Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

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Chapter 9: Wrong Bets


Yep. Fun all the way. I ride behind Ava’s car and I can’t wait to get at the Venus Streak, our escort business. I always have fun there but seeing badass Lysa in the midst of the girls is going to be quality comedy. The fact that I might get a glimpse of her in a swimsuit is a bonus. A bonus that might cost me a heart-attack. The thought alone makes my hands sweaty in my leather gloves and I glance at the back window of the car. The moment I do, Lysa throws a quick look at me over her shoulder. Hey, princess! I smile.

Wait. Did I just smile because a woman deemed me worthy of a quick glance over her shoulder? And if I know Lysa a little, she was just checking to see if her wish on seeing my head cracked open on the road was granted. What the fuck is happening to me? It’s not that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, right?

OK, her eyes are so big that they look like pools of warm chocolate I want to dive in, her nose is flawlessly straight and elegant, those lips are the single most striking thing I have seen in my life and her body is the perfect combination of power and sensuality but that doesn’t mean anything, does it? Does it? Fuck...

We pull up in Venus Streak’s driveway and I rush to catch up with them. Ava rings the bell and Galina opens the door. The willowy Russian welcomes the Valkyries and Ava is introducing her to Lysa when Galina spots me and a wide, seductive smile spreads on her lips. Shit! I have fucked Galina a few times, more than I care to count and we are something like fuck buddies but right now, I don’t want her near. A sentiment she doesn’t seem to share ’cause she pushes her way to me and throws her arms around my neck.

“Vik, baby, it’s my day off but I might do an exception for you,” she pulls up to my lips.

For whatever reason my brain has, I throw a glance at Lysa and I am sure I have one hell of an apologetic look on my face. There it is again, that confusing thing in my head. Why do I feel guilty being seen with someone else when Lysa has yet to open her mouth and talk to me with anything else but an insult? But as I see a flash of disappointment in her eyes, I push Galina off me still looking at Lysa that turns her back on me and goes in.

“You OK, baby?”

“Get the hell away from me. I am on guard duty.”

I step in and I go straight to the bar still on track to be the alcoholic fucker my brothers always dreamed I should be. It is never too early for a beer especially when my brain has just turned down the best fucking blowjob in the western hemisphere. I check my crotch and my dick is flaccid and quiet. Galina just rubbed her two naturally large tits on me and I am reacting as if I just saw an old man’s ass. I gulp the beer and shake my head. Something is broken inside me.

“Come on!” I hear Ava from outside the pool. “It’s not fair that you look so good.”

I walk up the French doors that lead out onto the garden with the pool and I skip a heartbeat. Fuck me bloody and throw me in the gutter. Lysa is in a swimsuit! I try to take all of her at once but my eyes dart from one thing to the other like a pinball. I even hear pinball sounds in my head. From her long neck down to the two round breasts that would spill out of my palm, from her long, toned legs to the firm orbs of her ass, Lysa is utter perfection. I lose total command of my mind and I am filled with hot, scorching desire. I am so taken that I drop the bottle of beer.

“Vik?” Ava eyes me with a smirk. “You OK?”

“Yeah. I’m good,” I look down at the broken bottle.

When I look up, Lysa is eyeing me and she seems amused. Of course she is. I just made a fool of myself and she is enjoying every minute of it. One of the girls is spurred into action and cleans up the mess while everyone else is pointing at me whispering behind palms. I go back to Lysa and she pins me with an enigmatic look before diving flawlessly in the pool.

I need another beer, I decide and step away. I need another beer and to stay away from the pool and I need to go grab her and take her in one of the rooms and fuck the smug out of her. That is what I need. And hello! my dick graces me with its presence at full attention. Not her! I order but I have painted a vivid image of Lysa spread on a bed, me fucking her hard and my dick does its due diligence and rises to appreciate the whole thing.

I have stayed away from the pool and nursed that second beer for a while but I am itching to see her. For the millionth time, I adjust myself in my jeans for I haven’t gone soft ever since I saw her in that damn black swimsuit. When the bell rings, I open the door, gun in hand, to a horde of manicurists that the girls welcome with frantic cheers. They all vanish into a large room by the pool and only the chatter of their voices reaches me. Coming here was the worst idea ever! I fuss with my hair.

“A juice and a Mockhito, if that’s a thing,” I hear her voice near.

I look up and she is talking to the bartender on duty. She is standing a bit further from me but it’s not like she went at the other side of the bar. I take her in one more time. Perfect! It is as if God took the list of the things I want in a woman and created her just for me. She has thrown a thin, black tunic over her shoulders that does nothing to hide her body. If I wanted, I could tear the damn thing easily, lean in and taste her skin. If I wanted. Which I don’t. Yeah, right. Shut up!

“Having fun?” I ask.

“I am. Just not into the manicure stuff,” she still looks straight ahead.

She is barefoot and her incredibly long hair are in a messy bun leaving her elegant neck show. She moves and rubs the back of her neck and I follow the motion mesmerized. My eyes fall down her neck on her breasts that swell perfectly, her trimmed waist, the defined belly, her toned thighs.

“Fuck, Lys,” I can’t hold back, “you look stunning. Don’t ever show up like that in the clubhouse.”

That gains her interest. She turns slowly and I brace to face her. My breath hitches when our eyes meet. It’s there. She can’t pretend it isn’t there. There’s an undeniable pull between us. I am betting that asshole behind the bar is having a hard-on purely cause of the sexual tension we create.

“Why not?” she challenges me.

Wrong bet, baby. I get up and stand close to her, tower over her head. She arches her neck and I don’t miss the opportunity to pin her against the bar with my body. I am sure she can sense the thick shaft that’s gone painfully hard against her but I don’t give a fuck. She is the reason I am this turned on and she should know what she does to me.

“If you ever showed up like this, princess, I’d have to rip the eyes of all my brothers before I let them look at you.”

Lysa just blinks and swallows. Speechless. Lysa is speechless and the hard mask of her face has a little crack. I dare drive a finger up her cheek and I put a stray lock of her long hair behind her ear, leaving goosebumps where I tread. Her breath is caught and she lets out a soft whimper that punches holes in my resolve. I will have that woman in my bed and she will scream my name while she comes.

“Lysa, are you coming?” it’s Ava.

I love Ava. She is Bjorn’s woman and the epitome of a good Valkyrie. But right now, I want to kill her. Lysa gets the distraction she wished for, takes her juice and cocktail and hurries away with Ava. Run, princess. You won’t outrun me.

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