Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 7: Clicking Sounds


OK, this has stopped being funny a while ago. Like ten punches and three knee kicks ago. I glance at Lysa and I see that she is taking in deep, strained breaths but she won’t lower those damn hammer fists of hers. At first, I was going easy on her, just showing off. I’ve been good at BJJ since I was a kid. Growing up in the life, I saw my Dad handling guns all day and for some reason they bored me. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? I fell for this shit instantly. And I practice every day since then. I like to show off from time to time and only Rage has bested me in the ring but that fucker feels no pain. With Lysa? I stopped showing off and started worrying about her bashing my head in.

“Wanna stop?” I ask as I see her take her distance to get a few breaths. “You seem a little breathless there.”

“I am fine. Do you want me to go easier on you, little princess?” she smirks.

You arrogant little...I say nothing just storm to her, grab her in her a firm handle and I manage to throw her on the mat in one swift move. OK, that was a bit cheating but she never said that we were done. Before she gets the chance to react, I straddle her and pin her down. She raises her arms swiftly but I am quicker. I grab both her arms and force them down over her head.

We are close now. Really close. Too close. I am breathing over her and sweat is dripping from my body on hers. The warmth and the perspiration from the work-out sends ripples of her scent. Fuck! I am struggling to keep my stance while her lemony scent invades my nostrils and her big eyes burn mine. My gaze shifts to her lips and my throat works hard. I have lost count on how many bitches I have kissed ever since I was a kid. But I have never seen a pair of more perfect, round, luscious fucking kissable lips. If I lean a little bit closer...

“Get the fuck off my daughter,” I hear Daniel’s voice along a clicking sound.

I look up and Daniel is outside the ring and has his gun pointed at me. And I have seen Daniel with his gun. He never misses. Never. But it’s the first time in my life I am on the wrong side of that gun so, I give him one smile and throw my hands in the air.

“I said,” Daniel scowls, “GET THE FUCK OFF!”

“Listen, man,” I say getting up, “we were just sparring.”

Daniel puts his gun away and turns his attention to his daughter. He looks at her checking for injuries. Hey, I am not that big an asshole, I scream in my head but keep my mouth shut. Lysa gets up and stands next to me. She looks at Daniel with knit eyebrows not in anger but in confusion. Why is she so damn lost? Daniel is her father after all and I am pretty sure fathers don’t appreciate it when their daughters are cornered, beaten and manhandled.

“Are you OK?” Daniel asks her.

“I am fine, Daniel. He is right. We were just working out. Some light sparring,” Lysa has a different tone in her voice, one that doesn’t turn water to ice cubes.

“Are you sure you are OK?”

She just nods and walks out the ring passing her father by. She grabs her towel and starts drying herself. For a minute there, I forget Daniel is standing right across me and I openly ogle Lysa’s sweaty body, and particularly one drop going down between her breasts. I want to catch that with my mouth and follow it all the way down.

“Do you have a death wish, you stupid fuck?”

Right. Bloodthirsty Dad. I shrug and give Daniel an awkward, innocent smile while Lysa puts her stuff in her bag. I get no chance to tell her anything ’cause Daniel comes close and demands my attention. I get out of the ring and I face him.

“Come on, old man. She’s a big girl.”

“She is my girl, Vik. And you won’t even look at her, you walking STD.”


“You have fucked everything with a pussy that comes in but the stray dogs. She is not a rotter, Vik. If I catch you even dreaming about her, I will kill you in your sleep.”

I steal a glance at Lysa that looks at me sullenly. There is a crease on her forehead. She doesn’t like what she just heard. She wouldn’t get jealous over me, now would she? That would mean that there is an actual beating heart behind that cold mask and warm blood running through her veins instead of liquid nitrogen.

Though I can vouch for the last part. I handled her when we sparred and I have been close. She is hot. Smoking hot. I could barbecue a goddamn steak on her. Of course, there are other things I’d like to eat first. Her fucking juicy lips.

Fuck, I get hard instantly in record time though she still looks at me as if I am gum on her shoe. But my fucked-up brain is already drawing up a plan. After I’d have enough of her lips, I’d move to her hot, wet, glistering pussy and camp there for days – why not?

“That’s it!” Daniel takes out his gun once more.

That’s why not. I don’t even blink. I keep my focus on her and I shrug smiling wolfishly. She lifts her chin in defiance and walks away.

“Hey, baby,” Pris is rubbing against me.

Well, no, my dick sends a loud and clear message. I have fucked Pris before and she has a nice round ass that is extremely hospitable and willing but it’s just not doing it for me now. I shove her off my lap and hit my palm on the bar for another beer. The new prospect, Jab, gets one for me and I sip on it throwing glances at the door when Tor comes and places his palm on my forehead.

“What the fuck, Tor?”

“Just checking to see if you are sick or something cause I think I just saw you push away willing pussy.”

“Nah, just ol’ Pris. Been there, done that,” I look at the door once more.

Not that I am waiting or anything but Daniel and Lysa haven’t showed up since this morning. It’s pretty quiet in the bar and I am telling myself that I am waiting for Daniel to clear the air. Just Daniel and not his younger, hotter version with the full breasts and a killer kick. Riiight.

“Where the fuck is Daniel?” I decide to risk it.

“He said he was going to go across the Bay and said he would stay with Vince and Wood.”

“Ah,” I hide my disappointment.

“He has his girl with him,” Tor smirks knowingly.

I aced that hiding shit. Why am I thinking about her? I can go by the escort, phone one of the thousand phones I have or even hit the clubs and find someone brand new. Berkeley is a fucking uni town. Fresh meat, new pussy everywhere. Yet, here I am drinking a beer and looking at the goddamn door like a puppy. What the fuck?

“I don’t give a shit.”

I finish my drink and head to my room. Alone. That’s got to be a first or something. Pretty sure Tor will knock on my door with pills and a doctor any time now.

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