Daniel, that knows me and Tor better, is scowling even worse and now eyes both of us. I say nothing, just get the hell out without even saying goodbye. This is the first fucking time I felt...whatever that was. I am not going to sit around anymore. I am treading on dangerous waters here.

I push the door of the club, I take out a cigarette and lean against the wall. The sun hits me and warms my suddenly cold limbs. I put on my sunglasses and I try to breathe normally. I fuss with my hair and try to pull myself together. So what? There’s a new bitch in town and she doesn’t seem dazzled by my looks. Why the fuck is that an issue? And why the hell should I care whether she will end up on her back with Tor between her legs. NO! The image of her and Tor set fire to my insides and my jaw tightens as do my fists.

“Fuck!” I throw the cigarette away and am getting ready to get on my bike.

I need a ride, I need to clear my head and be away from that frustrating bitch. It’s just the hunt that has my blood going. I am a player, I love the hunt and Lysa is a prized prey. That’s all there is to it and nothing more, especially not the fact that she is fucking gorgeous and brutally sexy in her cold way.

And as I am making my peace with my revolting brain, the door opens and Lysa walks out. What was I thinking again? My mind presses pause on all function but the muscle that keeps my jaw together. Everything goes in slow motion as she walks out gathering her hair in a bun. She has thick, long hair going down her waist and I have never seen anything more erotic than her running her fingers through the dark strands. As she reaches, the crop top pulls up and stops right at the curve of a black bra. Someone shoot me now!

As if she heard me, she glances at me but pretends that I am not there and she walks purposefully with her hands in fists. Cold. I mean hot ’cause, look at that! That is so damn hot. Her look though? Icy, freezing. I should be fine with that, let her walk, ride away, clear my head and come back good as new and ready to party. But I don’t. Still sitting on my baby, I rest my elbows on the handles.

“Where to, Lys?”

Slowly as if she is doing me the favor of looking at me, she stops and turns to me. More to the bike than me, if I am honest, but I don’t mind. She is a fucking beauty, the only woman that has my heart so I don’t blame Lysa for being taken by her. I am proud of my beautiful Dyna and I take good care of her.

“I am going to the tattoo parlor.”

I am hard instantly. Simple as that, faster than ever. Thinking her skin marked makes me hard and I shift on my seat thanking Tyr I wear my glasses to hide my look and that this time I stopped my jaw from dropping.

“Good,” I remember I need to talk. “Thinking of getting one?”

“Daniel says the daughters get the wings. He asked me to go check it out.”

The wings of the Valkyrie. A sign that the woman bearing them isn’t just affiliated to the club or is a Valkyrie. She is blood, untouchable, protected and revered by all. There hasn’t been a Rider princess while I grew up in the club but tradition begs for the skin to be marked on the 21st birthday.

“Are you thinking of staying, then, princess?”

She flinches at the endearment but shrugs. She does that a lot. It’s as if there is nothing in this world to haze her, make her lose her shit. Probably because she doesn’t give any. I take her once more in. She has changed from her sports attire to the jeans she wore last night and a simple top that does nothing to hide her amble breasts. Hard. Still fucking hard.

“Come on,” I smile her way. “Would be nice to have someone to spar.”

A smile! Damn me but that is a smile. OK, more like a crook of the left side of her lips in a more upward position but it sure looks like a smile. Hell, it could be a full-blown laughter in her cold, little world. I do an imaginary lap of triumph. No woman can resist me.

“Who knew you’d be so eager your ass kicked,” she throws at me.

A challenge? Fucking accepted, baby! I get off my bike and pull closer. She loses some of her resolve but doesn’t back down or retract her eyes. Tough nail that one. There had been men, grown men that had peed themselves ’cause I walked up to them. I am a Rider and no one fucks with us. And there she is, that girl, eyeing me with fearless temper. I like that.

“I am pretty sure I wasn’t the one with my back on the mat,” I invade her personal space boldly.

“Did you say something, Limp Boy?”

“Touché,” I scoff. “Let’s settle this tomorrow, same time,” I raise an eyebrow.

She is looking over my shoulder and bites the corner of her lower lip in thought. I want that fucking lip. I want to own it, bite it, lick it. It’s mine. My fingers are tingling and I wet my lips with my tongue. What the actual fuck? Lysa bites her damn lip and I am all revved up and ready to blow. Then again, she could sneeze and she would still be sexy.

“OK,” she throws at me and walks away.

It’s a date! OK, a date that includes sweat- of the bad kind - and might end up with me at the hospital with a few broken limps or her with bruises but still... She said OK. Only when she disappears in the studio do I realize that I was one step from opening a champagne cause a cold bitch just said she’s OK kicking my ass. I seriously need to get to the Venus Studios and fuck one of the pros to cleanse myself of the pathetic-ness.

But I don’t. I just watch her walk away like an idiot. In my defense, her behind offers one hell of a sight to look upon.

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